September 11th Interview Assignment

Your assignment- the written response

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Your assignment- the written response:

  • You must submit your typed questions and responses. The responses that you record should be what the interviewee says! In other words, don’t make up your own responses!

  • You also need to attach a typed one paragraph response, thinking about the following questions:

    • What did you learn from the interview process?

    • How did this particular perspective add to your knowledge or view of history or of the event?

    • In what ways was your interviewee biased?

    • After completing the interview, how do you think the world has changed?

    • How has the interview made you feel about the event? The US? Other countries?

**Note: you are not required to answer ALL of these questions. If one question appeals to you, and you want to focus on that, it is fine. If you want to answer all of them, that is okay too. HOWEVER, YOUR WRITTEN RESPONSE MUST BE AT LEAST ONE TYPED PARAGRAPH (7-10 WELL DEVELOPED SENTENCES).

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