Seven peaches: the first seven desert peach episodes

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by Sam Henderson

Harvey Award-nominated four years in a row for "Special Award for Humor," this is the funniest issue yet! This time you can read Sam Henderson's epic "Paul Purd: The Man With the Biggest P*nis In the World" (don't worry, it's not dirty!), plus The Brube, Gunther Bumpus, and more of what you've come to know and love! Sam Henderson is a comic genius and is still one of the funniest cartoonists working today, no doubt about it.


b&w, 32pg $2.95

by James Kolchalka

The third issue of James Kochalka's all-ages title finds that silly cat Peanutbutter getting a hat stuck really tight on his head. He can't see! How will he ever be able to finish work on the Fleeble Report? His only choice is to strike a bargain with that nasty old crow, Jeremy. This situation deteriorates quite quickly, however. Watch out Peanutbutter! Jeremy has a gun! This series is cute, funny, and unlike anything else on the shelves, delighting young and old alike with its clever mix of adult pathos and childlike innocence.

b&w, 24pg $2.95

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