Сеть Арктических Организаций в Поддержку Коренных Народов Российского Севера

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They are like relatives …

There is not such a big difference between Sweden and Kamchatka. Sure, people speak different languages. People are nice, like we natives. But they have their own rules here. In our country there are rules, too, but they are very strict, and most people don’t follow them. – What else? Some people here don’t eat meat, they are called "vegetarians", but there are also those who eat meat. Do you know that they prefer a bicycle as the basic means of transport, although they also use cars?
But I love my Kamchatka. You should see it to understand the beauty of our land! Especially in the remote corners. In Kamchatka, like in Sweden, there are many rivers and lakes. Sweden is a beautiful and kind country; the Arctic Circle runs through it! People have understood that trees are the source of pure air. And also they have understood that it is very dangerous when they pollute air and water. This means that if you do not protect them, poor health results. Cutting down trees is also very bad, as I understood when we had the meeting in Årrenjarka (see www.taigarescue.org/camp). A lot of people went there who were against other people who cut down trees.
They also climbed on trees and hung up posters between them. I don’t remember what was written there, but it helps to protect trees. A tree is food for animals –this I definitely know. And if you pollute trees, air and especially water, you cannot live, because we eat fish, but the fish cannot live in bad water. It means that we will die.
I also like the dogs here in Sweden. We have friends here who have dogs, and we take care of them. They love me, they jump up and kiss me.
So, I love Sweden, but Kamchatka is better. Come to us to Kamchatka!

Anna Gurkova

11-year old girl from Kamchatka at a Taiga Rescue Network youth camp in Årrenjarka, Jokkmokk, Sweden

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