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Through Other People: An Account of Other-Regarding Hermeneutical Injustice
In Search of Common Ground: New Natural Law and the Other Animals


“A letter of exhortation to a friend to induce him to seek”: an Inquiry into the Mystery of Genuine Religious Faith

Facebook, Knowledge and Sight: Mechanisms of Information in the Digital Age

Hermeneutical Injustice and The American Dream: How a nation’s seemingly positive ethos can systematically cause harm and injustice
Form and Sense in Philosophy
Executing Justice: An argument against capital punishment for the 9/11 defendants

The Strangeness of Social Media

Loving Others in the Age of Self-Care

Rape: A Guide for the Perplexed

The Building Blocks of Blame: An Interpretation That Builds Aristotle’s Account of Blameworthiness Out of His Account of Voluntariness
Virtual Aesthetics: Experience and Environment
“Who Bears the Burden?”: Climate Change and Individual Responsibility
The Non-Identity Problem and Collective Justice: Examining John Broome’s Climate Matters
Race & Racism: How to move forward?
A Call for Self-Racial Redefinitions: A Dissertation Critiquing Lawrence Blum
Cracking the Tetralemma: Extant Literature, Ultimate & Conventional Truth, and Nagarjuna’s Ontological Expressivism
Why Are Health Inequalities Unjust?
Epistemic Injustice and Yellow Womanhood
Rethinking Unilaterism: Personal Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Moral Discourse on Anthropogenic Climate Change

Wearing Many Hats Well: Ethical Guidance on Occupying Professional Roles

Encroachment and Racial Profiling

The Function of the Emotions in Descartes and Spinoza
A Pragmatic Framework for Practical and Ethical Decision-making
Taking Ownership: A New Framework for Consumer Responsibility
The Pursuit of Objectivity: A Worthwhile Journey With No Destination
Is ‘Race’ Real? Arguments for (and against) the Metaphysical Reality of Race
Colors, Sounds, and Qualitative Particulars


Against Imprecision: Mapping Generics’ Truth-Evaluability and Their Roles in Stereotype-Perpetuation

A Proxy for the Future: Desires, Interests, and Increased Power for Proxies
What We Talk About When We Talk About Numbers: A New FictionalisT Account of Mathematics
No Free Will Leads to a Loss of Much More: The Plausibility of Hard Incompatibilism and its Consequences if True
On the Origin of Induction
A World Without Free Will Necessity and its Ethical Implications in ​War and Peace


De Anima II 5 + II 6:

Perception and Perceptible object in Aristotle

Admitting That We Are Not Gods:
An Invitation to Let Go
The Impermissibility of Exploitation
Quantitative Information and Symbol Grounding:

Two Studies in Philosophy of Information

What’s Good:

Understanding and Learning from the Demandingness of Morality

Permissivism and its Consequences for an Imaginary Role Model
Brute Fact and the Infeasibility of Thoroughgoing Rationalism in Spinoza’s God
In Defense of Interpretation:

An Analysis of Susan Sontag’s Call for an Erotics of Art

Standards for All-Things-Considered Decision-Making
The Dispositional Self:

A Response to Buddhist Arguments for the Nonexistence of the Self

Responsibility for Historic & Structural Injustice
Film and the "Moving Now" Conception of Time
Amor Vincit Mortas, Or:

Why the Best of Us Can Get the Best of Death

The Reflective Agent
Ancient Cynicism:

An Unconventional Philosophy

Reclaiming Our Time:

Free Speech and Corporate Power in a Cultural Democracy

A Defense of Semi-Compatibilism
Balancing Knowledge:

An Examination of Lockean Justification for Intellectual Property & Possible Alternatives

I Hate to Burst Your Bubble:

A Case Against Filter Bubbles in Google Search

Earlier Intervention:

A Moral Approach to Predictive Risk-Modeling in Child Protective Services

Conflict in Medical Ethics:

Reconciling Respect for Autonomy & Patient Well-Being in Clinical Practice

On Language and Possibility
The World's First "Climate Refugees"?

Complicating the Story of the "Sinking Islands"

Nietzsche's Ambivalence:

The Illusive Pedagogue of the Eternal Recurrence

Willful Wrong:

Aquinas’s Reconstitution of Aristotelian Akratic Action

A Defense of Normative Quietist Realism
Blurring the Aesthetic Line:

An Exploration & Definition of Tangible Fictions in Life & Art

The Structure of Human Cognition as Illustrated through Itself
An Introduction to the Critical Realism of Bernard Lonergan
What We Can Know about Knowledge of God:

Natural Theology, Reformed Epistemology & More

Goodness and Being:
Human Nature in the Natural Law Ethics of John Finnis & St. Thomas Aquinas
The Right to Not Remain Silent:

Values of God-assertion Within a Theology of Ineffability

Individual Responsibility for the Structural Injustice of Climate Change
Political Unity in Plato's Republic
Friendship, Epistemic Norms, and Belief
Toward a Structural Reframing of Epistemic Injustice
Black Reparations in the United States:

Two Theories of Responsibility for Historic Injustice

(not) Understanding Improvisational Dance through the Lens of the Kantian Sublime
On Moral Objectivity
Euthyphro, Evolution, and the Source of Universal Dignity

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