Set: Thursday 22nd October 2015 Due: Monday2nd November 2015 Literacy

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Year 6 Homework

Set: Thursday 22nd October 2015

Due: Monday2nd November 2015

Literacy: Write a book review about Tuesday by David Wiesner. Include:

  • Title

  • Author

  • Setting

  • Characters

  • Plot

  • Favourite part of the book? Why?

  • Least favourite part of the book? Why?

  • Would you recommend this book? Why/why not?

  • Who would the book be suitable for? Age/interests? Why?

  • Illustration

Remember not to give away too much information – you do not want to spoil the story for someone else.


After half term, we will be studying Ancient Egypt in History. In preparation for this, I would like you to undertake some research.

Ancient Egyptians worshipped Gods and Goddesses. Choose one God or Goddess to base your research on and present this as a poster on the A3 card you have been provided with. Include their name, an image of them, what they are God or Goddess of and why, and any other interesting facts about them you wish to add.

Both pieces of homework will be going on display so please take care with your work.
Times Tables: Practice your target Times Table.

Spellings: Mixed ‘cial’ ‘tial’ – See separate sheet.

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