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Articles, news reports and Items of interest: Issue 7

Welcome all to Issue 7 of the E2k newsletter.

Thanks to all who sent congratulations of our first anniversary, and comments of support and encouragement for the future.

There has been various speculation on the "lists" as to the possible changes we might see to the Numbers Scene following the tragic events of Sept 11th in USA. To date there do not appear to have been any. The closure of a Russian base in Cuba had the expected results but we wait with interest to see if its "facilities" turn up elsewhere.

Following the end of the "Cold War" there was a drastic reduction in Number Station activity, part of the so called Peace Dividend. Yet as I sit comfortably on my Welsh hillside the world I now look out on is a far more dangerous place than it was then. Arguably it is now more dangerous than at any other time in history.
Why is this not reflected by our Number Stations ?
I announced in NL 6 that the CONTROL LIST Issue 12 would be on the Website in early Sept, I was wrong – the Gremlins struck – but Issue 13 WILL be there in early Nov.
V02c variant Added to CONTROL LIST

V25 NEW Chinese station added to CONTROL LIST


Note that freqs shown "cNNNN" are approx, analogue receivers.

This is only a limited representation of the logs received, in full they would have taken up the whole issue. Welcome to our new CW contributors and thanks to all.


(M23), see issue 5 info, up to its tricks again interfering with the S & R freq.


Hand sent, short zero. Continues on regular schedule.

Report received of TX c7800kHz 08.00z 12/10 [436 22=84985]

5017kHz 20.00z 4/9 463

6261kHz 15.00z 15/9 463-40#/33=31440

5474kHz 18.00z 20/9 463 620


5017kHz 20.00z 29/9 463 333 End of month variant (thanks HFD)


Poss TX's heard on these unusual freqs

c9360kHz 07..00z 26/9

c9060kHz 07.10z 26/9 (2nd freq ?, parallel ? )


Busy as usual, slight variations in start times especially on 9330kHz as the following log excerpt shows, 11432kHz has also been starting early. Indications that some schedules may be discontinued.

All 9330kHz 30/8 31/8 5/9 06.58z

27/8 6/9 06.59z

1/9 3/9 10/9 07.00z

20/8 22/8 23/8 7/9 07.01z

8/9 07.02z

28/8 29/8 07.06z

4/9 07.07z

6/10 05.24z

13/10 05.25z

While on 5/9 it waited until 07.10z then TX'd on 9239kHz ?? , highlighted in LP's log, also noted by MS (USA). This freq is particularly strong in Asia as is 9323, 9331, 10216 and 10446kHz

Other freqs noted :- 3025, 3244, 9323, 5758, 4173, 4329, 4506, 10235, 10344, 5420, 7976, 3926, 11432, 7864, 9153,4016, 4478, 6825, 10858, 8186, 8136kHz ++

c4795kHz 21.14z 10/10 555 619 26 071 23

5741kHz 22.03z 4/9 555x3, 482x3, 263x3 // 9165kHz

6945kHz 21.04z 18/7 555 619 32 071 Active most evenings

619 08 32

21.13z 19/8 in progress // 4783kHz

6945kHz 21.03z 12/8 555 619 24 071 22

619 26 24 then faster 5F gps

c9180kHz 22.05z 25/9 555 483 20 919 37

8190kHz 18.05z 22/7 555x3, 126x3, 801x3

21.05z 22/7 555 619 31 071

12295kHz 19.31z 20/8 in progress,

slowed to send "BT BT 48 48 40 40 ,417 x 3, 26 x 4, BT BT"

then faster 5F gps.

10922kHz 17.28 28/8 in progress

"BT BT 63 63 38 38, 450 x 3, 03 03 24 24 BT BT"

Other freqs noted :- 4783, 7745, 7845, 8190, 5470, 6780, 5737, 6834, 8112kHz, ++

Peter comments that the Friday night schedule changed for September and the Sunday morning freqs have reverted to those used earlier in the year.

This is a very good station for those monitors wanting to improve their CW skills, plenty of traffic, not too fast, good number of groups, usually good sigs, various "dependable" times. This tabulation shows the current range of freqs and those most active.


5783kHz 21.07z 11/9 in progress, 875 x 3, DK/GC 600 169 Key clicks

Repeat at 21.20z 4583kHz


6782kHz 16.00z 27/8 749 x 3 DK/GC 2916 144 Almost daily TX

Repeats at 16.20z 7657kHz and 16.40 8173kHz.

6856kHz 18.50z 8/8 583 x 3, DK/GC 3925 145. Repeat at 19.10 5788kHz


8064kHz 17.00z 16/7 462 x 3, DK/GC 8261 143. Moved here from 8084 to avoid E05,on 8085, which has now gone. Repeats were 17.20z 6856kHz and 17.40z 5788kHz, very weak.

10.00z 23/7 462 x 3, DK/GC 7459 107?, very low GC. Weak sig. Repeats were 17.20z 6856kHz, 17.40z 5788kHz. Both very weak.

17.00z 6/8 462 x 3, DK/GC 5431 135. Repeat 17.20z 6856kHz and 17.40z 5788kHz

17.06z 23/8 in progress, repeats at 17.20z 6856kHz and 17.40z 5788kHz

17.00z 27/8 462 x 3, DK/GC 2916 144 Note that the DK/GC was the same as the "749" TX an hour earlier on 6782kHz etc !!!

Repeats at 17.20z 6856kHz and 17.40 5788kHz

8084kHz 18.36z 8/8 in progress, key clicks. Very strong

18.30z 29/8 583 x 3, DK/GC 7613 143 Strong, key clicks

Repeats at 18.50z 6856kHz and 19.10z 5788kHz

8173kHz 02.42 10/9 in progress

10234kHz` 21.02z 7/9 in progress, DK/GC 7631 65 Schedule change for Sept ??

nothing heard on previous Aug freqs

12062kHz 21.04z 3/8 in progress, ended 21.06z "000 000"

12072kHz 20.44z 7/9 in progress

12203kHz 19.25z 7/9 in progress

13502kHz 19.44z 27/8 in progress

13537kHz 20.40z 3/8 750 x 3, DK/GC 2198 51 Very strong


14387kHz 20.21z 3/8 493 x 3, DK/GC 4184 143 Strong sig

14453kHz 07.05z 5/8 in progress

07.00z 19/8 494 494 494 000 rpt Very strong

Repeat at 07.20z 15953.

07.00z 26/8 494 494 494 000.

Repeat at 07.20 15953kHz

14532kHz 07.00z 2/9 505 x 3 DK/GC 4127 103 New September Sunday freq

Repeats at 07.20z 16032kHz and 07.40z 17532kHz

07.00z 9/9 505 505 505 000

Repeat at 07.20z 16032kHz

14602kHz 19.26z 27/8 in progress

14621kHz 19.13z 20/8 in progress, ended 19.23z "000 000"

19.10z 27/8 516 x 3 DK/GC 479 151 Good sigs, is this becoming a regular Monday slot ?

14672kHz 20.37z 27/7 in progress, with 14729kHz, ended 20.41 "000 000"

14729kHz 20.20z 17/7 750 x 3, DK/GC 184 31. Slight keying problem. Repeats were 20.40z 13537kHz and 21.00z 12062kHz.

20.20z 20/7 750 x 3, DK/GC 184 31. Repeat 20.40z 13527kHz

20.20z 27/7 750 750 750 000 rpt. Strong sig

20.24z 3/8 in progress, ended 20.26z "000 000"

20.20z 7/8 750 750 750 000 rpt

20.20z 21/8 750 750 750 000 rpt

20.20z 28/8 750 x 3 DK/GC 4826 74 Strong sig

Repeats at 20.40z 13537kHz and 21.00z 12062kHz

20.23z 31/8 "750" in progress This well established Friday schedule was MUCH stronger than the 14387kHz TX'ing at the same time. Peter comments that they either come from different sites or are being "beamed" straight at him.

Repeats at 20.40z 13537kHz and 21.00z 12062kHz

14934kHz 21.01z 10/9 295 x 3, DK/GC 2834 107 Very strong

Repeat at 21.20z 13576kHz

15953kHz 07.23z 5/8 in progress. Freq change for August.

15962kHz 20.01z 31/8 493 x 3, DK/GC 4716 305 VERY long message

Repeat at 20.20z 14387, only a minute after the above finished.

16032kHz 07.20z 15/7 505 x 3, DK/GC 948 33 good sig.

07.20z 22/7 505 505 505 000 rpt 2 mins good sig

07.20z 29/7 505 505 505 000 rpt

16136kHz 19.11z 30/7 941 x 3, DK/GC 6981 209. Possible that this schedule has been running on Mondays in July plus one other day too.

17425kHz 18.54z 30/7 in progress, ended 19.06 "000 000"

17477kHz 19.44z 31/8 in progress

17532kHz 07.40z 15/7 repeat of 16032.

18963kHz 18.36z 30/7 in progress, ended 18.46z "000 000"

Other freqs noted:- 12200, 13503,


9416kHz 08.00z 2/10 "456" BT 151 50 BT

9183kHz 21.07z 17/7 in progress, 272 for 1 min then "BT 246 20 BT, 5F gps

thought faster TX than usual, with short finishing dashes

9241kHz 20.03z 6/8 "261", BT 246 24 BT, 5F gps again thought to be faster

10372kHz 19.12z 7/8 in progress, ended 19.14z

12614kHz 20.00z 23/8 "714", BT 203 22 BT ended 20.13z, 3 slow dashes

8065kHz 19.00z 26/8 "417", BT 203 24 BT

4051kHz 21.00z 26/8 "659", BT 241 53 BT nice slow TX

Other freqs noted :- 5584, 4535, 10982, 9342, 9975, 11215, 11424, 6883, 7636, 3937, 11516kHz ++


????kHz 03.00z 10/9 139x3 000 (R5)


11425kHz 19.00z 20/7 256 256 256 00000 MCW, the regular 3rd Friday slot

repeated 20.00z 10635kHz

19.00 17/8 as above 3rd Friday slot 19.00z 3/8 256, DK/GC 701 701 34 34 MCW, 1st Friday slot

repeated 20.00z, 10635kHZ

11415kHz 19.00z 4/8 as above, repeat 20.00z 10635

usual "next day" repeat of full message

9273kHz 18.32z 7/9 "203" rpt, DK/GC 791 791 54 54 BT BT

M16 ( Note that this station has been withdrawn from Control List)

c7668kHz 18.50z 22/9 8BY 629/237/816/395/155/914

// 10248kHz. Many TX's daily

Good sigs in Japan in 4 – 7 mHz range

c7890kHz 07.30z 11/10 11739300131104 etc

c7910kHz 07.28z 13/10 1784858538628? etc


The 10 – 13 mHz range giving good sigs into Far East

c8110kHz 21.45z 22/9 4XZ

c10100kHz 21.50z 12/10

c8100kHz 21.57z 12/10

c4280kHz 22.35z 12/10


10910kHz 06.00z 15/9 Null mssg, 111 R10 almost daily

06.00z 16/9 Null mssg, 111 R10

9340kHz 07.08z 22/9 ID 10333 then 18gp mssg

07.00z 23/9 repeat of above Auto, 11WPM

07.00z 24/9 ID 10333 then 21gp mssg Auto, 11WPM

Interestingly both mssgs were only "11666 12666 13666" rptd

Other freqs noted :- 8307// 9285, 10650//9600, 19820kHz


As of early October most of the schedules have gone??.

Will be interesting to see what happens long term.
17491kHz 21.10z 19/8 527x4 893x2 161x2 BTx2

repeated 21.40z 14941kHz

16218kHz 22.00z 20/8 289x4 163x2 207x2 BTx2

repeated 22.32z 13838kHz

9418kHz 08.00 21/8 528x4 169x2 333x2 BTx2

repeated 08.46z 7304kHz

MS comments " longest M24 TX this year"

19405kHz 22.00 13/9 Null mssg, 531x3 00000 (R4)

Other freqs noted :- 7304, 8157, 14532, 12184, 13838, 13349,14578, 12195,15672, 16023, 17446, 17544, 15748, 15648, 19405, 19826, 17446kHz ++

Still with us, voice counterpart G04 ceased. Current known schedule :-

Mon/Tue 06.00/06.30z 5470/5570kHz

Mon 08.00/08.30z 5170/5270kHz


Brian logged odd activity on the 5/6/7 Sept , only properly readable from around 18.00z, on 4003kHz. All the TX's were in progress before becoming readable. Space does not allow full transcriptions but the times Brian recorded.

5/9 in progress 18.38z ends 19.15z

6/9 in progress 17.58 ends 19.36z

7/9 in progress 18.58 ends 19.09z (from the log this one was possibly a "null mssg")

10620 & 12950kHz appear to be the active Sept freqs with one report of 14958.5kHx


4555kHz 18.02z 20/9 555-172/32=25604 // 4955kHz


c5810kHz 21.35z 10/10 " = NR 31 0 10 23 : 30721 2001 ="

22.09z 12/10 " = NR 534 ???" poor sig


c9110kHz 12.45z 23/9 "F"

6870kHz 19.15z 19/9 "F" mixing with E6

13527kHz 19.00z 21/9 "CSM&F" cluster

C notes that "M" & particularly "F" are being heard more often in the cluster bands and Takashi in Japan has noticed the same, what's special about "F" ?
Odd Stations

Heard by Peter on 9165kHz , 18.20z (ish), MCW, 12/6, 28/8, 5/9, 6/9, a typical pattern is:-

" di dah di dah" 1 minute sent slowly

nnn nnn nnn nn nn nn nn BT BT

5F gps

BT BT nn nn nn nn 3 slow dashes

"Did di dah" 1 minute sent slowly

Further reports appreciated, the format is quite distinctive.
Heard by LP on 10319, 16.51z, 16/9.


Commented " rapid careless characters which could form a variety of readings, depending on spacing "

Ed – This has a familiarity about it, but can't find my " bit of paper", comments welcome.


In response to a minor criticism by an avid reader E2k have dropped the use of upper case 'Z' indicating the time stated is Greenwich Mean Time, GMT, [or UTC] as it is thought that some readers may mistake it for the figure 2. As such Zulu time will now be designated by a lower case 'z'.

Number monitors who would like to see tabulated frequencies of target stations could consult this web page: ENIGMA 2000 cannot vouch for accuracy.
SEDA YE MOJAHED (Voice Of Mojahed)

In the last Issue I wrote that it was still unclear if this was a relation to the more famous broadcast station. I am afraid the answer is still unclear, however, further transmissions have been detected. ON WED 29/08 I was trapped in waiting for the Cable TV man and did some monitoring in the early afternoon, I found the familiar 'loop format' with Female announcer on 13430kHz. This was already in full swing at 1520z with jamming. Unlike the previous form of staying on one frequency the station was moving between 13405 and 13450kHz. I later found a similar situation in the area of 10230 kHz.

The format seems to be a mix of a brief announcement followed by about 1 minute of speech, this is sometimes interspersed with music and the whole thing starts again. Clandestine monitors have suggested that this is not a broadcast station but a 'numbers type station'. One to watch, given the present difficulties in the Middle East and surrounding countries. [Thanks 'C]'
Perhaps as a statement to low power operation, whilst tuning along the medium wave looking for something to listen to whilst I was shaving, I happened upon a transmission carrying 'Hancock's Half Hour'. Immediately I became interested, Hancock being a blast from the past. The station that I had picked up was 'Swinging Radio England' on 819kHz. I listened and even entered a competition. I won a SRE frisbee!

In the package were the technical details of the station. Whilst I had no idea where the station broadcasts from, the MW quality was excellent in S.London [S9+20dB]. There is also a SW tx on 6276kHz [S9, variable]. It appears that the station runs no more than 30W from a single 807 [remember the blue flashes as they were keyed?] into a dipole on SW, whilst the RF is fed into an inverted L with 35 radials for 819kHz.

Whilst the fact that it is a 'pirate' station and really has no place within these pages cannot be disputed, the technicality of its low power transmissions and the ranges reached does. The results claimed by SRE for SW are excellent - remember AM transmission and only 30W - USA, NI, a lot of Europe. MW claims Kent, London, Sussex. Wonder if heard in the Midlands or further North? Really illustrates the fact that megawatts of RF are not really needed to reach a distant target, given the right conditions.

[A recent email to the SWM reflector bears out that SRE can be heard in US. The content as heard by myself was actually recounted by the American who posted the email].

Out of interest E2k would be pleased to learn how far and wide SRE can actually be received on both freqs.

On 30th September it was announced over the air that SRE had been received [on its SW freq] in New Zealand. Didn't copy what island [at that distance probably of academic interest anyway] due to a rather loud clap of thunder.

Please send your voice logs to
Ary asks: "What is the station that sends TROJKA VODZIM, SIDJORKA, ADJINKA etc., ends with koniec. She was on 5520 at 1930z 08/10. Answers either to Ary direct: or via e2k using the usual methods.
Onto the logs:


ENIGMA 2000 regrets details of the 'Lincolnshire Poacher' and 'Cherry Ripe' logs will not be published by e2k in the forseeable future.

The 'D' Notice Committee have issued a notice [DA-5] which states, in part:
" (a) specific covert operations, sources and methods of the Security Service, SIS

and GCHQ, and those involved with them, including the Special Forces, the

application of those methods, including the interception of communications, and

their targets; the same applies to those engaged on counter-terrorist operations;"

The entire 'D' Notices can be found at: and are Crown Copyright. We apologise for the lack of reportage on these two stations. However e2k is sure that those, whose logs, reports and analysis will not be published will understand the situation and our reasons for with-holding this information.

Peter of Saffron Walden wrote in his September log, "Several more long standing American Accent transmissions have gone, the Saturday and Monday 1800z on 9070//13444kHz, the Monday and Thursday 1900z on 10643//12197kHz - both of which vanished around the end of July and beginning of August.

Also gone is the Sunday 1200z on 15833//18036kHz, last heard on 12th August.

On the plus side a new E05 on Thursdays and Fridays at 2100z on 8080//10321kHz has appeared [as noted in ENIGMA 2000 newsletter, issue 6] as has a 2200z on 5175//6891kHz." Peter was unable to predict how long that particular transmission has been around but states that he first noticed it on Sunday 26th August. Although Peter heard it most nights he did not hear it on Mondays, 03/09, 10/09, Tuesday 11/09 or Friday 07/09. The transmissions have been noted on Saturdays and Sundays at 1000z and may be on daily at this time. Peter states, "With the morning transmissions 5175kHz is much weaker than at 2200z, but a reasonable signal nevertheless. To be able to receive such a relatively low frequency in daylight must mean that the transmitter site is not too far away and the intended recipients must be not much further away than Central Europe.

There have been changes during September, documented at the end of the frequency logs:
6891kHz 2210z 04/09 [757 count 199]

2210z 05/09 [680 count 199]

6960kHz 2200z 12/09 [981]

2200z 08/10 [332] //9090//7960

8080kHz 2115z 16/08 //10321kHz

2110z 31/08 [493 count 78]

2100z 06/09 [493 count 78 028/70 248/23] //10321kHz

2111z 20/09

2100z 21/09 [494 53 99942]//10321

2100z 05/10 [891/132] //10321

9090kHz 2200z 12/09 [981]

9219kHz 2210z 24/08 [960 count 169]

2200z 08/10 [483]

10321kHz 2100z 21/09 [494 53 99942] poorer sgl than // 8080

10527kHz 2200z 21/09 [941 146 96049]

2200z 10/09*

2200z 17/09*

10583kHz 2100z 01/09 [313/ 91 81590] // 11580 (hfd)

10583kHz 2100z 11/09 [313] //11580 (hfd)

2100z 15/09*

11072kHz 1800z 02/09 //13465 (hfd)

1800z 06/09 //13465 (hfd)

1800z 16/09 [446/164]

1800z 23/09*

1800z 30/09 [126/191]

11564kHz 1926z 27/08

1900z 03/09 [count 148 403/91 027/34 ] // 13450kHz

1915z 10/09

11580kHz 2100z 01/09 [313/ 91 81590] //10583 (hfd)

2100z 11/09 [313] //10583 (hfd)

2100z 15/09*

13450kHz 1900z 06/09 [842]//11564 (hfd)

1930z 10/09 [count 189]

1900z 10/09 [817] //11564 (hfd)

13465kHz 1800z 02/09 //11072 (hfd)

1800z 06/09 //11072 (hfd)

1810z 16/09 //11072

1800z 07/10

13465kHz 1800z 14/10 [126] as 07/10

13906kHz 1200z 02/09 [977/150 99916] //15732 (hfd)

14739kHz 1500z 02/09 [613] //16198 (hfd)

1500z 28/09 [613/215 10140] //16198 (hfd)

15732kHz 1200z 02/09 [977/150 99916] //13906 (hfd)

16198kHz 1500z 02/09 [613] //14739 (hfd)

1600z 15/09 [721] not //15682 (hfd)

1500z 28/09 [613/215 10140] //14739 (hfd)

[HFD's logs via spooks credited directly].

Those entries mkd* are from Takashi, Nagasaki. Signal strengths were low, of an average signal strength of only S2, although the range covered 1 to 9. The S9 transmission was as follows:

15732kHz 1200z 29/08 S9 //13906kHz
Like Peter of Saffron Walden 'C' also notes the E05 changes and makes this remark accordingly:

"E05 Cynthia - Still a few around, but down on previous years. Regulars include -

FRI 2100z - 8080 // 10324kHz, SUN 1800z -11072 // 13465kHz, MON 1900z - 11564 // 13450kHz

THU 1800z - 11072 // ?

The FRI 05/10 TX at 2100z on 8080//10321 was call '891' count 132 - the first two groups were rather odd - 223/23 and 870/70."
Whilst Keith of Kent offered these:

5180kHz 2240z 25/09

5200kHz 2200z 22/09 [500/201=07341]rptd 2200z 26/09

6995kHz 2215z 10/10

[commenting 'all freqs approx - analogue receiver]

Tnx Keith

Just prior to publication we received this interesting synopsis of E05, from Peter of Saffron Walden, "Cynthia has bounced back, the recent trend towards a decline in activity has somewhat reversed in recent weeks; there is the 2200z transmission on 5175//6891kHz, first noticed in the last week of August, which seems to be on every day except Monday and Friday. I couldn't find this one on Tuesday 11/09 [the day of the Terrortist attacks in US] when I checked 5175//6891kHz at approx 2225z expecting to find the transmission in progress. It has turned up on Tuesdays since.

5175//6891kHz are also used by Cynthia at 1000z, ie late morning in the UK. I have heard this one on Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat and Sun. It was heard on Bank Holiday Monday 27/08 but I have not been near a radio on a friday to confirm whether it is on every day.

There is a new E05 on Mondays and Thursdays at 1900z on 11564//13450kHz first noticed in late September - although both frequencies are usually very weak signals it would have been easy to miss them. Perhaps they have been there for some time.
The Saturday afternoon 1400z 18617//19622kHz has appeared again; this has vanished and shown up again several times this year. It has re-emerged in September and October.
The E05-related data transmissions are still around, two distinct varieties. 'Fast FSK' and 'Pulse Data' Most noticeable of these is a 'Pulse Data' transmission, always a very strong signal on 5790//6970kHz. Both have been used by Cynthia in the not too distant past. This 'Pulse Data' appears to be on daily at 0600z and again every day except Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 1800z. Note the twelve hours between transmissions, rather like the 5175//6891kHz E05.

The strongest 'Fast FSK' type data transmission was the 1600z 9205//11526kHz, both S9+ signals, noted on Saturdays in September. No doubt they were there on at least one other day of the week too.

[Thanks PoSW]

This station is still busy as Peter notes: "the Saturday afternoon 1230z turned up as expected in September although I have not managed to find the repeat an hour later as yet. The other weekend E06 on the second and fourth Saturdays - repeated next day if a full message - was noted, just the ending - on 08/09. Both sendings at 1400z and 1500z were logged the next day. I thought this one had gone as I had not been able to find it for several months, but it certainly back in September." Thanks PoSW

Gert's log for August lists the activity for this station and the latter part of the month is shewn here:
12210kHz 2010z 20/08 [831-dk205 gc147=28601]

2010z 27/08 [831-dk796 gc 85=83660]

2010z 28/08 [ repeat of above ]

18340kHz 1230z 25/08 [824-dk531 gc 68=39451]

Gert suggests trying each Monday in September at 2010z on 10205kHz and mentions trying again on tuesday for any repeat message. [See 12210kHz for 27 and 28/08 above].
Anon of UK suggests:

E06 Saturday 1230z 18420kHz

1330z 15640kHz

AnonUK notes that E06 transmissions could be heard on Sat & Sun 08/09, 09/09 which confirms Peter's findings, offering this:

10270kHz 2010z 10/09
whilst 'C' offered this:
"Strange Transmission - On WED 19/09. I noted a 'rare' F Beacon stopping and starting on 6870 kHz at around 1908z. The SLB was very strong and clear. At 1915z E06 call 178 -00000 commenced on the same frequency, the two continued for several minutes until the 'F' beacon just disappeared, it was not possible to tell if these were coming from the same audio feed or two different transmitters, but the strength of each was the same.
6870kHz 1915z 19/09 [178/00000] SLB ‘F’ mixing with this transmission"
'E' sent the following log in:

5455kHz 1925z 08/08 [452 no msg]

9052kHz 2211z 24/08

12190kHz 1746z 13/06 [137x3 00000]

13410kHz 1409z 25/08 [ends 654x2 131 groups]
This was heard by Joerg Eberhardt, Germany.:

6820kHz 2200z 28/09 [361-879/116 37107]

6915kHz 2015z0 06/10 [623x3 00000]

8135kHz 2100z 28/09 [361-879/116 37101]

Gert's logs reflect the September activity for this station as:

8170kHz 2110z 25/09 [452-907/181=18391]

10205kHz 2010z 03/09 [null msg 452]

10215kHz 2010z 10/09 [null msg 452]

2010z 17/09 [null msg 452]

2010z 24/09 [452-907/181=18391]

15640kHz 1330z 01/09 [null msg 931]

18420kHz 1230z 08/09 [931-620/81=70329]

1230z 29/09 [931-425/38=94712]
whilst the October expectations predicted by Gert are:

2010z and 2110z 8090kHz (683) (sometimes + / - 15 kHz)


1230z 18750 kHz

1330z 15660 kHz (740)
Gert further logged:

9090kHz 1915z 06/10[623] and asks "Each sat??"

[Thanks Gert, excellent work!]


18750kHz 1233z 14/10 [posted on spooks].

Gert of Holland writes in with further frequency news for this station [later confirmed by AnonUK] and suggests:

Mon 0500z 9343kHz

0520z 10943kHz

Mon/Wed 2000z 10657kHz

2020z 9367kHz

2040z 7776kHz
Wed 0510z 6934kHz

0520z 8103kHz

0540z 9368kHz
Again Gert forwarded a splendid August log illustrating E07's habits for August and we again reproduce the latter parts below:
7739kHz 0510z 22/08 [null msg, 701]

0510z 29/08 [null msg, 701]

9343kHz 0500z 27/08 [null msg, 392]

13506kHz 2025z 15/08 [950-dk734 gc176=42967] Station 5 mins late

14911kHz 2000z 20/08 [null msg, 950]

2000z 27/08 [null msg, 950]

2000z 29/08 [950-dk5136 gc 83=98044]
whilst Gert's September log is as splendid too:

6934kHz 0510z 12/09 [null msg 913]

8103kHz 0530z 19/09 [null msg 913]

9343kHz 0500z 03/09 [null msg 392]

0500z 17/09 [null msg 392]

10292kHz 2040z 19/09 [462-397/89=70013]

10943kHz 0520z 03/09 [null msg 392]

0520z 24/09 [null msg 392]

11625kHz 2020z 10/09 [null msg 462]

13416kHz 2000z 05/09 [null msg 462]

2000z 10/09 [null msg 462]

2000z 17/09 [null msg 462]

2000z 24/09 [462-397/89=70013]

[Thanks Gert].

Takashi in Nagasaki, Japan observed the following:

6840kHz 2005z 15/09 [ends 000 000]

remarking on this freq also used by E10. [Thanks Takashi].

8050kHz 2100z 09/10 [posted by Ary, via spooks]


Interference To Transmissions - Some E10 transmissions are suffering from severe co-channel interference.

EZI 11565kHz - problems with a very wide and distorted broadcast signal - possibly Pakistan or India, neither put out great signals. Also some collisions with E05 on a rather odd 11564kHz on MON at 1900z. Why when they have the whole band to choose from do they have to collide ? Still under WYFR in German at 2100z.
JSR - 7540kHz in the European evening time this is now home to what appears to be a China Radio outlet, again this is a distorted transmission and resolves best in LSB. Possibly acting as a jammer against a Radio Free Asia broadcast. Again problems for JSR.
ULX - 6270 kHz - I have noted Global HF Systems Messages on this frequency, however, at present I am not certain which transmitter site is in use. Sigonella Italy is the latest station to be added to the network. EAM - Emergency Action Messages are quite frequently sent, it is odd to listen to the numbers and letters sent by GHFS mixing with the Phonetics of ULX. A poor choice of frequency by the operators - routine monitoring would have easily identified ULX as a regular if not authorised user.

4875kHz 2030z 02/10 strong sigs Sth London

6270kHz 0100z 12/09 //7760.0 ULX2

6840kHz 0100z 12/09 //9130.0 11565.0 EZI

6842kHz 0200z 12/09 //9130.0 11565.0 EZI

7760kHz 0100z 12/09 //6270.0 ULX2

7918kHz 0200z 12/09 //9202.0 YHF
9130kHz 0100z 12/09 //6840.0 11565.0 EZI

9130kHz 0200z 12/09 //6842.0 11565.0 EZI

9202kHz 0200z 12/09 //7918.0 YHF
11565kHz 0100z 12/09 //6840.0 9130.0 EZI

11565kHz 0200z 12/09 //6842.0 9130.0 EZI


Reported in Issue 6 for June and July E2k was grateful to receive the following from Gert:

9450kHz 1230z 28/08 [null msg, 312].
[Remember the 0800z transmission apparently remains on the same frequency 10050kHz].
Gert later reported:

5180kHz 2000z 16/09 [32 groups, intro missed]

1930z 17/09 [123-42gr=03051]

With advice to watch that frequency. The messages read:


mon 17 september 2001

03051 76399 20658 65943 48773 11540 29694
31726 46026 20221 93374 47247 26961 42127
24239 23484 90332 15937 73405 40263 41311
.07897 80385 45668 90810 91111 21663 15633
73500 16645 98677 14844 07216 26823 10227
85941 30857 84811 27514 04265 82766 07893


sun 16 september 2001
60680 00247 43108 16833 78148 06970 35955
93592 41391 35855 26764 12568 85161 66062
95901 17921 54021 07303 65151 37817 73443
79190 95109 84825 71620 7195n 30131 28341
.07789 68178 66561 68026

Gert's E11 log reflects the above 5180kHz activity as well as the active 10050kHz activity:

10050kHz 0800z 06/09 [null msg 232]

0800z 13/09 [null msg 232]

0800z 20/09 [null msg 232]
Whilst this interesting insight to E11's little foray into 'proper messaging habits' was monitored and commented on by 'C':

"E11 - Station Sends Rare Message - certainly not renown for sending messages this station usually restricts itself to the 'Oblique' 00 format of five minutes of call and no message - e.g. 261/00.

I was surprised to find a message in full flow on SUN 19/09. at 1836z on 5624 kHz. Sending in USB (making detection all the more difficult), it sent a 32 group message. Although I missed the call I believe this may have been the 'Special Operations' call 121, which as been known to send messages."
5624kHz 1836z 16/09 [poss121/32] USB!

6865kHz 0200z 10/10 [583 241 68 699 03 36897 74737 01290...]

0200z 11/10 [repeat 10/10]

Nathan[US & via spooks] queried if this station was from Cuba as was a very strong signal.

Comments please.

5344kHz 0310z 11/10 [00000] hvy QRM from 900Hz shift FSK


As noted in Issue 6 AnonUK remarked on this stations apparent absence: " Should have been on Wednesday and Thursday. [10/07 & 11/07] I tuned from 5000kHz to13500kHz but could not hear it anywhere. E2k recently received info from AnonUK that he had observed E18 as follows:

6545kHz 2100z 12/09 [call 260 msg no 170]
AnonUK remarked "The call was 269 as it was a short message. The message number was

170, the last one logged was 165 in May. So where has it been since then? I have checked each time it was due on, listened to all its known frequencies and also tuned up and down the band."

AnonUK was not sure if E18 was on at 2200z after the 2100z transmission on 12/09. It was expected on the next day, Thursday 13/09. Remember that this station is generally heard on the 2nd Wednesday and Thursday of each month. E18 frequencies are listed as: 5155, 6545 and 8025kHz. The last reported observation of this station was on 8025kHz on 09/05 as covered in Issue 5.

Best frequency is usually 8188kHz. 4 weekly cycle starting on the first Monday of the Month.

Transmits Monday Wednesday and Thursday:

Week 1 0957Z 6507kHz 1157Z 8188kHz 1257Z 5340kHz

Week 2 0957Z 7250kHz 1157Z 8188kHz 1257Z 5748kHz

Week 3 0757Z 4832kHz 0957Z 6200kHz 1157Z 8188kHz 1257Z 6507kHz

Week 4 0757Z 5340kHz 0957Z 8188kHz 1157Z 7250kHz

Week 4 in AM only.

Reported by DofKent:
8188kHz 1232z 08/10 [in progress, reasonable sigs]

1230z 11/10 [in progress, weak C London] PofLondon


After an apparent absence since the last heard transmission in May 01 [2005z 4830kHz, 2035z 4930kHz] Simon Mason released details of a contact's observation of G04, substantiated with an MP3 file.

5225kHz 0900z 01/10
Note the change of time, perhaps another offering occurs at 0930z on freq +/- 100kHz? Worth keeping an eye on.

However this transmission was not heard by DofKent on the following Monday 08/10 or since.


AnonUK writes:

11430kHz 1900z 03/09 Null message 308 2000

and remarks normally heard on first Monday in month only.

Peter of Saffron Walden notes, "The German YL has been turning up on the first Monday of the month as expected, still with a four minute 'No Message', and was also noted on a Thursday with a full message much to my surprise."
6887kHz 1830z 23/08
and Gert sends in his latest log for G06:
8060 kHz 2000z 01/10 [dk275 gc 86]

8070 kHz 2000z 02/10 [repeat of mon, dk 275 gc 86]

Peter of Saffron Walden further remarks: "First Monday in the month G06 turned up as expected in October ands it was a full message format for the first time this year! This meant a repeat the next day. The alternate Friday evening, 1930z, G06 is back.

5440kHz 1930z 28/09 [947 Dk/Gc 326 326 48 48] same as 14/06

5442kHz ran throughout last autumn and winter months and into the spring of last year; last heard on 27/04 and not found throughout the summer months. [Any offers?].

If schedule matches last time she will turn up on alternate fridays, although on one or two occasions she fooled us by missing two Fridays in a row. Should move to 4790kHz + or - a few kHz in the depths of winter.

As when observed before, the carrier was well on before the transmissions began. In this instance at 1843z with tone, then brief recitation of numbers 1 to 9 and a 947 in German. Plain carrier until 1930z when proceedings began with call 'Neun vier seben' then dk/gc 'Dei zwo sechs' x2, 'Vier acht' x2. Strength S7 to S8, lower sideband well suppressed."

[Thanks PoSW]


This XV family station ,Edna Sednitzer, which has the morse counterpart M13 as well as E18 and S04. G22 has once again been heard, this time by Gert of Holland, who sent in this entry:

5119kHz 2200z 20/09 Audio reported as very bad.
Gert kindly sent a recording, to e2k, which illustrated the horrible audio from which Gert managed [how?] to extricate this message:
186 [rptd 5 mins]

Nr 238

Gr 24

22019 03081 02616 30233 13462

17908 14963 02603 63709 07484

26034 87087 21234 21034 60919

31604 26336 17261 06176 36319

43242 49717 23009 40160 000

Excellent job Gert, thanks.

4917kHz 1900z 11/09 [243-542/20] short msg

6907kHz 1900z 06/10 [276x3 00000]

9842kHz 0808z 09/10*

11150kHz 1835z 22/09 [ip 469/203]
*AnonUK remarks, "Has been on the same frequency in October 1999 2000 and 2001. Not sure where it goes after that, but I have only heard it in October." Answers and comments via the usual routes please.

Came up as expected on 24/09 at 1300z on 10642kHz

Next expected 22/10
S11a [Cherta], previously S12

4015kHz 2100z 19/09 [null msg 971]

5180kHz 2100z 15/08 [null msg] tnx Gert.

5624kHz 1900z 08/10 [121/27=03922] tnx again, Gert.


In issue 5 we reported that S17E has not been transmitting on 8190kHz, or at least had not been reported as being heard. On 05/09 I was alerted to the fact that 8190kHz was once again audible by D of Kent, who telephoned me with the news. Unfortunately I was unable to listen at that particular time but did so on 06/09 with the following results.

6495kHz 1250z 06/09 [70038]

8190kHz 1250z 06/09 [70038]

We suggest monitoring both freqs for activity. If the 8Mhz freq has been in use all the time it suggests that propagation has made reception difficult in GB and that GB is not the target area. The parallel 6MHz freq has likewise been poorly received over the past months too and reinforces the idea of being aimed elsewhere.

On 18/10 8190kHz was audible at S8 in South London while 6495kHz was obliterated by a very strong XJT transmission that could be heard from 6489 to 6510kHz, a massive bandwidth of 21kHz!

However on 19/10 whilst the 6945kHz signal was audible 8190kHz was also monitored by D of Kent. He reports: Shortly after the completion of the transmission on 8190kHz he heard a short tone, possibly a short zero or the letter 'T', follwed by the figure '4' in turn followed by a barred U [..--].
HFD sent these S17C logs via spooks:
6945kHz 1250z 01/09 [91043]

02/09 [90043]

05/09 [84042]

23/09 [88058]


This log for the family XIV, Russian Lady was sent via spooks by HFD:

4454kHz 1842z 20/09 [454] //4854

4854kHz 1842z 20/09 [454] //4454 better sigs

1842z 02/10 [ended 0-0-0] selco confirms this freq.

via spooks:

3389kHz 0230z 02/10 [hum on carrier]

4017kHz 0300z 16/10

4174kHz 0320z 08/10, 0300z 09/10

4479kHz 0300z 17/10

7860kHz 1100z 14/01[962 05, 05 59]

10446kHz 0310z 17/10

11566kHz 0300z 12/10

18475kHz 2315z 12/10

From the logs of Peter of Saffron Walden we find:

8097kHz 0621z 08/09 [in prog good signal]

9153kHz 0732z 08/09 [weak]

9230kHz 0806z 02/09 [in prog good signal with deep QSB]

0809z 09/09 [hum hrd on freq at 0810z. carrier only on at 0822z]

9331kHz 0613z 27/08 [in prog good signal]

0700z 25/09 [69421 50401 --151 (xmtr all broken up)] *

0700z 26/09 [ 69422 50402 0-152]*

0700z 27/09 [xmsn breaking up]*

*via Spooks

Note the characteristic 'hum' on the carrier, which Bunky and PoSW remark on. This hum is a particular trait of V02.

5762kHz 0200z 12/09

0200z 29/09

5800kHz 0330z 10/09

6855kHz 0300z 10/09

8010kHz 0611z 12/09 AM in progress, missed calls

8097kHz 0533z 12/09 AM YL/SS/5FGs already in progress

0605z 04/10

8675kHz 0200z 10/10 [616 05 vy weak, QRM. call-up 10+ minutes long]

9063kHz 0709z 26/09

9153kHz 0700z 26/09 [78523 98851 28473]

9323kHz 0417z 12/09 AM YL/SS/5FGs already in progress

12165kHz 0245z 10/09
Prior to the excellent logs for V09, V22 and V24 we have an interesting view of Chinese female numbers stations from Takashi of Nagasaki, Japan
Mode: AM

Announcer: Mandarin Chinese (live and recorded)

Starts at H+00 and H+30

Powerful signal in Japan.

For example, in the case of Guangzhou, V09

-Null message format (recorded voice)

All listening stations in the country. (x3)

This is Guangzhou calling. (x2)

Repeats above for approx. 5 mins.

Ends with "thanks."

-Message format (live voice)

All listening stations in the country. (x3)

This is Guangzhou calling. (x2)

Repeats above for approx. 5 mins.

There is a message, followed by a message number (x2), group count (x2),

then 4FG (x2).

I'll repeat a message.

I'll repeat a message.

End of Transmission.

As far as I've heard, the message transmission is very rare.

Almost all are null message transmissions.
The Chinese female numbers can be divided into following three groups.
Group A, Guangzhou as ID, V09 and V16

6265, 6468, 6885, 7750 10750, 12012 and 13680kHz

Daily between 1500-1730z (East Asian midnight) frequently heard.

Occasionally two parallel transmissions can be heard, most frequently


V09 and V16 are same.

Group B, Beijing as ID, V22

4760, 6355, 6375, 6465, 8375, 9125, 10200, 10500, 15640, 16520, 16830,

16835, 17310, 18020 and 21450 kHz

Daily except East Asian Saturday on 8375kHz the carrier is continuously on

between 1100-1700z. Repeats a null

message for 30 mins intervals.

Usually non-parallel transmissions except 6465//8375kHz occasionaly at


Sunday at 0000 or 0030z 16520kHz can be heard frequently.
Group C, three figure IDs, somewhere in China, without ENIMA code

6721, 6468, 6906, 8337, 8870, 11016, 11262, 11298, 12310, 12630, 12877,

13210, 13260, 14336, 14860, 15753, 15958, 16572, 18649 and 22305 kHz.
Three figure IDs reportedly

017, 022, 029, 064, 095, 106, 109, 133, 138, 156, 179, 265, 298,

299, 315, 316, 323, 326, 364, 370, 380, 384, 406, 428, 431, 513,

516, 517, 548, 634, 639, 654, 677, 728, 735, 805

Very rare transmission in East Asian midnight..
Thanks to Takashi of Nagasaki for this excellent view of Chinese Number Stations

" Spanish Lady - The first FRI of the Month transmission at 2100z was noted on 11440kHz with call 836 - 00000."

11440kHz 2104z 05/10 [836/00000]

[Thanks 'C']


There is no knowledge of this station belonging to any family as such and appears to be an individual.

Listed as being previously heard on 5738, 6280 and 8036kHz it previously came to notice on 19/03 when it was heard on 7584kHz at 1600z.
From Takashi in Nagasaki, Japan

10750kHz 1500z 03/09 S9 [Sent from Guangzhou, in AM with echo]

Message read: "All listening stations in the country [x3] This is Guangzhou calling [x2]. This was repeated for approximately 5 minutes and ended with "Thanks." Takashi remarked, 'First time I have heard this station in such an echo-AM Mode.'

Heard again as:

10750kHz 1500z 19/09 S9 [Null message, again echo-AM]
[Excellent log, tnx Takashi].
This catch from Joerg Eberhardt, Germany.

10500kHz 1800z 22/09 [null msg, chinese , fm vx] Note mode comments.


From Ben Mesander via Spooks:

8300kHz 1338z 09/10[YL/CC 4FGx2 in prog] // 13750

13750kHz 1338z 09/10[YL/CC 4FGx2 in prog] // 8300


The following is the log entry received from Takashi, Nagasaki:

8375kHz 1300Z 05/08 ["All listening stations in the country [x3] This is Beijing calling [x2] Repeated for approx 5 mins, ending "Thanks."] S9

1300z 10/08 [Usual Null Msg format] S9

1300z 03/09 [Usual Null Msg format] S9

1300z 17/09 [Usual Null Msg format] S9

1400z 19/09 [Usual Null Msg format] S9

1400z 20/09 [Usual Null Msg format] S9

10200kHz 1600z 14/09 ["All listening stations in the country [x3] This is Beijing calling [x2] Repeated for approx 5 mins, ending "Thanks."] S9

Takashi remarked "First time I've ever heard this one on 10200kHz.

10520kHz 0030z 15/09 ["All listening stations in the country [x3] This is Beijing calling [x2] Repeated for approx 5 mins, ending "Thanks."] S5
16520kHz 0000z 05/08 ["All listening stations in the country [x3] This is Beijing calling [x2] Repeated for approx 5 mins, ending "Thanks."] S7
0030z 05/08 [Usual Null Msg format] S7

From Takashi who presumes these are 'South Korean female numbers':

5715kHz 1400z 14/09 S9

6215kHz 1400z 19/09 S9

1500z 19/09 S9

From Igor of Cherta we receive this log of the new entry:

8195kHz 1300z 24/09 ['516 this is 384' # 42 GC 8] Heavy QRM

8868kHz 1330z 24/09 ['516 this is 384' ? 42 GC 8] Gd Quality sigs

13560kHz 1700z 03/09 ['316 this is 728' #12 GC 10]

13557kHz 1900z 05/09 ['316 this is 728' without message]

15752kHz 1300z 05/09 ['064 this is 315' without message]

15752kHz 1300z 20/09 ['064 this is 315' without message]

15957kHz 1830z 22/09 ['370 this is 138' without message]

15958kHz 1500z 24/09 ['370 this is 138' without message]

[Thanks Igor]

Thanks to John of Aylesbury August frequencies were confirmed as:

0600z 11623kHz 03/08 07/08 10/08 - 17/08 21/08

0620z 13523kHz 03/08 07/08 10/08 14/08 17/08 21/08

0640z 14523kHz 03/08 07/08 NRH NRH NRH NRH
2000z 15657kHz 03/08 07/08 10/08 14/08 NRH 21/08

2020z 13970kHz 03/08 07/08 NRH 14/08 NRH 21/08

2040z 12206kHz 03/08 07/08 10/08 14/08 NRH 21/08
John continued the excellent work for September, confirming the freqs as:
0600z 11634kHz 04/09 07/09 11/09 14/09 18/09 25/09 28/09

0620z 13434kHz 04/09 07/09 11/09 14/09 18/09 - 28/09

0640z 14834kHz 04/09 07/09 NRH 14/09 - - 28/09
2000z 13364kHz 04/09 - 11/09 14/09 18/09 - 28/09

2020z 12107kHz 04/09 - 11/09 14/09 18/09 - 28/09

2040z 11483kHz NRH - 11/09 14/09 18/09 - 28/09
Regarding the 12107kHz frequency used at 2020z John remarks, " 2012z onwards: Strong heterodyne with QRM-BC - including Bulgarian Gypsy type music, and some which appeared to be Greek. In my old WRTH (1999) there is infact a freq. allocated to V. of Greece as: 12105kHz., although I don't

suppose they would use that freq. for broadcasting to the Balkans. It could just be a parallel freq. for world-wide listening.

On his last report on 28/09 John remarked that the BC QRM was caused by Voice of Greece broadcast 2kHz LF

The carrier remained up for 30s after the 0620z and 0640z transmissions. John rightly remarks that this is unusual. [Thanks John]

This remark from Tom Pitts [US] via Spooks:

13434kHz 0600z 04/09 AM Faint unid MSFK preceding and following XPH

Peter of Saffron Walden noted the evening slots of 2000/2020 and 2040z with a total transmission time of 4 minutes and 15 seconds. However he also reported another schedule as:

2010z 13936kHz

2030z 12229kHz

2050z 10876kHz

all having a transmission time of 5mins 40 seconds. [Thanks PoSW].
October freqs confirmed by John as:

0600z 12103kHz 02/10 05/10 09/10 12/10 16/10 19/10 23/10

0620z 13503kHz 02/10 05/10 09/10 12/10 16/10 19/10 23/10

0640z 14803kHz 02/10 05/10 09/10 12/10 16/10 19/10 23/10

2000z 11541kHz 02/10 05/10 09/10 12/10 16/10 - 23/10

2020z 10154kHz 02/10 05/10 09/10 12/10 16/10 - 23/10

2040z 8131kHz NRH NRH - NRH 16/10 - NRH
The signal 2000z on 11541kHz is only 4kHz LF of E03's 1900z transmission and whilst there was no apparent clash with XPH on 02/10 the 'Jet' was heard on freq. As a result of this 'clash' the signals received on that freq were very poor, as well as being somewhat weak. Signal strengths of the 16/10 evening transmissions were particularly good at S9+30dB, in Aylesbury and South London. The 0640z 19/10 was noted as starting some 30s early whilst all signal strengths for the morning slots were S9+30dB

[Thanks for your work on XPH John]

On 23/10 Captain Davros heard these additional transmissions:

2010z 11595kHz, 2030z 10208kHz and 2040z 9040kHz

CD remarked that the transmissions were much longer than usual and signal strength was weak. The transmissions heard in the h+00 and h+20 slots were around +40dB in metered strength. Using that as a measure this does point to that heard by CD as being destined elsewhere. These 'in between' times have been heard before and are known to occur during the morning too.

[If anyone has the freqs could they please share them with us]?

Nice work CD.
Now an additional interesting insight from DofKent:
[The following is an extract from an article being prepared by D of Kent for publication in the ENIGMA 2000 newsletter at a later date]:
S17C, M10E and S10E
S17C [6945 and 8190kHz 1250z daily]

S17C continues to be a very weak signal from my location in Kent, only showing signs of improvement in the last few days [latter part of Sept]. The concurrent frequency of 8190kHz has now been heard daily since 03/09/01, previously not being heard on this frequency since 30/04/01. Shortly before this date the five figure message group became less predictable and much more variable. I find it surprising that SSB is not used more often; just the occasional use on one frequency with AM on the other.

I have been fortunate that over 25 years ago I constructed an audio processor, which has allowed me to copy these very weak signals which would otherwise be lost.
M10E 5020kHz, S10E 10642kHz, both 28 day cycle.

These stations seem to be settled in their new cycle, starting in a Monday rather than Thursday, although M10E had a day off on Tuesday 28/08/01. S10E did likewise on Thursday 30/08/01. During this period S10E appeared to be having transmitter problems as previously reported. [NL5]

We now come to the latest cycle [Mon 24/09] and it is often said that more can be learnt from errors and operator incompetence than from some decrypts.
On Tuesday 25/09/01 the M10E transmission was on time and commenced at the usual time of 0900z:
111 90992 21 68901 18 57929 15 99013 21 [repeats not shown].
This is a perfectly normal transmission following normal procedure.
S10E was due to commence transmission at 1300z but was late; I left my operating position briefly but before I could return I heard a short CW transmission. Unfortunately I did not have the recorder running but getting back I ws in time to log the short CW part that followed at 1303z:
111 90992 [repeats not shown].
After 15 to 20 seconds the normal USB transmission commenced:
111 45648 25 72414 22 62218 15 99013 21
There are any number of interpretations that can be made on this. Suffice it to say the CW was hand sent and the USB previously recorded prior to being transmitted. [I prefer to leave these comments or speculations until my full article is completed].
I have tried to separate the transmission sites but unfortunately the Czech and Slovak Republics are in line on my azimuthal projection map of Europe and are on the same bearing as Prague Radio. The problem could be solved by having at least two other RDF sites, Northern Germany and Italy, for example.
Finally, I should declare a special interest in this part of Europe. I would appreciate any information including times and frequencies of any groups currently active from these areas. I look forward to receiving any comment [or bearings] regarding the above.

"NAZDAR." DofKent.


On Thursday 4th October S17C was again using sideband on 6946kHz. However for the first time since D of Kent has been monitoring this station [for at least a year] Thursday 11/10, at 1250z, saw 6946kHz using LSB whilst 8190kHz used USB.


Please contact DofKent via

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