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Hymn 27. PM Through all the world below

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Hymn 27. PM Through all the world below

Hilbard (?)
1. Through all the world below,

God we see all around;

Search hills and valleys through,

There he's found;

The growing of the corn,

The lilly and the thorn,

The pleasant and forlorn,

All declare, God is there,

In meadows dress'd in green,

There he's seen.
2. See springing waters rise,

Fountains flow, rivers run;

The mist beclouds the skies;

Hides the sun;

Then down the rain doth pour,

The ocean it doth roar,

And beat upon the shore,

All to praise in their lays;

A God that ne'er declines—

His designs.
3. The sun with all his rays,

Speaks of God as he flies;

The comet with her blaze,

God, she cries;

The shining of the stars,

The moon when it appears,

His glorious name declares,

As they fly through the sky;

While shades of silent sound—

Join the round.
4. Then let my station be—

Here in life where I see,

The sacred One in three;

All agree,

In all the works he's made:

The forest and the globe;

Nor let one be afraid;

Though I dwell on a hill,

While nature's works declare—

God is there.
5. When God to Moses shew,

Glories more than Peru;

His face alone withdrew,

From his view;

Mount Sinai is the place,

For God to show his grace,

While Moses sang his praise;

See him rise through the skies,

And view old Canaan's ground,

All around.
6. Elijah's servant hears,

From the hill and declares;

A little cloud appears:

Dry your tears;

Our Lord transfigur'd is,

With the two saints of his,

As saith the witnesses;

See him shine all divine:

While Olive's Mount is blest,

With the rest.
7. Not India full of gold,

With the wonders we are told;

Not seraphs strong and bold:

Can uphold,

The mountain Calvary,

Where Christ our Lord did die:

Hark! hear the God-man cry:

Mountains quake, heavens shake,

While God their author's Ghost,

Left the coast.
8. And now from Calvary,

We may stand here and spy;

Beyond this lower sky,

Far on high,

Mount Zion's shining hill,

Where saints and angels dwell,

And hear them sing and tell,

Of our Lord, with accord,

And join in Moses's song—

Heart and tongue.
9. Since hills are honor'd thus,

By our Lord in his course,

Let them not be by us,

Call'd accurs'd:

Forbid it mighty king,

But rather let us sing,

Since hills and mountains ring;

Echo fly through the sky,

And heaven hear the sound—

From the ground.
Hymn 28. PM The sun that declines in the far western sky

Parley P. Pratt or Thomas Marsh (LDS)
The sun that declines in the far western sky,

Has rolled o'er our heads till the summer's gone by;

And hush'd are the notes of the warblers of spring

That in the green bow'r did exultingly sing.
The changes for autumn already appear:

A harvest of plenty has crown'd the glad year;

While soft smiling zephyrs, our fancies to please,

Bring odors of joy from the laden fruit trees.
As the summer of youth passes swiftly along,

And silvery locks soon our temples adorn:

So the fair smiling landscape and flowery lawn,

Though lost is their beauty—their glory has come:
O when the sweet summer of life shall have fled,

Her joys and her sorrows entomb'd with the dead,

Then may we by faith like good Enoch arise,

And be crown'd with the just in the midst of the skies.
Descend with the Savior in glory profound,

And reign in perfection when satan is bound;

While love and sweet union together shall blend,

And peace, gentle peace, like a river extend.
Hymn 29. LM The towers of Zion soon shall rise

William W. Phelps (LDS)
1. The towers of Zion soon shall rise

Above the clouds, and reach the skies;

Attract the gaze and wond'ring eyes

Of all that worship, gloriously.
2. The saints shall see the city stand

Upon this consecrated land,

And Israel, numerous as the sand,

Inherit it eternally.
3. O, that the day would hasten on,

When wickedness shall all be gone,

And saints and angels join in one,

To praise the Man of Holiness.
4. Then shall the veil of heaven rend,

And the Son Aw-Man will descend,

A vast eternity to spend

In perfect peace and righteousness.
5. Exalt the name of Zion's God!

Praise ye his name in songs aloud:

Proclaim his majesty abroad,

Ye banner-bearing messengers:
6. Cry to the nations far and near,

To come and in the glories share,

That on mount Zion will appear,

When earth shall rest from wickedness.
Hymn 30. PM Let all the saints their hearts prepare

William W. Phelps or Parley P. Pratt (LDS)
1. Let all the saints their hearts prepare:

Behold the day is near,

When Zion's King shall hasten there,

And banish all their fear;

Fill all with peace and love,

And blessings from above,

His church with honors to adorn,

The church of the first born.
2. Behold, he comes on flying clouds,

And speeds his way to earth,

With aclamations sounding loud,

With songs of heav'nly birth.

The saints on earth will sing,

And hail their heav'nly King:

All the redeem'd of Adam's race

In peace behold his face.
3. Before his face devouring flames,

In awful grandeur rise:

The suff'ring saints he boldly claims,

And bears them to the skies:

While earth is purified,

In peace they all abide,

And then descend to earth again,

Rejoicing in his reign.
4. A thousand years in peace to dwell;

The earth with joys abound,

Made free from all the pow'rs of hell,

No curse infect the ground,

From sin and pain releas'd

The saints abide in peace:

And all creation here below

Their King and Savior know.
Hymn 31. PM Let us pray, gladly pray

William W. Phelps (LDS)
1. Let us pray, gladly pray,

In the house of Jehovah,

Till the righteous can say,

"O our warfare is over!"

Then we'll dry up our tears,

Sweetly praising together,

Through the great thousand years,

Face to face with the Savior.
2. What a joy will be there,

At the great resurrection,

As the saints meet in air,

In their robes of perfection;

Then the Lamb—then the Lamb,

With a God's mandatory,


Fills the world with his glory.
3. We can then live in peace,

With a joy on the mountains,

As the earth doth increase,,

With a joy by the fountains,

For the world will be blest,

With a joy to rely on,

From the east to the west,

Through the glory of Zion.
Hymn 32. PM Awake, O ye people! the Savior is coming

William W. Phelps (LDS)
1. Awake, O ye people! the Savior is coming:

He'll suddenly come to his temple, we hear;

Repentance is needed of all that are living,

To gain them a lot of inheritance near.

To-day will soon pass, and that unknown tomorrow,

May leave many souls in a more dreadful sorrow,

Than came by the flood, or that fell on Gomorrah—

Yea, weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth.
2. Be ready, O islands, the Savior is coming;

He'll bring again Zion the prophets declare;

Repent of your sins, and have faith in redemption.

To gain you a lot of inheritance there.

A voice to the nations in season is given,

To show the return of glories of Eden,

And call the elect from the four winds of heaven,

For Jesus is coming to reign on the earth.
Hymn 33 LM What wond'rous things we now behold

adapted by William W. Phelps (LDS)
1. What wond'rous things we now behold,

Which were declar'd from days of old,

By prophets, who, in vision clear,

Beheld those glories from afar.
2. The visions which Almighty God,

Confirm'd by his unchanging word,

That to the ages then unborn,

His greatest work he would perform.
3. The second time he'd set his hand

To gather Israel to their land,

Fulfil the cov'nants he had made,

And pour his blessings on their heads.
4. When Moab's remnant, long oppress'd,

Should gather'd be and greatly blest;

And Ammon's children scatter'd wide,

Return with joy, in peace abide.
5. While Elam's race a feeble band,

Receive a share in the blest land;

And Gentiles, all their power display

To hasten on the glorious day.
6. Then Ephraim's sons, a warlike race,

Shall haste in peace and see their rest,

And earth's remotest parts abound,

With joys of everlasting sound.
7. Assyria's captives, long since lost,

In splendor came a num'rous host;

Egyptia's waters fill'd with fear,

Their power feel and disappear.
8. Yes, Abra'm's children now shall be

Like sand in number by the sea;

While kindreds, tongues, and nations all,

Combine, to make the numbers full.
9. The dawning of that day has come,

See! Abra'm's sons are gath'ring home,

And daughters too, with joyful lays,

Are hastening here to join in praise!
10. O God, our Father, and our King,

Prepare our voices and our theme;

Let all our pow'rs in one combine

To sing thy praises in songs divine.
Hymn 34. CM There is a land the Lord will bless

Isaac Watts / edited by William W. Phelps (LDS)
1. There is a land the Lord will bless,

Where all the saints shall come;

There is a day for righteousness,

When Israel gathers home.
2. Before the word goes forth—Destroy!

And all the wicked burn,

With songs of everlasting joy,

The pure-in-heart return.
3. Their fields along Missouri's flood,

Are in perspective seen,

As unto Israel "Canaan stood,

While Jordan flow'd between."
4. Though wicked men and satan strive,

To keep them from that land,

And from their homes the saints they drive,

To try the Lord's command:
5. There all the springs of God will be;

And there an end of strife;

And there the righteous rising free,

Shall have eternal life.
6. There shall the will of God be done,

And saints and angels greet;

And there, when all in Christ is one,

The best from worlds shall meet.
7. There in the resurrection morn,

The living live again,

And all the children will be born

Without the sting of sin.
8. How long, our Father, O how long

Shall that pure time delay?

Come on, come on, ye holy throng,

And bring the glorious day.
Hymn 35. PM There's a feast of fat things for the righteous preparing

William W. Phelps (LDS)
1. There's a feast of fat things for the righteous preparing,

That the good of this world all the saints may be sharing;

For the harvest is ripe, and the reapers have learn'd

To gather the wheat, that the tares may be burn'd.

Come to the supper—come to the supper—

Come to the supper of the great Bridegroom.
2. Go forth all ye servants unto every nation,

And lift up your voices and make proclamation,

For to cease from all evil, and leave off all mirth,

For the Savior is coming to reign on the earth.
3. Go set forth the judgments to come, and the sorrow,

For after to-day, O there cometh tomorrow,

When the wicked, ungodly, rebellious, and proud,

Shall be burnt up as stubble—O cry it aloud!
4. Go pass throughout Europe, and Asia's dark regions,

To China's far shores, and to Afric's black legions,

And proclaim to all people, as you're passing by,

The fig-trees are leaving—the summer is nigh.
5. Go call on the great men of fame and of power,

The king on his throne, and the brave in his tower,

And inform them all kingdoms must fail but the one,

As clear as the moon and as fair as the sun.
6. Go cry to all quarters, and then to the islands,

To Gentiles and Jews, and proclaim to the heathens,

And exclaim to old Israel in every land,

Repent ye!—the kingdom of heaven's at hand.
7. Go carry glad tidings, that none need doubt whether

The lamb and the lion shall lie down together:

For the venom will cease, when the devil is bound,

And peace like a river, extend the world round.
8. Go publish the gospel, the truth of the Savior,

That the poor and the meek may begin to find favor,

And rejoice in their coming Redeemer and friend;

And lo! he is with you henceforth to the end.
9. O go and invite them, regardless of trouble,

The rich and the learned, the wise and the noble,

That the guests may be ready, (when Jesus shall come,)

To welcome forever, the holy Bridegroom.
10. Go gather the willing, and push them together,

Yea, push them to Zion (the saints' rest forever,)

Where the best that the heavens and earth can afford,

Will grace the great marriage and feast of the Lord.
11. Go welcome his people, let nothing preclude you,

Come Joseph, and Simeon, and Reuben, and Judah.

Come Napthali, Issachar, Levi and Dan,

Gad, Zebulon, Asher, and come Benjamin.
12. Be faithful and just to the end of your calling,

Till Bab'lon the great—she is fallen! is fallen!

Then return and receive the just servants' reward,

And sit down to the feast of the house of the Lord.

Come to the supper—come to the supper—

Come to the supper WITH the great Bridegroom.

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