September 2003

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September 2003

  1. The Competition that destroyed the 5th planet and now threatens Earth

Aggressive Competition is a characteristic of the young of all species. This is very natural as it flexes and strengthens both their muscles and their wits and, hence, their competence in the struggle for Survival or, in the case of social species, in establishing a place in their society. Only a few species are known to carry this competition beyond the normal limits of dominance and actually kill their fellow nestlings.

Of all species, perhaps the most aggressive in this competition is Man. When Man is really spited, in the process of such a competition, there are no bounds to the cruelty he can manifest, not only towards his fellow Man but towards other species as well. Competition can pervert even Deities responsible for the designing of species. Their eagerness to give advantages to their own species, or simply out of competitive show-off, can lead to some real monstrosities. There is a tiny mud-worm in the Tropics that enters the bloodstream through the unshod feet of children, travels to the only ‘light-window’ of the body, inside the cornea of the eye, becomes a chrysalis there and, when it hatches, it leaves its shells behind causing blindness to children; and this, so that its Designer can show off that he is a better navigator than the Designers of eels or migrating birds. Such Deities of extremely bad taste or poor sense of humor will be chased off the Planet, when the Planet is sanctified for the dominion of Man. Competition among Geneticists, even for personal glory, can lead to similar monstrosities in the future. A similar fate awaits them.
The only deterrent that keeps such aggressive competitors from putting their spiteful or even simply ambitious ingenuity into action is their fear of superior force. Imagine what would happen if these competitive immature members of society had access to the Primary technology and could spew out thunder and lightning and even throw mountains across space by mere command of Will. With access to such powers, the escalation of ambitious and aggressive competition would have no ceiling.
This competition against one’s fellow human beings is obviously in direct opposition to the basic laws of human society, especially one command as finalized and handed down to us by Jesus the Nazarene, namely, “Love your neighbor as yourself”. How can a child love its fellow children as itself? A child naturally wants everything, including all attention, for itself. A child is naturally ‘Egotropic’ or Self-orientated. Is the law here in actual conflict with human nature? Can a designer of an operational system give a maintenance manual that goes against the nature or the design of the system? Of course not. Whence then is this apparent contradiction between the above law and the competitive nature of Youth?
This perfect law is meant for those mature members of society that are responsible for the welfare of society and also for containing and controlling the limits of the competition in Youth. It is not meant for children or women in their prime.
It should be understood that access to the powerful programs on the Great Unconscious Circuit must never be granted to humans before they grow out of their aggressive competitiveness. This would be catastrophic. If competitors had access to this higher technology that would give an individual the ability to throw mountains across space or sink chunks of continents into the Magma, the escalation of competition would lead to the complete destruction of all opposition or mutual annihilation. It is all right as long as competition is only meant as a game for fun. All healthy young people should indulge in the games and sports they like. But competition soon turns into aggressive selfish fight for glory and material gain. As we are already witnessing, contrary to the proclamation of nobleness in championship Sport, this is all a sham and a lie. There is nothing noble in championship and professional Sport. It is all doggy-dog behind the scenes, even between team colleagues. Professional sportspersons love nobody other than themselves. They never give anything to anybody. They always want to be on the taking side; never on the giving side. They are all ego-centered individuals who offer a spectacle of themselves for the sole purpose of attracting glory and money. It is evident that fans and spectators worship these ‘showbiz gladiators’ as their heroes or Gods and shower them with glory and money, exactly because they identify with these and other aggressive competitors and use them as their role models. (In high school, I was good to very good in all ball games and in athletics I was a good sprinter and long jumper. However, I cannot understand what a grownup offers to humanity by jumping 3m high or 10m long or runs 100m in 8sec or by being skillful in hitting or kicking a ball, other than enjoying himself, that he should deserve so much glory and money, whilst great scientists and other professionals work their butt to make our lives safer and better and receive no recognition). It is a disgrace that grownups, mostly school dropouts, should spend years of their lives doing nothing else but train full-time to become skillful in hitting or kicking a ball or to compete in attributes in which Man is far inferior to other mammals of comparable size and that these ‘showbiz gladiators’ are worshiped more passionately than our God and Creator.
The tendency to worship human heroes, even manmade heroes, like Superman, Spiderman, the Exterminator or even Mickey Mouse and identify with these heroes, reveals a glory-hunting tendency to become a hero for others to worship or admire. The fields in which people endeavor to pursue such worship or admiration are stardom, material possessions, aggressively competitive sports and war instead of spiritual and moral excellence. This reveals the aggressive idiosyncrasy of a predator. These people cannot possibly belong with Jesus-the-Lamb, whose idiosyncrasy is characterized by humility and endurance. They are controlled by the Reptilian Authorities of the planet, who together with the 666, promote and use these ‘showbiz gladiators’ subconsciously as feeding terminals to feed on the soul energy of worshiping fans and spectators and use this energy for their schemes against Jesus. (If you are clairvoyant have a look at what is going on above ground at a football match, baseball match or any other competitive game and how many above ground are involved in the manipulation of the game, other than the players themselves).
This individualistic glory-hunting idiosyncrasy is particularly strong in the Hellenistic and the American cultures. The Danaan Hellenes’ thirst for glory is so great that they hog even the glory of their conquerors, like Alexander, whom they have adopted as their ancestor (!), (and quarrel with the real Macedonians over the name ‘Macedonia’), and the Romans, for whose conquering glory they call themselves ‘Romioe’ - Romans. (It is curious that they do not also quarrel with the real Romans over the name ‘Rome’).
It is indicative of American culture that Schwarzeneger, a man that has spent his entire life training and starring in muscle building competitions and in the most violent movies, a man of minimal intellect and minimal education is, (like Bruce Willis, another violent and gory movies star), one of the most popular American and Worldwide heroes. His worshipers have made him a billionaire and now they have just voted him as California’s governor. And, if they overcome a slight hitch in the American constitution, they will some day vote him for the presidency as well and trust the future of America and the rest of the planet in the hands of this ‘Hollywood movies exterminator’. And this is the highest that the American dream and democracy (?) can aspire to. Namely, that any such commoner and totally unqualified individual can make it to the presidency of the United States and handle the welfare and security of the whole planet.
A sane person with ‘Christian’ (or Moslem or Jewish) moral values and well-founded education may ask the question: “Why do the majority of Americans vote these unqualified people into such high positions of responsibility? Why do they treat everything as show business? Why do the Americans, and increasingly more people around the World, worship as their heroes and role models movie stars, like Bruce Willis and Julia Roberts or professional sportsmen, like all the basketball, football and baseball players?” The answer is that these heroes and high profile celebrities reflect their own predator values.
America behaves like a Lady without a husband, who has, as her main cultural characteristics, Aggressive Individualism, Greed, Vanity, Confusion of Morals and utter disrespect of Authority. And this culture (?) is corrupting the whole World very fast. Such culture cannot possibly be accepted back into the Circuit and allowed access to the powerful programs of the Primary Technology. This would be catastrophic.

(Yet, in this culture of moral confusion, of crisis in the relation between the sexes and of crime, where almost half the population possess guns, in a survey carried out in 2001, 30% of women stated that they owe their happiness to “obeying their husbands” and, in the Northwestern states, I came across towns that need next to zero policing and met families that will not have television in their homes, so that they can bring up their children properly).
Imagine what aggressive competitiveness would do with Primary technology skills. At first, the use of these skills could take the form of subtle and rather harmless tricks in games and other sports or in influencing other people’s feelings or decisions. These tricks would soon escalate beyond containment. Competition is not only in Sports. It is even more aggressive in business and in love affairs. (I have seen some slick Operators use these abilities remotely on unsuspecting victims to secure favorable business contracts and make huge profits for themselves and their associates. The Scientology OTs claim that they can use similar abilities to control the World. Some OT Scientologists call this ability of theirs the ‘Super Weapon’). Escalation is bound to lead to every crime imaginable. International crime would bring chaos followed by War, which, with access to the weaponry of the Primary technology, would destroy the planet in no time.
This is what happened to the 5th planet of our own Solar system. The idea to trust the inhabitants of this planet with superior skills was Lucifer’s. Lucifer is himself an Archangel of uneasy and competitive spirit. But Lucifer has been an administrator of a planetary system with boundaries well defined from above and competition in his case could not take the form of dominating over peer Archangels of other planetary systems; neither was this ever his intention. At first, his uneasy spirit drove him to surpass himself and his peers in the search and acquiring of knowledge about his World, even the Universe beyond his own system. In this he was successful and he was duly praised both by his superiors and his peers and admired by those under his command. It seems that this justified praise went to his head and in his arrogance he conceived the idea that he could do better than the established System and promote the habitation of some of his habitable but uninhabited planets of his System. Though not very probable, it may be that Lucifer did not realize that these planets were kept as a fractional reserve in case of fatal accidents to any of the inhabited planets. Lucifer’s System has 618 inhabited planets and 364 habitable but uninhabited planets. For every inhabited planet there are two very similar habitable but uninhabited planets in this reserve. (There are several similar planets among the inhabited planets also. Therefore the reserves are not exclusive for just one inhabited planet but to several; hence the term ‘fractional reserve’). These have fauna and flora but no humans. Earth was one of these reserves. Venus was never habitable. (Those highly evolved humans on Earth, called ‘Venusians’ are actually from this 5th Planet, known by various names, one of them being ‘Lubadon’. These Lubadonians incarnated among the Nordic divine race. Some of them served as Senators in Shambala.)
He conceived the idea that he could help competitive humans on his inhabited planets to develop such high Primary technology that would make this colonization possible. Before he proceeded with this, he proposed his idea higher up, as it is the normal thing to do according to the Greater System’s protocol of hierarchy. Authorities higher up turned his suggestions down repeatedly because, as we mentioned, these habitable planets are deliberately kept as a reserve. Lucifer was adamant in his arrogance. He accused his superiors of misuse of Authority and decided to transgress the Protocol of command and proceed with his ideas. This was a fatal transgression.
The result was that the humans of the fifth planet did indeed progress faster at first, an accomplishment for which Lucifer was proud, but competition soon turned to terrible wars (as it favors the most aggressive predators) and, with their access to higher technology, they defied even the envoys of Lucifer and became a threat to the rest of Lucifer’s system, beyond their own planet. Though the local system was isolated and the access codes to the greater System were changed, the situation on the fifth planet was already completely out of hand and nothing was salvageable on the planet.
Very powerful solar angels were commissioned to destroy the fifth planet before it could affect the system beyond its own boundaries. Their task was much simpler than the situation now facing Earth. Their command was simply “destroy the planet”. The archives show that just FOUR of these powerful angels synchronized their beams to the center of the planet and blew it up. The firmness of the crust of a mostly fluid planet, like the Fifth planet Lubadon or our own planet, cannot possibly have perfect spherical symmetry and cannot break up evenly. The splatter on the weaker side of the crust cooled quickly to irregular shapes to form the belt of asteroids whilst the bulk on the opposite side got rounded before solidifying to form our moon, which was steered here after the destruction. Still smaller fragments left their marks on Jupiter’s outer satellites or orbit widely as comets; (hence the organic material and ice on these comets). According to the archives, this happened 72 million years ago. Apart from the great upheavals of the Earth’s crust that the arrival of the Moon brought about, the presence of the Moon has brought drastic climatic changes due to Atmospheric tides that put the brakes on the Coriolis gale force winds streamlined eastwards between the Tropics, and cause circulation of the air masses, clockwise in the North and anticlockwise in the South; (low pressure regions, storms and hurricanes spin in the reverse sense, like pinion gears).
A great force of angels is at the present commissioned to help with the rectification of the situation on Earth. Even Lucifer admitted, before being escorted away, that below a certain level of spirituality competition can be catastrophic if it has access to superior powers. Even here, he added, not more than one tenth of the planet’s population can be saved. Lucifer abdicated his throne in August 2003, after his ‘Orion Queen’ project was foiled.

B. Human ‘Rights’ and ‘Obligations’ in an aggressively competitive society
Examining the various actions of the controlling system of a human being, we see that the reactive mind, which decides the routine or automatic behavior and character of a human being, acts on one-step explicit commands and not on multi-step implied ones.
Consider for instance the principles of ‘Rights’ and ‘Obligations’. Though these two principles are mutually implied, i.e., ‘Rights’ imply ‘Obligations’ and ‘Obligations’ imply ‘Rights’, we do not reach, as one might superficially believe, the same results, irrespective of which of the two principles we start with as the explicit statement.
If we start with ‘Obligations’, the one-step reaction in the individual is one of giving; an outward-oriented reaction. The outward positive action of each addressed individual, according to the individual’s functional capabilities, automatically generates a supply surplus, from which the needs of each member of the society, (the composite organic being), are provided for. In addition, the outward-oriented motivation accentuates in each individual his unselfish or giving nature and, hence, his spontaneous benevolence. So, the ‘Obligations’ exec file or ‘action loop’ manifests in a way that is most beneficial both to the individual and to his society.
If we start with ‘Rights’, the automatic one-step reaction is self-oriented, irrespective of whether in theory or during leisurely analysis the individual understands clearly the implication of ‘Obligations’. The self-oriented action is one of taking, with the result that a supply vacuum is generated, with the subsequent tension and conflict between individuals. ‘Receiving’ should not be confused with ‘taking’. ‘Receiving’ is the acceptance of something already made available. For this to be possible, ‘giving’ must precede. When taking precedes availability, it leads to grabbing. The self-oriented motivation accentuates the individual’s selfish or taking nature and thus causes the deterioration of both the individual and society.
A ‘Rights’ or ego-oriented society favors the individuals in which the self-oriented mode is inherently stronger. As a consequence, the most selfish individuals, (i.e., the most aggressive predators), are the winners in controlling both wealth and positions of power, from where they continue to serve their personal interests. (The self-oriented individuals are spiritually the most contracted individuals. Outward attitude expands the spirit; inward attitude contracts it. This is elementary mechanics).
Thus, the rights or needs of the society as a whole are not properly served in a rights-oriented society. Hence, the masses of ordinary people, the losers in this contest, become aggressively individualistic and challenge every form of authority indiscriminately. (The meek endure quietly). In the end, everybody is left alone to fight it out against everybody else. Such a society is literally an organic being suffering from the ultimate form of cancer, in which every individual cell tries to create and defend a separate domain of its own and to exploit every situation available for personal gain, growth and maintenance, with little or no consideration for the rest of the body. The inevitable fate of such a cancered body is the final breakdown of the body. This is the inevitable fate of our present self-oriented society, which is dominated and ruled by predators. The ‘rights’ orientation has led to aggressive contestation and has become the number one cause of the deterioration of the fabric of both the family and the society as a whole.

C. The syndrome of ‘Domination over others’

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