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Part III-Kennedy to Bush II

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Part III-Kennedy to Bush II
LWBAT-Explain the legacy of these nine presidents and the effects each had on the political and social psyche of the American people.
C. Essential question: Explain the Domestic (Economic & Political) platforms of each president and their legacy, and to what extent do these legacies have on politics and society in the US today?
Group 8- Kennedy through Carter

New Frontier, Great society, New Federalism, silent majority, new left, Ford custodianship, the Malaise, Crisis in confidence

Goup 9- Reagan through Bush II

Reagan Revolution, “No New Taxes”, global economic expansion, War on terror

Part IV-Korea to 9/11 (Use HIPPO and DBQ rubric)
D. LWBAT-Explain the successes and failures of US military intervention the Americas and around the world over this 60 years period and the effects of these successes and failures.
Group 10- Nonlinguistic timeline that includes what the picture means and the effects of what these conflicts had on our history.


SALT I treaty

SALT II treaty

Middle East Yom Kippur War

Iran Hostage Crisis

Reagan and the “Evil Empire”

Central America


Iran Contra

Glasnost & Perestroika and the collapse of communism

End of cold war START I & II Agreements

Gulf war I

Terrorism Attacks on the World Trade centers ’93 & 2001

Yugoslavia Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Kosovo

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