Semester Two Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Hinduism

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Semester Two Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

1) Brahmin 2) Vaisyas

3) Ksatriyas 4) Sudras

5) Pariah (Dalit) (Untouchable)

6) Atman 7) Samsara

8) Shiva 9) Vishnu

10) Ganesh 11) Brahma

12) Brahman 13) Karma

14) Dharma 15) Vedas

16) Pantheism 17) Henotheism

17) Moksha 18) Upanishads

19) Mahabharata 20) Ramayana

21) Where did Hinduism develop?

22) Why did Hinduism have so many different creation stories?

23) Why do many Hindus avoid eating meat? Why don’t all Hindus?

24) What are the five daily duties of Hindus?

25) What is the legend of Siddhartha Gotama (Gautama)?

26) What is the history of Siddhartha Gotama?

27) How is Buddhism related to Hinduism?

28) How did Siddhartha Gotama feel about the caste system?

29) How did Siddhartha Gotama feel about women and enlightenment?

30) What is Theravada Buddhism?

31) What is Mahayana Buddhism?

32) What is a Boddhisatva?

33) In the book Siddhartha why are words described as illusions?

34) How do most Theravada Buddhists feel about Siddhartha Gotama?

35) How do most Mahayana Buddhists feel about Siddhartha Gotama?

36) What are the 4 Noble Truths?

37) What is the Eightfold Path?

38) Why are many Buddhists vegetarians? Why do they eat any organic food?

39) Historically how did Buddhism have an unintentionally adversarial relationship with women?

40) What is Nirvana and how do Theravada Buddhists treat it differently than Mahayana Buddhists?

41) Why is Buddha frequently depicted as being fat? Was he fat in real life?

42) Why is meditation important to Buddhists?

43) Why is experience so important to Buddhists?

44) If personal experience is important, why do Buddhists typically respect elders?

45) Can someone be Buddhist and Confucian? Explain.

46) What are some reasons Theravada Buddhism did not spread like Mahayana Buddhism?

47) Who is the Dalai Lama? Why has he been in the news recently?

48) Why might Buddhists have fewer problems with Judaism than with Islam and particularly with Christianity?

49) How did an army of monkeys building a bridge lead to a controversy involving NASA?


1) Torah 2) Nevi’im

3) Ktuvim 4) Tanakh
5) Talmud 6) Rosh Hashanah
7) Yom Kippur 8) Bar Mitzvah
9) Chanukah 10) Yamim Noraim
11) Pesakh 12) Moses
13) Abraham 14) Orthodox Judaism
15) Conservative Judaism 16) Reform Judaism

17) How do Jewish commandments differ from Christian commandments?

18) Why do Jews keep kosher?

19) How do Jewish concepts of afterlife differ from Christian concepts?

20) What is antisemitism and how has it changed over time?

21) What is the Jewish connection to Israel?

22) Why is Israel such an area of contention between Jews and Muslims, but not between Jews and Christians?

23) Why don’t Jews typically try and convert people?

24) What do Jews feel about Jesus? How do they feel about a messiah?


25) Gospel of Matthew, Mark, and Luke

26) Paul vs. Peter

27) Sacraments

28) Christmas 29) Easter 30) Lent

31) How did Martin Luther impact Christianity and why did he decide to have this impact?

32) How did pagan religions impact Christianity?

33) What are adoptionists and how did they have a lasting impact on the Bible?

34) Jesus spoke Aramaic, so why are the earliest Christian manuscripts written in Greek?

35) How and why did the New Testament change over time?

36) When was the New Testament compiled and who compiled it?

37) How are Protestants and Catholics different from each other?


38) Qu’ran 39) Haddith

40) Sharia 41) Hajj
42) Mecca 43) Jihad
44) 5 pillars 45) Ramadan
46) Jumu’ah 47) Eid al-Adha
48) How do Muslims feel about Moses and Jesus?

49) How do Muslims feel about the beliefs of Judaism and Christianity?

50) How is Mohammed a different type of leader than many religious figures in other religions?

51) Why did the Qu’ran change less than the Christian Bible?

52) What is the difference between Sunnis and Shia?

53) What is the Nation of Islam and how do traditional Muslims feel about their beliefs?

54) How does Islamic art differ from Christian art? Why is there this difference?

55) How does Islam feel about suicide and why is there seemingly a connection between Islam and terrorism?

56) How and why are many Muslim women treated differently than Muslim men?

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