Serial Killers: a bio-Psycho-Social Perspective Melina Zahalka Western Washington University Serial Killers: a bio-Psycho-Social Perspective

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Concluding Thoughts

After reviewing the literature available on the subject of serial killers and their creation, the idea of explaining their behaviors without addressing all three factors of being (biological, psychological, and sociological) would be akin to removing one or more legs of a three-legged stool. While biology is responsible for the chemical entity that is a person, that person’s psychology begins through behavior and interaction, and is especially influenced by the sociological aspects of the individual’s life. A knowledge of right or wrong is apparent in the deceptive and defensive nature of serial killers, indicating not only a consciousness internally, however skewed, but also a survivalist social awareness externally. All of these articles have served to illustrate the variety of ways a person may be sparked, formed, and molded—whether into a productive, caring individual; or into a terrified, angry, hurting and hurtful monster that is a serial murderer.

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