Serial Killers Slaying three or more victims

The Creation of a Serial Killer

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The Creation of a Serial Killer

  1. Specific causes are still unknown.

  2. Some stress genetics, an inborn drive to kill.

  3. More stress an environmental, a person’s upbringing.

Serial killers have common personality traits, habits, and past histories that lend to understanding the drive and motivation behind their killing.

  1. They have a sexual abnormality. Killing satisfies them sexually. Killing gives them pleasure.

  2. They have a need for power. Killing satisfies a need for control. Ultimate control is over life and death.

  3. They kill because they want to and because they enjoy the event.

The most frightening quality of serial killers, is they live among fellow neighbors and friends and appear very normal looking. They are often charming, intelligent, and unassuming.

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