Senior data integration engineer

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Are you excited about creating a next generation data warehouse from scratch and to build a business intelligence with advanced analytics capability from the ground up? Do you want to help enable a data-driven organization?

We are in the process of developing a new entity–relationship model data warehouse. We are looking for highly motivated data engineer to join the team and help us build out this new data warehouse and analytic capability.

As a member of our data analytics team, you will consult with executives, directors and managers to identify critical metrics and key performance indicators needed to support our ongoing growth. The candidate in this role will be instrumental in helping our company make data-driven business decisions and will be involved in many aspects of building out a world class analytics environment and BI reporting platform. 

1000 - 1500 Euro


  • We're searching for intelligent, creative leaders who can handle the combined rigors of tackling technical challenges while managing a delivery team and ensuring customer satisfaction. 

  • You will manage team of 2-4 data analysts to deliver complete solutions throughout their lifecycle; requirements gathering, architecture, leading development, testing, and live release to see the impact of your team's work for our customers. This includes guiding training and supporting your teams to ensure their competence. 

  • You will support business development efforts as well as drive new initiatives to build customer-centric solutions that deliver value and can be brought to a wider market.

  • We expect you to have deep knowledge and expertise across a spectrum of technical disciplines including data modeling, data integration, data quality, and analytics. 


  • Report directly to management

  • Manage end-to-end delivery of projects for our customers

  • Manage team of 2-4 data analysts directly including training, performance and career growth

  • Create detailed documentation of data warehouse, data marts, and ETL

  • Participate in code reviews and data warehouse designs

  • Architect technical solutions solving customer business challenges

  • Proactively identify improvements and address them through independent thinking within a consensus driven team.

Qualifications/Experience & Desired Skill:

  • Experience working with Pentaho

  • Bachelors’ degree in Computer Science or a related field preferred

  • 2+ years experience with data integration, analytics and BI

  • Solid understanding of data: how to organize it, how to model it, how to distill insights from it, and how to visualize it

  • Familiarity with data warehouse design principles

  • Experience in a Business Intelligence analysis and ETL strongly preferred

  • Strong problem solver with deep critical thinking skills

  • Ability to architect, scope and deliver data management solutions

  • Knowledge of Management Information Systems: SQL, relational theory, data modeling, various different RDBMS (eg Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 etc.)


As is the case with many emerging companies, Code-X has evolved via a refinement of core competencies and fluent marketplace strategies. Our creative focus centers on the compiling, sourcing and management of data most especially as it relates to the integration, development and implementation of efficient marketing strategies for our clients. Here at Code-X we position ourselves as the "liaison" between IT and Marketing. Our data collection and utilization efforts work off a marketing premise, in terms of sound analytics and strategies designed for companies to better address and enhance their business intelligence as it relates to their customer, prospects and product life cycles. Our mission is not to develop our brand, but rather, to help clients identify, develop and expand his or her own. We adapt our ongoing compiling methodologies to address the emerging needs of our clients and we allow for "private labeling" of our databases so that immediately a client can expand their own offerings, provide significant value added services to their clients in a seamless and fully integrated fashion.
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