Serial Killers Slaying three or more victims

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Serial Killers

  • Slaying three or more victims.

  • Many kinds of serial killers.

  • Many kinds of motives.

  • Most are a white male with average intelligence.

“Serial Killer” term use began in the early 1970s

Slayer was the original term used.

In the 1960s, 5 known slayers.

In the 1980s, 90 known serial killers.
The US has more serial killers than any other country.
Modern, mobile, technological, and industrial conditions may contribute to a society that is:

More Mobile More Permissive

Glorifies Violence Declining on individual

Alienation responsibility

All the above may trigger human misfits who kill for pleasure.
Serial Killers fall into two main categories.
1) Psychotic

  • Minority.

  • Fail to perceive reality correctly.

  • Hear voices and see visions

  • Murder is a symptom of their madness.

  • An inner drive that finds release only by killing.

  • David Berkowitz – Son of Sam, NYC, 1970s

2) Sociopaths

  • Majority.

  • Antisocial personality disorder personalities.

  • Do not suffer from a severe mental illness.

  • Suffer from a character flaw.

  • In touch with reality.

  • Know right from wrong and chose to ignore the difference.

  • Lack a conscience or are very weak in being able to inhibit the violence they commit.

  • Successful killers learn from their experience.

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