Session 1A: Reading Digitally: Explorations of Multimodal Texts and Apps

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Thursday, June 9

Session 1 - 8:00 - 9:15 a.m.

Session 1A: Reading Digitally: Explorations of Multimodal Texts and Apps

Room: Judicial

Chair: Michele Castleman, Heidelberg University

Frank Serafini, Arizona State University

A Framework for Investigating Picturebook Apps
Maggie Bokelman, Hollins University

Thank You For Sharing (Your Creative Authority): Marcus Sedgwick, David Almond, and the Hypertext Novel in Print

Michele Castleman, Heidelberg University

Better Nate in Stereo: Engaging with Federle's Middle Grade Nate Novels Through Narration and Multi-Media Resources

Session 1B: Reclaiming Identity and Innocence: Conceptions of Childhood

Room: House A

Chair: Melanie Goss, Armstrong State University
Elissa Myers, CUNY Graduate Center

Historicizing the Magic of Childhood in E. Nesbit's The Story of the Amulet

Poushali Bhadury, University of Florida

In a Faraway Land: Childhood and the Spatial Imagination in Carol Ann Duffy

Jonathan Todres, Georgia State University

Human Rights in Children's Literature: Imagination and the Narrative of Law

Melanie Goss, Armstrong State University

"That's the Wrong Question": Changing Narratives and Challenging Tradition in The Book of Everything and Why Is This Night Different from All Other Nights?

Session 1C: "We're All Mad Here": Alice and Animation

Room: Legislative B

Chair: Lindsay Persohn, University of South Florida, Tampa
Lindsay Persohn, University of South Florida, Tampa

Animating Madness: Visual portrayals of Wonderland's Mad Hatter

Kevin Shortsleeve, Christopher Newport University

Alice, Genre and Animation

Jan Susina, Illinois State University

Lewis Carroll Among the Cartoonists

Session 1D: The Dreams and Nightmares of Brown Girls and Boys

Room: Executive AB

Chair: Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, University of Pennsylvania

Bevin Roue, Michigan State University

Slipstages of the Fantastic: Neoliberalism, Contemporary Slavery, and Canonical Dystopia in Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower
Grad Essay Winner Krystal Howard, Western Michigan University

The Verse Novel for Young Readers: Collage, Confession, and Crisis in Jacqueline Woodson’s Brown Girl Dreaming

Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, University of Pennsylvania

"Long Live the Queen!": Guinevere in the BBC's Merlin and Dark Fantastic Dreaming in Fantasy TV

Session 1E: Life, Death, and Reanimation

Room: Senate A

Chair: Julian Gil-Peterson

Julian Gill-Peterson, University of Pittsburgh

Biological Animation as Childish Form
Mary Gryctko, University of Pittsburgh

Literary Reanimation: 19th Century Readings of the Diaries of Marjory Fleming

Maggie Roby, University of Pittsburgh

Straddling the Garden Wall: Life, Death, and Liminality in Children's Animation

Session 1F: Magic and Daemons: Childhood and the Soul in the Works of British Authors

Room: Legislative A

Chair: Margaret Mackey , University of Alberta
Jessica Evans, University of Kentucky

Animating the Child Hero: The Development of Children's Agency by 'Magic' in British Children's Literature

Megan Kahn, United States Air Force Academy

Dæmon Souls in His Dark Materials

Margaret Mackey, University of Alberta

Animating Pullman's Daemons: Adaptation, Censorship, and Intercision

Session 2 - 9:30 - 10:45 a.m.

Session 2A: Authorship in Disney Animation

Room: Executive AB

Chair: Peter Kunze, University of Texas at Austin

Peter Kunze, University of Texas at Austin

The (Re)Animator: Don Bluth, the Walt Disney Company, and Blockbuster Children's Culture
Brennan Thomas, Saint Francis University

Of Mice and Men: The Personal Vision of Mickey Mouse Animator Fred Moore

Jennifer Michalicek, San Jose State University

From Plane Crazy to the Old Mill: Walt Disney, Webb Smith and Storyboard Storytelling

Session 2B: Publishing in Canada: writing to and from region

Room: House B

Chair: Susan Fisher, University of New Brunswick

Susan Fisher, University of New Brunswick

We may get quite a lift through the children: animating the child as reader in 1950s New Brunswick
Margot Stafford, Rockhurst University

From The Mixed-Up Catalogue of Brunswick Press: What Five Children's Books Can Tell Us about Regional Publishing in 1950s Canada

Session 2C: Marketing and Metaworlds in Children's Media

Room: House A

Chair: Anne Anderson, University of South Florida & Eckerd College
Mark Rogers, Walsh University

Commerce Is Magic: My Little Pony From 30 Minute Commercials To Multi-Platform Licensing Machine

Anne Anderson, University of South Florida & Eckerd College

My Little Pony: The Elements of Harmony: Friendship is Magic: The Official Guidebook to the Animated, Animating, and Ani-Meta Worlds of Equestria
Blair Davis, DePaul University

Star Comics - The New World in the Marvel Universe: Children's Comic Books and Character Licensing in the 1980s

Session 2D: Fantasy Wars: Reimagining Country, Democracy, and History

Room: Legislative A

Chair: Ramona Caponegro, Eastern Michigan University

Shaun Baker, Virginia Tech

From Nixon to 9/11: Captain America and the Disenfranchisement of the American People
Megan Isaac, Elon University

Re-Animating Democracy in the World of Fantasy

Ramona Caponegro, Eastern Michigan University

The People v. Leo Frank: Reanimating and Reinterpreting the Case for a High School Audience
Session 2E: Pre & Post Victorian Fictions

Room: Legislative B

Chair: Katharine Kittredge, Ithaca College

Megan MacAlystre, Clemson University

The Undying Century: The Neo-Victorian (as) Horror in Lockwood & Co.
Todd Ide, Grand Valley State University

Steampunk and the Detective: Subversion and transformation in Grandville and Sherlock Holmes

Katharine Kittredge, Ithaca College

"Perversity shows itself so early": Bullying in Pre-Victorian Children's Literature

Session 2F: Interpreting the Gaze in Transmedia Texts

Room: Senate A

Chair: Ashley Wilson, Independent Researcher

Wesley Jacques, Illinois State University

Animation through the Gaze: Feminine Identity Development in Young Adult Literature
Kelsey McLendon, Eastern Michigan University

Through the Microscope: Flavia de Luce's Investigations of Space and the Feminine Gaze in The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

Ashley Wilson, Independent Researcher

Giving the Male Gaze a Voice: Analyzing the Romance in Webster's Daddy-Long-Legs and Daddy Long Legs the Musical

Session 2G: Active Writing and Reading of Children's Literature

Room: Senate B

Chair: Jennifer Burek Pierce, University of Iowa

Jennifer Burek Pierce, University of Iowa

Only Children: Authors and the Audiences They Call Into Being
Jean Stevenson, University of Minnesota Duluth

Exploring Claudia Mills' Writing Process while Her School Stories Animate and Transform Readers

Tanya Radford, Dominican College of Blauvelt

Magic Words and the World of Reading

Session 2H: Gender, Privilege, and Politics in Latin@ Texts and Media

Room: Judicial

Chair: Mauricio Espinoza , The Ohio State University

Domino Perez, University of Texas at Austin

Mexican Masculinity and Fatherhood in Despicable Me 2 and The Book of Life
Alya Hameed, Independent Scholar

Always Tea-time But Not Enough Milk: Food and the Politics of Privilege from Alice to Shadowshaper

Mauricio Espinoza, The Ohio State University

Visualizing Borders and Immigration: New Latino/a Children's Literature and Film and the Representation of 'Crossing'

Session 3 - 11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
Session 3A: Syllabus Exchange, sponsored by the ChLA Membership Committee

Room: Judicial

Chair: Joseph Michael Sommers, Central Michigan University

Joseph Michael Sommers, Central Michigan University

Comics and Visual Studies
Victoria Ford Smith, University of Connecticut

Incorporating Children’s Literature into Non-Children’s Literature Courses

Roberta Seelinger Trites, Illinois State University

The Art of Creating a Truncated and Aesthetically Pleasing Syllabus

Session 3B: Brazilian Children's Literature: from illustration to animation

Room: House B

Chair: Renata Junqueira de Souza, São Paulo State University

Renata Junqueira de Souza, São Paulo State University

A Brazilian Wordless book: mediating the meaning of illustrations
Edgar Roberto Kirchof, Lutheran University, Brazil

Brazilian Digital Literature for Children

Rosa Maria Silveira, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

Death: a delicate subject in the Brazilian children's literature

Session 3C: Children and Adults Co-Animating Culture

Room: Executive AB

Chair: Marah Gubar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Victoria Ford Smith, University of Connecticut

Painting in Miniature: Young Artists, Child Agency, and Questions that Animate the Field
Rachel Conrad, Hampshire College

Gwendolyn Brooks and the Animation of Young Poets

Marah Gubar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

What Was So Groovy About the 1970s? Children Writing Children's Literature (II)

Session 3D: Children's Literature and Adaptation: Theory, Gender, and Pedagogy

Room: Legislative B

Chair: M. Tyler Sasser, University of Alabama
M. Tyler Sasser, University of Alabama

Shakespeare and the Making of American Boyhood

Amy Bennett-Zendzian, Boston University

Suspended Animation: Sleeping Beauties in Young Adult Science Fiction

Erica Hateley, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

What a Failed Adaptation Can Teach Us About Shakespeare for Children; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hate Gnomeo and Juliet.

Rachel Maley, University of Pittsburgh

Playing with Intertextuality: Transforming Maria Susanna Cummins? The Lamplighter into Picture Book and Card Game

Session 3E: Reanimating Arlene

Room: Senate B

Chair: Amy Pattee, Simmons College

Amy Pattee, Simmons College

Implicit Horror: Arlene Sardine as Informational Text
Cathryn Mercier, Simmons College

Resuscitating Arlene Sardine

Lauren Rizzuto, Simmons College

“Fish are Friends, Not Food": Arlene and the Politics of Anthropocentric Reading

Session 3F: Narratology in Children's Literature and Culture

Room: Senate A

Chair: Mike Cadden, Missouri Western State University

Rebecca Fox, Simmons College

Let's Reanimate Narratology: Adopting (and Adapting) Narratology to Explore Illustration-based Subject Positions in Beginning Readers
Sara Hays, Middle Tennessee State University

"If You Like This, You Should Read the Book!": The Great Gonzo as Narrator in The Muppet Christmas Carol

Mike Cadden, Missouri Western State University

Narrative Theory & Children's Literature: A Brief History and Proposal

Session 3G: Visualizing Bodies, Revisualizing Ability and Inclusivity through Narrative

Room: House A

Chair: Karly Marie Grice, The Ohio State University

Karly MarieGrice, The Ohio State University

Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?: Robot Dreams as Children's Graphic Medicine
Fabio Mourilhe, UFRJ

Inclusivity in Brazilian comics and arts

Naomi Hamer, University of Winnipeg

Signed Stories: the animated narratives of American Sign Language story apps for young people
Session 3H: We Got Game: Video Games as Genre

Room: Legislative A

Chair: Sara Day, Southern Arkansas University

Christopher Stuart, Eastern Michigan University

Playful Manifestations: Gaming through Existentialism in Joe Kelly's I Kill Giants
Carol Gay Winner Andrea Quinn, Rowan University

“The machine is us”: Ready Player One and the Limits of Binarism

Sara Day, Southern Arkansas University

Easter Eggs for '80s Kids: Video Games and Nostalgia in Recent Media for Young Audiences

Session 4 - 2:00 - 3:15 p.m.

Session 4A: Animating Childhood and Old Age. Revitalizing Links Between Two Generations

Room: House B

Chair: Vanessa Joosen, University of Antwerp and Tilburg University

Elisabeth Wesseling, Maastricht University

Revitalizing Childhood through Old Age in Hector Malot's Sans Famille
Helma Van Lierop-Debrauwer, Tilburg University, The Netherlands

Rebels with a Cause. Children's and Elderly People's Right to Self Determination in Dutch Children's Literature

Vanessa Joosen, University of Antwerp and Tilburg University

Extremely Close Generations: Jonathan Safran Foer’s Link Between Childhood and Old Age

Session 4B: Animating the School Story: Three Versions of a Genre

Room: Legislative B

Chair: Laureen Tedesco, East Carolina University
Janis Dawson, University of Victoria

"The girls for whom I write love a naughty heroine": L.T. Meade's Naughty School Girls and Story Writing for Girls

Allison Speicher, Eastern Connecticut State University

Not Mothers, But Lovers: Schoolmistress-Schoolboy Romance in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction

Laureen Tedesco, East Carolina University

"Life is too short to be wasted among odious people, young or old": Margaret Sidney Learns to Write the School Story

Session 4C: Moving Books: Historical Children's Literature in Global Circulation

Room: Senate A

Chair: Courtney Weikle-Mills, University of Pittsburgh

Courtney Weikle-Mills, University of Pittsburgh

A Choice Assortment of Children's Books per Schooner: Children's Literature in the Early British Caribbean
Jacqueline Reid-Walsh, Penn State University

Textual transmissions: Reading, circulating and making a simple movable book in the 17th-19th century

Shawna McDermott, University of Pittsburgh

Visualizing a Global St. Nicholas: Digital Tools for Comparative Childhood Studies

Sandra Burr, Northern Michigan University

Reading Bertha's Journal as a Moving Book

Session 4D: Animating Society Through Body Parts and/or Body Whole: Unwinding and Rewinding in Neal Shusterman's Unwind series

Room: House A

Chair: Tammy Mielke, University of Wyoming

Katy Lewis, Illinois State University

Connor, Risa, and Cam: The Mythical Woman Between Men in the Unwind Series
Tammy Mielke, University of Wyoming

The Importance of Parts: The Figurative and Literal (Re)Animation of the Adolescent Body

Mark Helmsing, University of Wyoming

Boy for sale: Consuming youth in body donor narratives

Session 4E: Animating Factors in Radical Children's Literature

Room: Judicial

Chair: Philip Nel , Kansas State University

Kimberley Reynolds, Newcastle University, United Kingdom

Rebuilding Britain through Modernist Children’s Books
Katharine Capshaw, University of Connecticut

Child Bodies and Treacherous Spaces: Emancipatory Possibility in June Jordan’s His Own Where (1971) and James Baldwin’s Little Man, Little Man (1976)

Julia Mickenberg, University of Texas at Austin

A Long View of Radical Children's Literature

Session 4F: You Know You Love Us, XOXO: The CW and Female Young Adult Viewership

Room: Legislative A

Chair: Michelle Maloney-Mangold, Franklin College

Michelle Maloney-Mangold, Franklin College

All Grown Up? The CW's Young Adult Problem
Amanda Chapman, University of Pittsburgh

"A" is for Audience: Girls Under Surveillance in Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl

Cosette Girardot, Eastern Michigan University

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the "She-Hero", and the Big Bad
Session 4G: Games as Narratives

Room: Executive AB

Chair: Traci Cruey, Middle Tennessee State University

Traci Cruey, Middle Tennessee State University

The Fork in the Road: The Right Path for Video Games Based on Fairy Tales
Katharine Slater, Rowan University

Who Gets to Die of Dysentery? Ideology, Geography, and The Oregon Trail

Edward (Taylor) Greenwood, Ithaca College

Sit Down at a Stranger's Computer: Fragmenting the Creator & Subverting Validation in The Beginner's Guide

Session 4H: Animating Wild Things: Animals as Bearers of Meaning in an Apocalyptic Age

Room: Senate B

Chair: Gail Melson, Purdue University

Kirsten Elling, University of Michigan; Karin Elling-Gardner, Washtenaw Community College; & Inger Schultz, Independent Scholar

Immersed in the Great Blue: A Lake Michigan Adventure Book
Peggy Ellsberg, Barnard College, Columbia University

Nature Apocalypse in "Beasts of the Southern Wild"

James Leaf, Community Link Foundation

"A Little Bull Has Gone a Long Way": Animating Ferdinand in 2017

Elizabeth Goodenough, University of Michigan

"Who may question the Master of the Jungle?": Animating Forgiveness in Mowgli's Brothers

Session 5 - 3:30 - 4:45 p.m.

Session 5A: Disney's World

Room: Senate B


JoAnn Conrad, California State University, East Bay

Animating Enchantment: Fairy Tale Epistemologies
Ryan Bunch, Rutgers University-Camden

Animated Objects, Singing Subjects, and It's a Small World

Session 5B: Myth, Culture, and Gene Luen Yang's American Born Chinese

Room: Judicial

Chair: Teya Rosenberg,Texas State University
Ngozi Onuora, Millikin University

Multicultural Representations in Graphic Novels for Middle-Level Readers

Neely McLaughlin, University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash

Relatability vs. Difference: Using Intercultural Competence to Understand YA Graphic Novel Readership

Teya Rosenberg,Texas State University

The Mythical, the Magical, the Racial: Considering Structure and Genre in American Born Chinese

Session 5C: Colonialism, Postcolonialism, and Transnationalism in Children's Narratives

Room: Senate A

Chair: Sreemoyee Dasgupta, University of Pittsburgh

Sreemoyee Dasgupta, University of Pittsburgh

Hybrid Childhoods: Postcolonial Children's literature and Traveling Theory
Maria Truglio, Pennsylvania State University

Animating the "Sea of Death": D'Adamo's The Story of Ishmael

Ann Gonzalez, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

The Colonial Drama El Güegüense Adapted for Nicaraguan Children: Political Agendas and National Identity

Macy McDonald, Oklahoma State University

Transmuting the Atomic Bomb in Avatar: the Last Airbender

Session 5D: Always? Always: Readings and Reinterpretations of Harry Potter

Room: Legislative B

Chair: Kathryn Coto, University of Connecticut

Carrie Sickmann Han, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Reanimating Reading: Animated Sequences in Live-Action Films
Kathryn Coto, University of Connecticut

Racebending Potter: How Fan Artists are Re-coloring the Wizarding World

Richard Gooding, University of British Columbia

Watching the Watchers: Using social network analysis software to animate surveillance networks in Little Brother and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Session 5E: Portable Spaces: Travel and Explorations in Transcultural Narratives

Room: Legislative A

Chair: Laura Wasowicz, American Antiquarian Society

Laura Wasowicz, American Antiquarian Society

Headstrong Travels by Land & Water: Two McLoughlin Picture Books
Marion Gymnich, Bonn University, Germany

(Trans)Cultural Negotiations of Indigenous Visual Resources in Māori and Inuit Children's Books

Beverly Lyon Clark, Wheaton College, Massachusetts

Trains, Bikes, and Carriages: Animating the Illustrations of Little Women

Session 5F: Games, Play, and Adventure

Room: House B

Chair: Elissa Myers, CUNY Graduate Center

Helen Bittel, Marywood University

"No Matter What, Do NOT Use Your Imagination!": Text, Image, and Play in Abby Hanlon's Dory Fantasmagory Books
Cathlena Martin, University of Montevallo

Games in Real Life: Modern Games as Played in Children's Literature

NaToya Faughnder, University of Florida

Choose Your Own the "Publisher Approved" Stand-in's Adventure: Narrative Gamebooks and Limited Identity Representation

Session 5G: Representations of Trauma, Masculinity, and Blackness in Musical Adaptations

Room: Executive AB

Chair: Breanna McDaniel, Unaffiliated Scholar

Graduate Student Essay Winner, Master’s level Rebecca Leigh Rowe, Kansas State University

‘But Mother, I’m a Man Now’: Adapting Childhood in the Musical and Film Versions of Into the Woods

Michael Baker, Texas A&M-Commerce

Revolting Children: Staging Trauma in Matilda the Musical

Breanna McDaniel, Unaffiliated Scholar

From Kansas to Harlem: Finding Baum's Oz in Kenneth G. Harper's The Wiz

Session 5H: Girls Will Be Boys: Cross-Dressing in Young Adult Literature

Room: House A

Chair: Casey Wilson, University of Florida

Emily Brooks, University of Florida

The Beardless Bandit: Being an Account of Gender Performance of the Cross-Dressing Pirate Heroine in the Bloody Jack Series
Casey Wilson, University of Florida

You Have Died of Gender Norms: Intersectional Feminism and the YA Western

Rebecca McNulty, University of Florida

Girls Dressed as Boys Chase Boys Who Chase Girls: Disguised Heteronormativity in Tamora Pierce's Song of the Lioness Quartet

Session 6 - 5:00 - 6:15 p.m.

Session 6A: Covers and Paratexts

Room: Executive AB

Chair: Megan Brown, The Ohio State University

Megan Brown The Ohio State University

Judging a Tomboy by her Cover: Investigating Initial Tomboy Images on Book Covers
Maria Cipriani John Jay College, CUNY

By/Bi-/Buy The Cover

Don Latham, Florida State University & MelissaGross, Florida State University

Animating Reader Engagement: The Role of the Visual Peritext in Young Adult Nonfiction

Session 6B: Moving Pictures: Film and Adaptation

Room: Legislative B

Chair: Jenifer Schneider, University of South Florida

Jenifer Schneider, University of South Florida

Animating Comedy: Student Films as Performance Spaces for Text Transformations
Lilian Feitosa, James Madison University/University of Virginia

Animation as Salvation in Selznick’s The Invention of Hugo Cabret and Scorsese’s Movie Adaptation

Chelsea Bromley, Independent Scholar

Still Moving: The Cinematic Shift in YA Comics

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