Serial killers

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The serial killer phenomenon seems to be mostly situated in the United States. Canada has relatively few true serial killers, Clifford Olson being the most infamous. One wonders where the next few years will take us as our society becomes even more violent than it used to be. How many serial killers are in the making?

One thing that does seem clear is that the chance of rehabilitation for a serial killer is slim. Therefore, they must never be let out of secure custody. Some freely admit that they will kill again if given the chance (i.e. Manson).

While the whole issue of serial killers can be very upsetting, we must keep in mind that they are relatively rare. While American television would have us believe otherwise, serial killers are not lurking in every shadow. But their threat cannot be taken lightly.

One of the few things that is very clear is that serial killers do not deserve our adoration. Being pen pals and sending photos to these men is truly beyond comprehension. If we really want to pay homage to anyone in the serial killer phenomena, let it be to the police officers who work so hard to catch these monster and the hundreds of victims who lost their lives to satisfy the sadistic urges of one man.

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