Serial Killers Slaying three or more victims

Serial killers are manufactured, not born killers

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Serial killers are manufactured, not born killers.

Often, a serial killer makes it his career to revenge his mother’s treatment of him.

A killer very seldom will go after his own mother.
Serial killers also start out as arsonists and work their way up to killing. A fire allows a person to control a group of people and influence an event in that group of people’s lives.
Sex is attached to the fire in the form of masturbation during the event to heighten the sensation and thrill of control and to personalize the event.
Personal possessions of an upcoming victim are often stolen by a serial killer when he is fantasizing a relationship with the victim. The stolen articles personalizes the relationship of the victim with the killer.
Uses stolen articles to relive fantasy of possessing the victim.

Panties, bras, socks, shoes, and jewelry are articles of interest.

Crime Scene Interpretations
Body mutilation- sign of disorganized personality
Semen in vagina- sign of organized personality
Raping and Killing the Elderly- killer is a teenager, not to experienced, not to sure of himself, and a disorganized personality
Many Stab Wounds, Gun Shot Wounds – a killer with a lot of anger
Taking of souvenirs- jewelry, underwear, body parts- allows killer to relive fantasy of possessing the victim.
Body found face down, rape after death, quick death (no torture) – depersonalizing the victim.
Mutilation of face, breast, or genitals- depersonalizing someone the killer knows.
Sadistic or torture before death – sexual satisfaction from inflicting pain.

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