Sermon prepared by the Holy Spirit And Pastor Andrew T. Okai 7th

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Sermon prepared by the Holy Spirit

And Pastor Andrew T. Okai

7th Sunday after Pentecost

July 3rd 2016

Sermon text: Luke 10:1-20

Sermon theme: Why We Can Rejoice


Grace, mercy, and peace...

We live in difficult days. And sometimes It seems that there is trouble on every hand and that the Lord's people are suffering under unnecessary burdens. Sometimes, it is easy to forget that Romans 8:28 means just what it says! Sometimes, it is easy to get defeated, discouraged and dejected. Often, it is easy to lose one's shout. Why is that? I think the reason we lose our shout in the midst of our trials is that we lose sight of the real reason for our joy in the first place. Is it feeling good that brings joy into our lives? We all like to feel good, but it would appear, from the text, that feelings aren't where it is. Is it circumstances that bring about rejoicing? From our text, it would appear not! Is it getting our way that brings joy? Again, from the text, I would say no! What is the real root of joy then? According to Jesus, the real root of joy is not feelings, circumstances or getting our way that brings joy, rather, it is the simple, blessed assurance that we have been saved by grace that should produce "joy unspeakable and full of glory" in our hearts and lives.

Look at the text. The Disciples had been out preaching and ministering in the name of the Lord. They had seen powerful things take place... (But Jesus, however, shows them that having his salvation is the best and greatest catalyst for joy in the life of the believer).

You know, I'm glad He said that! because if it took something of that magnitude to give a reason to rejoice, then I suppose we would never be able to rejoice in the Name of the Lord. (However, Jesus puts rejoicing within the reach of every child of God!)

The only item necessary for there to be rejoicing in your life is just the fact that you name is written in Heaven. (I am here to tell you that if you are saved, then you have a reason for rejoicing. You have cause for shouting. You have all that is needed to praise the name of the Lord as long and as loud as you wish.)

I want every born again person in this room to know that we can rejoice, that there is nothing stopping us. we can, we should, we must learn to praise the Lord Jesus and I want to tell you why. Allow me to give you three reasons Why You Can Rejoice.


(Ill. Salvation is more than a "get out of Hell free card." Salvation brings with it many wonderful gifts that the believer tends to forget about as he fights the battles of life. I would just like to refresh your memory, this morning, about what is yours through your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. If your name is written in Heaven, then you are saved and all the benefits of salvation are yours! Notice what some of them are.)

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