Semester one Exam Study Guide Honors Directions: Answer the questions and know the ideas behind what is being asked or stated…

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Semester one Exam Study Guide Honors

Answer the questions and know the ideas behind what is being asked or stated…

The road that linked China to the West was called?

Know the common beliefs shared between Hindus and Buddhists

Confucius said the most important duty was to whom/what?

China became technological advanced under what dynasty?

The geography of Greece helped to do this

Know all about the Persian wars, which fought, the time period, and the aftermath and order of the battles

Know about the Peloponnesian Wars just like the Persian wars

What did Greek theater evolve out of?

What was Alexander’s most lasting conquest?

The center of the Hellenistic world was where?

List the geographic characteristics of Greece and how they relate to the “outside” world

Know about Alexander’s empire

KNOW everything about SPARTAN SOCIETY: children, men, women, sayings…

Know about the battles the Spartans fought in especially THERMOPYLAE and their leaders

Know about the Battle of Marathon.

Know about the Great Wall (hint hint the DBQ packet)



Aristocracy patriachal


monopoly democracy


Filial piety monarchy



strait Socrates

Feudalism Hippocrates

Caste Pythagoras


Loess Homer

Monsoon Cleisthenes

Rajah Herodotus

Christianity Pericles

Hinduism Archimedes

Judaism Aristotle

Islam Buddhism


Describe 3 things that the Mycenaean’s contributed to the Greek culture

Describe 3 kinds of government in Greece between 750 and 500 BC

List 3 similarities between the ideas of Plato and Aristotle

List three reasons why the Great Wall was built

List and describe at least two the dynasties that built the Great Wall

KNOW THESE (or at least some of these enough to write an essay or two or three )
How did Pericles turn Athens in to the cultural center of Greece?
Explain in DETAIL, painstaking DETAIL what Spartan life was like for a male. Go from birth follow it thru their childhood then going to war. Be specific and use quotes..
Pick a part of Greek life and explain it in detail. It can be the first Olympics of Civilizations
Explain in detail at least 3 Labors of Hercules
Describe the ancient cities of Sparta and Athens, concentrating on the differences between the two cities
Write a well organized essay arguing whether the building of the Great Wall of China was worth the cost or not (min 4 paragraphs)
Answer all these fully and get extra credit!!! ENJOY!!

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