Session 1 occ 202 Wednesday • 10: 15-11: 45 am

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Session 194 OCC 201 Saturday • 10:15-11:45 AM

Community Service and Community Colleges - Roundtable, Sponsored by Committee on Community Colleges [Workshop with Presenters]

  • Community Engagement at the Community College .....Dan Poole, University of Utah

Session 195 OCC 202 Saturday • 10:15-11:45 AM

Impostor Syndrome and the Sociology Major, Sponsored by Student Affairs Committee [Panel with Presenters]

Panelists: Ann Strahm, California State University Stanislaus; Jennifer Strangfeld, California State University Stanislaus; Tamara Sniezek, California State University, Stanislaus; John Kincaid, California State University, Stanislaus; Rocio Garcia, University of California Los Angeles; Barbara Olave, California State University, Stanislaus

Session 196 OCC 210 Saturday • 10:15-11:45 AM

Linking Theory, Activism, and Social Justice [Panel with Presenters]

Panelists: Norma Chinchilla, CSU Long Beach; James McKeever, Pierce College; Dana Williams, California State University Chico

  • Solidarity Forever? Race, Gender, & Social Justice Unionism .....Jake Wilson, California State University Long Beach

Session 197 OCC 202 Saturday 12:00-1:30 PM

Parents and Schooling [Formal Paper Session]


  • "Because they are Black they get treated differently": Cultural capital, resistance, and school involvement practices of Black mothers of Black boys .....Quaylan Allen, Chapman University

  • Assessing the Factors that Shape Parental Engagement in Low-Income Elementary Schools .....Amy Leisenring, San Jose State University; Saul Zepeda, San Jose State University; Cierra Alveda, San Jose State University; Julieanna Smith, San Jose State University

  • Parental Involvement and Child Achievement in School among Interracial Marriage and Same-race Marriage: Comparison of White-Asian, White-White and Asian-Asian Families .....Can Cheng, Brigham Young University

Session 198 OCC 203 Saturday • 12:00-1:30 PM

Bad Food and No Food: Dimensions of Malnutrition [Formal Paper Session]


  • How a conservation project triggered food crisis in South India .....Deepa Kozhisseri, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

  • More "Equal", Less Healthy: How Fathers' Involvement Negatively Shapes Family Food Practices .....Priya Fielding-Singh, Stanford University

  • Some Cultural Covariates of Obesity in Egypt: An Epidemiologic Investigation .....Dina Aly Ezzat, Assiut university; Augustine Kposowa, University of California Riverside

Session 199 OCC 204 Saturday • 12:00-1:30 PM

US politics [Formal Paper Session]

Presider: Carl Stempel, California State University East Bay

  • An Analysis of Political Contributions' Relationship to Polling in the 2016 Presidential Primary: An application of Elite-Managerial Theory .....Dylan Brugman, Abilene Christian University

  • Perceived Neighborhood Disorder, Sense of Powerlessness, and Political Participation .....HYUNGJUN SUH, University of Arizona

  • Political Culture and Public Opinion during a Presidential Campaign Year: A Country Divided .....Douglas Wallace, California Baptist University

  • The Relative Influence of Symbolic Racism Targeting Blacks and Targeting Immigrants on Support for Tax Redistribution and Proposition 13 Reform, and Small Government Among California Voters .....Carl Stempel, California State University East Bay

  • Voter Suppression in Waller County, Texas: An Update .....Robert Paul Jones, Prairie View A&M University; Karen Douglas, Sam Houston State University

  • The State Effect: Theorizing Immigration Politics in Arizona .....Emine Fidan Elcioglu, University of California Berkeley

Session 200 OCC 205 Saturday • 12:00-1:30 PM

Religion and Secularization [Formal Paper Session]

Presider: Jason Singh, Loyola University Maryland

  • Deconstructing the Context of Intergenerational Transmission of Religion .....Anondah Saide, University of California Riverside

  • Religious indifference and reproductive choice .....Jason Lane, New Mexico State University; Holly Gregg, New Mexico State University

  • Saintmaking and Saintbreaking: A Micro-level Analysis of Secularization in Mormonism .....Jason Singh, Loyola University Maryland

  • Understanding Advanced Secularity: Non-Belief, Atheism, and Religious Belonging in Cross-National Context .....Isabella Kasselstrand, Colorado Mesa University

Session 201 OCC 206 Saturday • 12:00-1:30 PM

Marriage, Family, Identity [Formal Paper Session]


  • Pursuing a "ring by spring": Romantic relationships in the Christian college context. .....Stacy Keogh, Whitworth University

  • Biracial Individuals Negotiating Racial Identity within the Family .....Jennifer Rener, San Diego State University

  • Problems and Solutions of Blending Families Together .....Charity Perry, California State University Los Angeles; Rick Fraser,

  • Stepfamily Functioning and Family Processes: A Family Systems Approach .....Marisela Mendoza, Coastline Community College

  • The Search for a Perfect Match: Factors Influencing Mate Selection among Students at a University in Ghana .....Stella Apenkro, Northern Arizona University

Session 202 OCC 207 Saturday • 12:00-1:30 PM

Social Psychology and Culture [Formal Paper Session]

Presider: Kourosh Safari, California State University Los Angeles

  • Cultural Priming as a Mechanism for Dance Interpretation: A Social Experiment .....Melanie Kushida, University of California Riverside

  • Introversion, Depression, and the Philosophical Habitus .....Kourosh Safari, California State University Los Angeles

  • Rules, Roles, and Riffs: A Sociological Analysis of the Jam Session .....Mark Miller, New Mexico State University

  • Visual Artists: Meaning and Practices When Making Artwork .....Christina Sanchez Volatier, University of Miami

Session 203 OCC 210 Saturday • 12:00-1:30 PM

Programs, Policies, and Outcomes: Access to Food, Housing, Welfare and Quality of Life [Formal Paper Session]

Presider: Nelta Edwards, University of Alaska, Anchorage

  • Food Fight: An Exploration of Food Deserts in America .....Heidi Jenkins, New Mexico State University

  • Punishing the Poor? The Determinants of the Enactment of State-Level Drug Testing Requirements for Welfare Applicants .....Andrew Davis, University of Arizona; Eric Bjorklund, University of Arizona; Jessica Pfaffendorf,

  • The Self-Reported Experiences of Houseless Individuals Who Have Transitioned Into Conventional Housing and What They Say Helped Them. .....Joyce McNair, Portland State University

  • Social Outcomes of Inadequate Housing .....Nelta Edwards, University of Alaska, Anchorage

Session 204 OCC 211 Saturday • 12:00-1:30 PM

Globalization, Finance and Inequality [Formal Paper Session]

Presider: Anthony Roberts, California State University Los Angeles

  • Asset-Backed Securities and the Word Structure .....Zaibu Tufail, University of California, Irvine

  • Political and Economic Equality Trends in Transition Countries .....Kevin Curwin, University of California Riverside

  • Is globalization a covert onslaught of Americanization or westernization? .....URVISHABAHEN SISODIYA, SARDAR PATEL UNIVERSITY

  • Past and current impacts of globalization; a second look at financialization and the political economy. .....Paul Peterson, University of California, Riverside

  • Re-Examining the Great U-Turn: The Globalization of Production and Neoliberal Reform of Labor Market Institutions .....Anthony Roberts, California State University Los Angeles

Session 205 OCC 201 Saturday • 12:00-1:30 PM

Teaching Challenges & Strategies in the Community College Classroom, Sponsored by Committee on Community Colleges, Sponsored by Committee on Community Colleges [Panel with Presenters]

  • When the Research is About Us: Safe Space and the Teaching of Sociology to Young Men of Color .....Anthony Villarreal, Monterey Peninsula College

  • Classroom Management at the Community College Level .....Celeste Atkins, Cochise College

  • What the Concepts of 'Mindfulness' and 'Mindlessness' Taught Me About Interactions with Students .....Steve Nava, San Jose State University

Session 206 OCC 208 Saturday • 12:00-1:30 PM

Linking Theory and Practice in Criminal Justice Research [Panel with Presenters]

Moderator: Kate Luther, Pacific Lutheran University

Presider: Kate Luther, Pacific Lutheran University

Panelists: Michelle Inderbitzin, Oregon State University; Barbara Bloom, Cal State University Sonoma; Jeb Middlebrook, Cal State Dominguez Hills

Session 207 OCC 212 Saturday • 12:00-1:30 PM

Wildcat Strikes North and South [Panel with Presenters]

Discussants: Immanuel Ness, ; Robert Ovetz, Ph.D., San Francisco State University

Session 208 OCC 203 Saturday • 1:45-3:15 PM

Race, Class, and Resistance in Local Food Communities [Formal Paper Session]

Presider: Lora Vess, University of Alaska Southeast

  • Subsistence Food Production in America: Pluralistic, Innovative, Environmental Resistance .....Ashley Colby, Washington State University

  • The Effects of Race and Class on Community Garden Locations .....Katie L. Butterfield, University of California Merced

  • The Limits of Locavorism: Cultivation in Southeast Alaska .....Lora Vess, University of Alaska Southeast

Session 209 OCC 204 Saturday • 1:45-3:15 PM

Science, Technology, and Bodies [Formal Paper Session]

Presider: Lacey Sloan, California State University Los Angeles

  • Doped bodies, clean sport: reassembling the anti-doping apparatus in professional cycling, 1955-2013 .....Sam Haraway, University of California Davis

  • Effect of Online Registration on Youths Participation in Election .....Obinna Adindu, new mexico state university

  • Gathering the Facts: The Exclusion of Women's Contribution to Evolution in Darwin's 'The Descent of Man' .....Lacey Sloan, California State University Los Angeles

Session 210 OCC 205 Saturday • 1:45-3:15 PM

Older Adult Health and Identity [Formal Paper Session]

Presider: Jacob Huang, Fresno Pacific University

  • Disease knowledge and the maintenance of self in persons with Alzheimer's Disease .....Danielle Duckett, California State University Sacramento; Meggan Jordan, ; Lindsey Lujan, California State University Stanislaus

  • Disparities in Health and Healthcare Utilization for Elderly in the United States: Comparative analysis between Hispanic and Asian Americans .....Jacob Huang, Fresno Pacific University

  • Disparities in Late-Life Cognitive Function: The Impact of Macroeconomic Shock and the Accumulation of Social Inequalities over the Life Course .....Jo Hale, University of California Davis

  • Exploring the lived experiences of older adulthood in a city seeking to be age-friendly: A preliminary study .....Jarmin Yeh, University of California San Francisco

  • The Social Construction of Older Adult Identity : Releasing Their Thoughts Out loud .....Carol Minton, California Baptist University

  • Medically Assisted Suicide .....Crystal Moody, California State University Los Angeles

Session 211 OCC 206 Saturday • 1:45-3:15 PM

Indigenous and Religious Beliefs and Practices and Health Care [Formal Paper Session]

Presider: Brandon Berry, University of California, Davis

  • Holistic Indigenous Healing Transforms into Cancer "Treatment" Centres for Non-tribals: South India .....Deepa Kozhisseri, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

  • Religious Attendance and Allostatic Load: A Longitudinal Approach .....HYUNGJUN SUH, University of Arizona; Terrence D. Hill, University of Arizona

Session 212 OCC 207 Saturday • 1:45-3:15 PM

Social Ties and Economic Organizations [Formal Paper Session]

Presider: Jonah Stuart Brundage, University of California Berkeley

Discussant: Jonah Stuart Brundage, University of California Berkeley;

  • Financialization and the Patrimonial Firm .....Megan Neely, University of Texas, Austin

  • Organic Solidarity, Market Regulation, and Moral Norms: How Voters Reproduce Market Norms in their Evaluation and Legitimation of Labor Market Policy .....Luis Vila-Henninger, University of Arizona

Session 213 OCC 208 Saturday • 1:45-3:15 PM

Methods of Analysis [Formal Paper Session]

Presider: Robert O'Brien, University of Oregon

  • Disentangling the Interplay of Socioeconomic Inequalities and Population Health: A Case-Oriented Approach .....Simone Rambotti, University of Arizona; Ronald L. Breiger, University of Arizona

  • Dropping Highly Collinear Variables from a Model: Why it is Not Typically a Good Idea .....Robert Obrien, Emeritus

  • Meaning in Photography: A Content Analysis of Koudelka's "Gypsies" .....Diego Contreras-Medrano, University of Oregon

Session 214 OCC 210 Saturday • 1:45-3:15 PM

Natural Disasters, Culture, Social Structures, and Inequalities [Formal Paper Session]

Presider: Allison Hurst, Oregon State University

  • "Working-Class College Students Attending Liberal Arts Colleges: How Do They Differ from Their Peers?" .....Allison Hurst, Oregon State University; Jesseanne Pope, Oregon State University

  • The Interplay of Cultural and Structural Gender Inequality: Status Beliefs and Female Empowerment in Developed and Developing Countries .....Anthony Roberts, California State University Los Angeles; Ronald Kwon, University of California-Riverside

  • Ten Years of Inequality: Visions of Disaster as the Voice of Inequality .....Dana Greene, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

  • No Water, No Jobs, No Life: The Impact of the California Drought on Unincorporated Farmworking Communities in the San Joaquin Valley .....Evelyn Pruneda, University of California Riverside

Session 215 OCC 212 Saturday • 1:45-3:15 PM

Research on Labor and Labor Movements [Formal Paper Session]

Presider: Molly Talcott, California State University Los Angeles

  • "Con Amigos"/Compadrazgo Networks: How Mexican Immigrant Construction Workers Resist Domination in the Workplace .....Diego Avalos, Arizona State University

  • Multiple and Intersecting Inequalities: The Case of Earnings Inequality Among Inland Southern California's Blue Collar Warehouse Workers .....Juliann Allison, University of California, Riverside; Joel Herrera, UC-Los Angeles; Ellen Reese, University of California Riverside; Jason Struna, University of Puget Sound

  • What Would Grace Lee Boggs Do?: Assessing Two Cases of Solidarity Economy Organizing in Baltimore and Los Angeles .....Molly Talcott, California State University Los Angeles; Dorcas R. Gilmore,

Session 216 OCC 201 Saturday • 1:45-3:15 PM

Conducting Cannabis Research in the Social Sciences : Opportunities and Challenges (Post-Prohibition?) [Panel with Presenters]

Panelists: Fred Krissman, Humboldt State University; Chris Coker, Humboldt State University; Echo Fields, Southern Oregon University

  • Academic Freedom in Marijuana Research .....Tony Silvaggio, Humboldt State University

Session 217 OCC 202 Saturday • 1:45-3:15 PM

Design For Change: Putting Theory into Practice in South Dallas [Panel with Presenters]

  • Taking Root: The Foundations of Change .....Alan Songer, Abilene Christian University

  • Teaching the Sociological Imagination to Inspire Change .....Tessa Cave, Abilene Christian University; Wes Robbins, Abilene Christian University

  • Administration of Change: The Reality of Making Change Happen .....Amanda Stephens, Abilene Christian University; Taylor Bush, Abilene Christian University

  • "Anyone Can Change the World": An Ethnography of Design For Change .....Courtney Tee, Abilene Christian University

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