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Practical Dictionary of Siberia and the North

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Practical Dictionary of Siberia and the North

Akbaljan E., Golubchikova V., Khvtisiashvili Z.

Publications Maecenas, Paris 2004. 1104 pages, hard cover. ISBN 5-98797-002-4.

“Practical Dictionary of Siberia and the North” is the first book to embrace the history, nature, geography and economy of the world’s circumpolar region (Siberia, Scandinavia, Canada, Alaska, the North Pole, Northern Russia, Greenland). Northern peoples are also covered, including ethnographic data on numerically small indigenous peoples. The dictionary contains 500 black-and-white illustrations and three colour inserts with Northern maps, flora and fauna, and clothing of Northern peoples.

The publication is offered in two languages, English and Russian, with an attached CD containing 2,000 more illustrations, photos, and maps, as well as sound tracks with samples of Northern ethnic music.

Russian language edition: Severnaya entsiklopediya.

Evropeyskie izdaniya, Moscow 2004. 1200 pages, hard cover. ISBN 5-98797-001-6.

Additional info about this book:

English edition: http://www.ruslania.com/context-161/entity-1/details-5472/language-1.html

Russian edition: http://www.ruslania.com/context-161/entity-1/details-5368/language-1.html

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