September 11th Interview Assignment

Your assignment-the interview

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Your assignment-the interview: You will be interviewing an adult who was alive to experience September 11th. There are certain events that happen in history where time feels as if it stops, and everyone remembers exactly what they were doing. For example, Pearl Harbor, or the assassination of JFK or MLK Jr., are some events that maybe your parents, grandparents, or even great grandparents would remember. September 11th also, unfortunately, falls into this category. To bring the experience alive to you, it will be helpful to talk to an adult who experienced it.

  • Chose an adult who was alive and will be able to share lucid memories with you. For example, interviewing someone that was 5 years old at the time probably won’t give you a lot of perspective.

  • It does not have to be (and probably will not be) someone who was directly in the towers/pentagon/airline flights that day. If you know someone who was directly affected, make sure you ask them if it’s okay to interview them ahead of time. This was/is an emotional issue and you want to be sensitive to that.

  • It should be an adult that you personally know (i.e. please don’t start talking to strangers on the street).

  • It can be a parent, family friend, aunt/uncle, teacher, religious community member, etc.

  • If you are interviewing a teacher (not me please), the interview can not be done in “group sessions.” In other words, all questions/interviews must be completed individually.

  • Think about what types of questions you want to ask BEFOREHAND. Make a written list (to be submitted to Ms. Goldsmith).

  • You must ask at least 10 questions. I have included some samples on the next page. You are not limited to just these questions but they are a good starting point. MAKE SURE YOU WRITE DOWN ALL QUESTIONS/RESPONSES.

  • All interviewees (the person you are interviewing) must sign the form given in class. This must be submitted with your assignment.

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