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Cold War



Sequencing flow map

Part I

LWBAT-Assess and explain the causes and effects of the Post WWII era and influences that the US policies had on the world.

Members of each group will be able to explain the causes and effects of each event with knowledge of chronology and sphere of influence.
Each group will use the Long Essay rubric to guide their analysis…each group will include a thesis statement…and include one picture and document for each presentation with one element of HIPPO for each and use DBQ rubric for guidance…remember this is in sequence so chronological order is essential. You are to explain the cause and effect of each topic, person, and event. Each group will make an 8-10 minute power point presentation (no Prezi this time) purple days 4/21-23, gold 4/22-24.

A. Essential Question: To what extent and to degree did the US and USSR compete for global supremacy and mutual distrust politically (diplomatically) in their perspective countries and around the world?

Group 1 1945-60

Truman (Democrat) =origins of the Cold War (Yalta & Potsdam Effects), Red Scare=McCarran…HUAC…Hiss…Rosenbergs, McCarthyism, Truman Doctrine, Containment (Kennan, Marshall, Acheson), Marshall Plan, Berlin Airlift, NATO, UN, National security act ’47, Atomic Bomb, from colonization to self determination, China/Formosa..Mao, and Korea= Truman v. MacArthur,

Eisenhower (Republican)=Domino Theory, John Foster Dulles, Massive Retaliation, Third World, covert activities, end of the Korean war, Fall of the French in Indochina, Division in Vietnam, SEATO, Suez Crisis, Eisenhower doctrine, OPEC, Hungarian revolt, Sputnik, NASA

Group 2 1961-1970

Kennedy (democrat) =Bay of Pigs, Berlin Wall, Cuban Missile Crisis, Flexible response, military advisors in Vietnam, Assassination in Vietnam and Dallas

Johnson (democrat) Tonkin Gulf Resolution, Escalation of the War in Vietnam, Hawks v. Doves, Tet Offensive.

Nixon (republican)=Vietnam “Vietmanization”…Nixon Doctrine, Henry Kissinger, My Lai, Growing opposition at home, Pentagon Papers

Group 3 1971-1980

Nixon (republican)=Bombing in Laos and Cambodia…War Powers act, Paris Peace Accords, travels to the Soviet Union and China, SALT I agreement

Ford (republican)=Investigation of the CIA, Fall of Saigon

Carter (democrat)Détente, Human Rights, Iran Hostage, Camp David Accords, Taiwan, Panama Canal

Group 4 1981-1991

Reagan(republican)=Renewing the Cold War, Military Build up, Nicaragua & El Salvador, Grenada, Iran- Contra, Lebanon Israel PLO, Improved US Soviet relations=glasnost & perestroika, INF treaty, Soviet Afghan war, Mikhail Gorbachev

Bush I (republican)=Collapse of communism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union Start I & II treaty, Invasion of Panama, China

Part II- Civil unrest in the US

LWBAT-Explain the transformation of American civil rights and the groups this transformation effects during the period 1945-1980

B. Essential question: To what extent does civil right movement move forward in the 50’s and 60’s and have lasting effects today?
Group 5- Civil rights in the 50’s

Truman and civil rights

Supreme Court decisions

Eisenhower and civil rights desegregation

Southern resistance=Public schools


Southern Christian Leadership Conference (MLK)

Nonviolent protest


Group 6- Civil rights in the 60’s

Kennedy and civil rights

U of Mississippi

U of Alabama

March on Washington


Nation of Islam

Malcolm X Black Muslims


Women’s rights/movement
Group 7-lasting effects on men and women (Civil Rights)

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