Сеть Арктических Организаций в Поддержку Коренных Народов Российского Севера

unter dem Sternbild der Grossen Bärin

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unter dem Sternbild der Grossen Bärin

beneath the constellation of the Great Bear[ess]

под созвездием Большой Медведицы

Dorothee Logen

2005. Copies can be obtained from the author at rentier-ost@web.de. Price: 18 €, Russia 200 RUB, plus postage

A booklet with a short introductory text in German, English and Russian and the artist’s photographs of “Prazdnik Severa” (Festival of the North) in 2004. Indigenous people from the Kola Peninsula gather in Murmansk for this annual festival . The book is the result of an art project and informs readers about mythology, the author’s own history, and the Saami as a people between systems: that of wealthy Scandinavia on one side and and on the other that of the dramatically run-down Russia. The very hard living conditions on the Russian side exemplify the situation of many small-numbered indigenous peoples in Siberia.


Cultural Diversity in the Epoch of Globalisation

28-30 March 2006

Murmansk, Russia

The conference is hosted by the Murmansk State Pedagogical Universit .

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