Seven peaches: the first seven desert peach episodes


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by Mike Allred; colored by Laura Allred

This enormous limited edition hardcover collection of The Atomics comes signed, numbered, and personalized! You'll have the option of following the enclosed "Sealed Top Secret" instructions to obtain a free signed-and-numbered illustrated bookplate that can be personalized to anyone you want by both Mike and Laura Allred! This collection is jam-packed with everything from the modern classic, The Atomics, and all four King-Size Giant Spectaculars. Not only does this package collect all fifteen hard-to-find issues of The Atomics on "Fancy Schmancy" Hi-quality paper between two hardshell glossy covers (suitable for the finest shelves in the most elite libraries!), it contains an extra large gallery section beyond the gallery section seen in the last issue of the series! This is the first and only time that AAA Pop Comics will be offering this material in its entirety. Bonus! In addition to the bookplate, a special print of the Atomics painted by Alex Ross from Mike Allred's pencils and signed by both artists, will be offered exclusively through the purchase of this Deluxe Special Limited Edition Hard Cover. Afterword by Alex Ross. Limited to 500 copies.

HC, 7x10, 376pg, FC $99.95


by Dave Sim & Gerhard

LATTER DAYS: Part 16 (of 35) "And It Came To Passe"- Cerebus continues his study of the obscure sacred text Konigsberg, the Not-So-Good Samaritan has brought him. Konigsberg, meanwhile, gets back to his critical self-analysis as a devoted student of the works of Sigmund Fräud (being always careful to put the umlaut over the "a" in the Master's name). Includes Part Five of Sim's essay, "Islam, My Islam." The countdown to issue 300 (March, 2004) continues... t-minus 19 and counting!

b&w, 24pg $2.25


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