Session 1 occ 202 Wednesday • 10: 15-11: 45 am

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Session 87 OCC 201 Thursday • 12:00-1:30 PM

Exploring Privilege, Power and Difference: Learning Exercises and Approaches [Formal Paper Session]

Presider: Daniel Eisen, Pacific University

  • Teaching Sociological Imagination in Diverse Classrooms .....Jessica Moronez, University of California Riverside; Mohammad Abdel Haq, California State University, Fullerton; Elizabeth Ortega, East Los Angeles College

  • Combatting the "Hypersensitive" Argument: An Activity to Teach about Microaggressions .....Daniel Eisen, Pacific University; Ashley McKenzie, Pacific University

  • Social Capital and Resource Sharing: An In-Class Activity .....Maureen Day, Santa Rosa Junior College

Session 88 OCC 202 Thursday • 12:00-1:30 PM

Faculty-student Interactions [Formal Paper Session]

Presider: Jackie Logg, Cabrillo college

  • Accents in the classroom and student -- professor interactions .....Michelle F. Ramos Pellicia, California State University San Marcos; Aaron Fitzpatrick, California State University San Marcos

  • "Do I matter?": an analysis of predicting factors for students' perceived level of importance to university faculty .....Jessica Castellon, California State University Sacramento

  • 2015 Canada Study Abroad Program: The Experiences of Faculty .....Lauren S. Plaza,

  • Connecting Outside of the Classroom: Building Relationships with Students to Encourage More Active Learning .....Jackie Logg, Cabrillo college

  • Work in Progress .....Horlexus Willis, New Mexico State University

Session 89 OCC 203 Thursday • 12:00-1:30 PM

Theorizing Race and Racisms: Works in Progress II [Formal Paper Session]

Presider: Arthur Scarritt, Boise State University

  • Institutionalized Racism "The Door Closer" .....Lillian Nahar, California State University San Marcos

  • Scientific Research and Racial Hierarchy Creation: A Return toScientific Racism .....Dr. James Love, North Idaho College

  • The Racial Underpinnings of Global Financial Capitalism .....Arthur Scarritt, Boise State University

Session 90 OCC 204 Thursday • 12:00-1:30 PM

Juvenile and Young Adult Crime Formal Research [Formal Paper Session]

Presider: Mariam Ashtiani, University of California Irvine

  • Fathers and Sons: Relationships between Incarcerated Male Juvenile Delinquents and Their Fathers .....Sharon Davis, University of La Verne

  • Negative Credentials: The Racialized Long-Term Effects of Juvenile Drug Arrest on Labor Market Outcomes .....Mariam Ashtiani, University of California Irvine

  • Life's Footprints .....Rudolph Bielitz, Humboldt State University

Session 91 OCC 205 Thursday • 12:00-1:30 PM

Gendered Violence/Violence Against Women [Formal Paper Session]

Moderator: Amanda Admire, University of California Riverside

Presider: Amanda Admire, University of California Riverside

  • Intersections and Interventions: An Exploration of Shelter and Crisis Workers' Perceptions of Intimate Partner Violence and HIV/STI Risk .....Erin Whitesitt, Northern Arizona University

  • Intimate Partner Violence and Perceptions of Black Womanhood: Linking Stereotypes and Mental Health Help- Seeking Behaviors .....Allison Monterrosa, University of California Riverside

  • The Cultural Significance of Hard-Boiled Women in the Crime Genre .....Nancy Jurik, Arizona State University; Gary Cavender, Arizona State University

  • Role of Law in (De)Legitimizing Violence in Honor Culture .....Blanca Ramirez, California State University Fullerton

Session 92 OCC 206 Thursday • 12:00-1:30 PM

Family & Social Change [Formal Paper Session]

Presider: Hong Xiao, Nanyang Technological University

  • Changing Family Centrality in Reform Era China .....Hong Xiao, Nanyang Technological University

  • Millennials and Xers: Exploring Generational Differences in Parent-Young Adult Child Relationships .....Lauren Ferguson, Portland State University

  • Mixed-Orientation Marriages in the Mormon Faith: Why Straight Spouses Say "Yes" .....Anita Harker, Whatcom community college; Elizabeth M. Legerski, University of North Dakota

  • Party of One: Legitimizing Single Life Through Narrative .....Kristen Bernhardt, New Mexico State University

Session 93 OCC 207 Thursday • 12:00-1:30 PM

Environmental Inequality, Justice, and Adaptation [Formal Paper Session]

Presider: Armando Xavier Mejia, University of Wisconsin

  • Environmental Inequality, Justice, and Planning in Majority-Latino/a Suburbs: A Comparative Analysis .....Armando Xavier Mejia, University of Wisconsin

  • Not Yet the End of the World: Political Cultures of Opposition and Creation in the Global Youth Climate Justice Movement .....Corrie Ellis, UC Santa Barbara; Summer Gray, UC Santa Cruz; John Foran, University of California Santa Barbara

  • The Creation of Youth Climate Justice Cultures in Santa Barbara, California .....Corrie Ellis, UC Santa Barbara

  • Urban Tropics: Adapting to Climate Change in San Juan, Puerto Rico .....David Flores, USDA Forest Service; Karla Torres, University of Puerto Rico; Luis Santiago, University of Puerto Rico; Tischa Munoz-Erickson, USDA Forest Service

Session 94 OCC 211 Thursday • 12:00-1:30 PM

The Political Economy of Sexuality [Formal Paper Session]

Presider: Sharon Yee, Glendale Community College

  • Beyond the Sex -- Romance Binary: A Typology of Female Tourists in Bangkok's Red Light Districts and Adult Entertainment Zones .....Jason Scott, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

  • Business Strategies of Erotic Entrepreneurs: Scripting Desire through Social, Cultural & Sexual Capital .....Kathryn Korgan, University of Nevada Las Vegas; Alex Nelson, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Antoinette Izzo, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Sarah Bessen, Dartmouth College; Kathryn Korgan, University of Nevada Las Vegas; Kathryn Korgan, University of Nevada Las Vegas; Andrew Harper, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Kathryn Korgan, University of Nevada Las Vegas

  • Emancipating Sexuality: Breakthroughs into a Bulwark of Tradition .....Amy Alexander, Quality of Government Institute, University of Gothenburg; Christian Welzel, Leuphana University, Germany

  • Heterosexuality Performance in Disney Films with Non-Traditional Gender Characters: A case study of Brave and Mulan .....Sharon Yee, Glendale Community College; Regina Lopez, Arizona State University

  • The Girlfriend Experience in Online Webcamming Communities .....Rachael McGlaston, California State University San Marcos

Session 95 OCC 212 Thursday • 12:00-1:30 PM

Repression and Protest [Formal Paper Session]

Presider: Katherine Everhart, Northern Arizona University

  • NGOs, Police and the Criminalization of Hijras in South India .....Elizabeth (Liz) Mount, Syracuse University

  • Police Repression and the Media Coverage of Protest Events .....Trey Green, University of Arizona

  • Rights to Protest: The Relationship between Allies and Protestors in #BlackLivesMatter .....Katherine Everhart, Northern Arizona University

  • Mainstream and Social Media Portrayal of #BlackLivesMatter .....Kathryn Stroud, New Mexico State University

  • "The Movement Never Came Here": Organizational Presence and the Civil Rights Movement’s Consequences Upon Southern Racial Inequality .....Dana Williams, California State University Chico

Session 96 Broadway Thursday • 1:45-3:15 PM

Emeritus and Retired Sociologists Committee Meeting []

Panelists: Sharon Araji, University of Colorado, Denver; Fumiko Hosokawa, CSU Dominguez Hills; Earl Babbie, Chapman University; Gary Cretser, California State Polytechnic Pomona; Charles Hohm, San Diego State University; Don Barrett, California State University San Marcos; Robert Obrien, Emeritus; Dean Dorn, California State University Sacramento

Session 97 California Thursday • 1:45-3:15 PM

Committee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Meeting []

Panelists: Sharon Davis, University of La Verne; Stacy McGoldrick, California State Polytechnic University Pomona; Becky Beal, California State University, East Bay; Susan Palmer, Walla Walla Community College; Pamela McMullin-Messier, Central Washington University; Desire Anastasia-Cartwright, Metropolitan State University Denver; Kara Delacioppa, California State University Dominguez Hills; Duke Austin, California State University East Bay

Session 98 OCC 210 Thursday • 1:45-3:15 PM

Ethnographers Circle IV: Validity and Generalizability in Ethnography []

Moderator: Black Hawk Hancock, DePaul University

Panelists: Victor Rios, University of California at Santa Barbara; Sykes Bryan, University of California Irvine; Black Hawk Hancock, DePaul University

Session 99 Uptown Thursday • 1:45-3:15 PM

Committee on Freedom of Research and Teaching Meeting []

Panelists: Lori Cramer, Oregon State University; Mark Cohan, Seattle University; Robert Palacio, California State University Fresno; Jennifer Whitmer, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Ann Strahm, California State University Stanislaus; Katherine Everhart, Northern Arizona University

Session 100 OCC 208 Thursday • 1:45-3:15 PM

Undocumented Latino Youth: Navigating Their Worlds (Lynne Rienner 2015) [Author Meets Critics]

  • Undocumented Latino Youth: Navigating Their Worlds .....Marisol Clark-Ibáñez, California State University, San Marcos

  • Critic .....Leisy J. Abrego, University of California, Los Angeles

  • Critic .....José C. Briceño, Palomar College

  • Critic .....Genevieve Negrón-Gonzales, University of San Francisco

  • Critic .....KImberly Rojas-Hernandez, Pomona College

Session 101 Jr. Ballroom 1 & 2 & 3 Thursday • 1:45-3:15 PM

Gender III [undergraduate roundtable]

Presider: Susan Mannon, University of the Pacific

  • No Racism, No Sexism: Latinas at the Center of the Punk Stage .....Shawn Kern, University of California Berkeley

  • Latina Participants' Subjective Experience of the Sexual Aspects of Zumba Fitness .....Christine Munoz, University of California Riverside

  • Work Relations in Male-Dominated Occupations: Women in the U.S. Coast Guard .....Stephanie Chapman, Sonoma State University

  • Incentivized Students: How Neutralized Gender Rationalizes Academic Success .....Britini Gates, Boise State University

  • The Transitioning Views of Body Type and Image in Female Athletes .....Simonne Call, California State University East Bay

Session 102 Jr. Ballroom 1 & 2 & 3 Thursday • 1:45-3:15 PM

Crime, Law and Deviance III [undergraduate roundtable]

Presider: Naghme Morlock, Gonzaga University

  • Institutional and community factors that contribute mass shootings. .....Andrea Hunter, Whitworth University

  • Our Thoughts and Prayers Are Not Enough": Understanding Public and Political Paralysis as a Response to America's Mass School Shooting Epidemic .....Anya Tudisco, Whitman College

  • Ex-Offenders Re-entering Society: A Case Study of the Challenges That Ex-Offenders Encounter in Salinas, CA .....Jeanette Serrano, Hartnell College

  • 32 Years After Orwellian "1984": The Surveillance State and the Slippery Slope .....Ean Brown, University of California Santa Cruz

  • Immigrant Enforcement: ICE at Monterey County Jail .....Monica Guillen, Hartnell Community College

Session 103 Jr. Ballroom 1 & 2 & 3 Thursday • 1:45-3:15 PM

Education and Higher Education III [undergraduate roundtable]

Presider: Jason Wollschleger, Whitworth University

  • School Involvement among Mexican American High School Students .....Tzitziqui Romero, California State University Long Beach

  • DACA Students in Higher Education .....Erika Jaime Romero, University of California Berkeley

  • Student-Professor Interactions and Transfer to a Bachelor's Degree Program: Understanding the Mexican-American Community College Journey .....Giovanni Roman, University of California Berkeley

  • Goal Setting, Motivation, and Self-Motivation in an Afterschool Program .....Karissa Yaw, Biola University

  • Undocumented Students in the Western U.S. Navigating Higher Education .....Mariana Paola Sarmiento-Hernandez, University of Nevada Las Vegas

Session 104 Jr. Ballroom 1 & 2 & 3 Thursday • 1:45-3:15 PM

Race, Class, and Gender I [undergraduate roundtable]

Presider: Patricia E. Literte, California State University, Fullerton

  • What's There To Cheer About?: How Does Cheerleading Affect Young Girls Of Color's Identity .....Sekani Robinson, California State Polytechnic University Pomona

  • Gender Differences in Academic Performance & Behavior, Extracurricular Activities, and Health Behaviors Low-Income Youth of Color .....Jesse Sanchez, University of Southern California

  • Neoliberal Politics and the Criminalization of a Race .....Tayler Martin, Boise State University

  • The Cosmetic Industry and Western Beauty Ideals: A case study of a cosmetic counter of a large Department Store .....Sharmaine Deluna, Hartnell Community College

Session 105 Jr. Ballroom 1 & 2 & 3 Thursday • 1:45-3:15 PM

Environmental Sociology [undergraduate roundtable]

Presider: Nelta Edwards, University of Alaska, Anchorage

  • GMO's Consumer and Farmer Choices in Humboldt County .....Karen Monterrosa, Humboldt State University

  • Responses to Environmentalism and Environmental Policy as Mechanisms of Exclusion .....Danya Axelrad-Hausman, University of Puget Sound

  • Unsustainable Development: The Warehouse Industry In Inland Southern California .....Asbeidy Solano, University of California Riverside

  • Grounded: Tokyo Perspectives on Fukushima .....Kayleigh Ward, University of San Diego

Session 106 Jr. Ballroom 4 Thursday • 1:45-3:15 PM

Poster Session II [undergraduate posters]

  • Microaggression management techniques used by Latino/a students at Humboldt State University .....Samuel Hernandez, humboldt state university

  • Race and Perceived Discrimination, and the Effect on Tolerance of Homosexuality .....Eli Robinson, Western Washington University

  • From Pictures to Protests: The Social Psychology of Collective Action .....Paxton Richardson, Gonzaga University

  • Resources and Responses to Assault Victims by Christian Communities .....Emily Moline, Whitworth University; Horizon S. Worden, Whitworth University

  • The Chamber of Secrets: Perceptions of Gun Violence and Concealed Carry of College Youth .....Chase Deiglmeier, Gonzaga University

  • Teacher Demand in a Standardizing System .....Francesca Hernandez, Pacific Lutheran University

  • A Culture of Violence? Using Anomie-Strain Theory to Identify Patterns of Behavior in Mass Shootings .....Jeffrey Pierce, Oregon State University; Hannah Whitley, Oregon State University

  • The Impact of Using Mirrors During Physical Activity on Female's Confidence and Motivation .....Laura Greene, California State University East Bay

  • Zoe Pregnancy Center .....Guadalupe Anaya-Cano, New Mexico Highlands University

  • Attending "just" a Community College: Strategies to Access Resources for Success from the Students' Perspective .....Kristen Schofield, Cabrillo College; Janette Nunez-Chavez, Cabrillo College

Session 107 OCC 202 Thursday • 1:45-3:15 PM

Academia and Faculty Life [Formal Paper Session]

Presider: Patricia Literte, California State University Fullerton

  • Sociological Tribes: Investigating the Institutional Hiring Networks of U.S. Ph.D. Graduate Sociology Programs .....Lucas Hanna, University of Northern Colorado; Andrew Prelog, University of Northern Colorado

  • Neoliberalism and the Transnational Capitalist Class(Room) .....Jennifer Miles, Humboldt State University

  • McNair Scholars: Identifying and Overcoming the Obstacles in Academia faced by Underrepresented Populations .....Adrianna Smell, University of Northern Colorado

  • Building Capital and Networks for Underrepresented Students: Best Practices for Engaging McNair Scholars Alumni .....Patricia Literte, California State University Fullerton; Karla Hernandez, California State University Fullerton

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