Seven peaches: the first seven desert peach episodes

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by Serena Valentino & John Gebbia

Collecting issues 7-12 of the popular gothic soap-opera series - follow the conclusion of the triangle of fate between Isabella, Damion, and Lex; discover the secrets behind Chrys and Sebastian; and see triumph turn to humiliation in Vermillion the poet's ultimate plot against Lex. Plus NEW material, including pages from Darrick Robertson and Jhonen Vasquez!


SC, 7x10, 192pg, b&w $16.95

by Landry Walker & Eric Jones

Little Gloomy returns! This time, it's "The Mystery of The Invisible Men": Part 1! Gloomy has been kidnapped by the Invisible Men! Are her friends rushing to save her? Well... no, actually. They don't even know she's missing. Besides, they've got their hands full subduing Gloomy's rampaging doppelganger, Shelly! Who are the Invisible Men? What is their evil plan? Why is Shelly so crazy? The mystery of Frightsylvania continues to unfold as this all new Little Gloomy storyline begins!

b&w, 24pg $2.95

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