Selected Bibliography on Higher Education and Internationalization

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Selected Bibliography on

Higher Education and Internationalization


The Internationalization of Higher Education [Theme issue] / UNESCO European Centre for Higher Education [Romania].-- In: Higher Education in Europe, vol. 32, no. 4, 2008. ISSN: 0379-7724
Borderless Knowledge: Understanding the "New" Internationalisation of Research and Higher Education in Norway/ Gornitzka, Ase; Ed.; Langfeldt, Liv; Ed..-- Springer, 2008. 193 p. (Higher Education Dynamics. 22) ISBN: 978-1-4020-8282-5
Transnational education in China: critical issues, and strategies for success/ Helms, Robin Matros / Observatory on Borderless Higher Education [UK].-- London, 2008. 31 p. (Report)
Borderless higher education 'Down Under': quality assurance of Australian cross-border initiatives/ Woodhouse, Davis; Stella, Antony / Observatory on Borderless Higher Education [UK].-- London, 2008. 37 p. (Report)
Facts and Figures on the International Nature of Studies and Research in Germany 2008 (Wissenschaft weltoffen. Daten und Fakten zur Internationalität von Studium und Forschung). / Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst [DAAD][Germany]; German Academic Exchange Service.-- 2008. 95 p. ISBN: 978-3-7639-3366-2
Foreign-backed universities: a status report on international academic affiliation / Lanzendorf, Ute / Observatory on Borderless Higher Education [UK].-- London, 2008. 49 p. (Report)
Globalization of higher education and cross-border student mobility/ Varghese, N.V. / UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning [IIEP].-- Paris, 2008. 29 p. (IIEP Research Papers)
The Globalization of Higher Education / Weber, Luc E.; Ed.; Duderstadt, James J.; Ed. / University of Geneva.-- London, Paris, Geneva, Economica, 2008. 290 p. - ISBN: 978-2-7178-5507-4

MEETING: Glion VI Colloquium. Geneva, 2007.

CONTENTS: Part I. The Context - Globalization: what does it mean for higher education? (D.Nayyar)Reinvigorating universities in an entrepreneurial age (C.Schramm); Partnering on a global scale (W.C.Johnson). Part II. Global Strategies for Established Universities - Developed universities and the developing world: opportunities and obligations (R.M.Berdahl); The Challenge to European universities in the emerging global market place (H.Newby); Comprehensive universities in continental Europe: falling behind? (G.Winckler); The Engagement of Australian universities with globalization (J.Niland); Japanese university reform seen through bureaucratic reform and changes in patterns of scientific collaboration (Y.Harayama and R.Carraz); Russian universities in the global world (V.Troyan). Part III. Global Strategies for Emerging Universities and University Systems - Response of Chinese higher education and SJTU to globalization: an overview (J.Zhang); Building Singapore's university education system in a globalized world: issues, policies and challenges (T.Tan Keng Yam); Globalization of research universities in Korea (N.Pyo Suh); Science and technology in Brazil (C.H.Brito Cruz). Part IV. Shifting Paradigms for Global Competition and Cooperation - Global success: real world research 'meets' global practitioners (P.Lorange); Universities as content providers (D.Tsichritzis); The Organizational challenge for European universities facing globalization (P.Aebischer and J-F.Ricci); Higher education in the 2st century: global imperatives, regional challenges, national responsibilities and emerging opportunities (J.J.Duderstadt); An Open University for 2st century (B.M.Gourley); The emerging Meta University (Ch.M.Vest). Part V. Universities in and of The World - The responsibility of universities to promote a sustainable society (L.Weber); Doing good by doing little? University responsibility in a violent setting (J.Waterbury); Has our reach exceeded our grasp? Taking a second look at higher education as a global enterprise (R.Zemsky); Globalization, public policies and higher education (D.Ward).
Higher Education and International Student Mobility in the Global Knowledge Economy/ Gürüz, Kemal.-- New York, State University of New York Press, 2008. 333 p. ISBN: 978-0-7914-7413-6
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Legal Aspects of Higher Education in an International Context: Disputes, resolutions, methods and safeguards/ Birtwistle, Tim; Ed. / European Association for International Education [EAIE][Netherlands].-- Amsterdam, 2008. 78 p. (EAIE Occasional Paper. 21) ISBN: 978-90-74721-28-8
Marketing Your Institution Internationally / Van Rooijen, Maurits; Ed. / European Association for International Education [EAIE].-- Amsterdam, 2008. 116 p. (EAIE Professional Development Series for International Educators. 3) - ISBN: 978-90-74721-29-5
Pathways Towards a Shared Future: Changing roles of higher education in a globalized world / UNESCO; UN University.-- Paris, 2008. 273 p.

MEETING: International Conference. Tokyo, 2007.

Policy options for managing international student migration: the sending country's perspective / Gribble, Cate / Association for Tertiary Education Management [Australia].-- IN: Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, vol. 30, no. 1, pp. 25-39, 2008 - ISSN: 1360-080x

CONTENTS: A consequence of the dramatic rise in international student mobility is the trend for international students to remain in the country in which they study after graduation. Countries such as Australia, the UK and Canada stand to benefit from international student migration, as they are able to fill skill shortages with locally trained foreign students who also expand the demand for goods and services and add to gross national production. This paper will consider the impacts of international student migration on sending countries and discuss the policy responses

Academic Finns Abroad: Challenges of international mobility and the research career / Kulonpalo, Jussi / Academy of Finland.-- Helsinki, 2007. 54 p. - ISBN: 978-951-715-652-9
At Home in the world: bridging the gap between internationalization and multicultural education / Olson, Christa L.; Evans, Rhodri; Shoenberg, Robert F. / American Council on Education [ACE].-- Washington,DC, 2007. 43 p. (Working Papers on Internationalizing Higher Education in the United States. no. 4)

Balancing economic and other discourses in the internationalization of higher education in South Africa/ Dunn, Mel; Nilan, Pam / UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning [Germany].-- In: International Review of Education//Internationale Zeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaft//Revue Internationale l'Education, vol. 53, no. 3, pp. 265-281, 2007. ISSN: 0020-8566
CONTENTS: Since the end of the apartheid era in South Africa,'internationalization' of higher education has been a popular theme as the country takes its place as a regional leader in education and research in sub-Saharan Africa. However, competing discourses of internationalization have produced economic and moral dilemmas rather than the realization of philanthropic academic aims. The process of internationalizing higher education in South Africa has been greatly compromised by under-funding and overcrowding of post-secondary education institutions in the country.

Benchmarking the Provision of Services for International Students in Higher Education Institutions / Council for International Education [UKCOSA].-- London, 2007. 36 p. - ISBN: 1-870679-41-5
Challenges and Opportunities for the Internationalization of Higher Education in the Coming Decade [Theme issue] / Association for Studies in International Education [USA].-- IN: Journal of Studies in International Education, Special issue, vol. 11, no. 3/4, 2007 - ISSN: 1028-3153

CONTENTS: Research on internationalisation in higher education (B.M.Kehm and U.Teichler); Internationalization of higher education in the OECD countries: challenges and opportunities for the coming decade (M.van der Wende); The Internationalization of higher education: motivations and realities (Ph.G.Altbach and J.Knight); To rank or to be ranked: the impact of global rankings in higher education (S.Marginson and M.van der Wende); Ranking the international dimension of top research universities in the United States (A.S.Horn, D.D.Hendel and G.W.Fry); We have met the enemy and he is us: the role of the faculty in the internationalization of higher education in the coming decade (M.Stohl); Challenges and opportunities for the internationalization of higher education in the coming decade: planned and opportunistic initiatives in American institutions (J.Edwards); The global campus: challenges and opportunities for higher education in North America (W.I.Brustein); Intervening in the learning of U.S. students abroad (M.V.Berg); The process of internationalization of Latin American higher education (J.Gacel Avila); The development of international education in Australia: a framework for the future (T.Adams); Internationalization of higher education in the developing and emerging countries: a focus on transnational higher education in Asia (F.Huang); Questing for internationalization of universities in Asia: critical reflections (Ka Ho Mok); The internationalisation of higher education in South Africa: progress and challenges (R.Kishun); Internationalisation of South African higher education in the postapartheid era (S.Rouhani); The professional value of temporary study in another European country: employment and work of former ERASMUS students (U.Teichler and K.Janson); Impossible things before breakfast: myths in education abroad (M.Woolf); High potentials: a CEO perspective (J.Hermans); Creating universities for a multiethnic and multicultural world: a utopia? (M.Cooper).

Choices in Internationalisation: How higher education institutions respond to internationalisation, europeanisation, and globalisation. Dissertation / Luijten-Lub, Anneke / University of Twente [Netherlands]; Center for Higher Education Policy Studies [CHEPS][Netherland].-- 2007. 269 p. - ISBN: 978-90-365-2601-2
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Global trends in higher education: globalisation, internationalisation, and policy - an historical critique / Neave, Guy / International Centre for Higher Education Research Kassel [Germany] . IN: Looking Back to Look Forward: Analyses of higher education after the turn of the millennium..-- Kassel, 2007. (Werkstattberichte) ISBN: 978-3-934377-56-1

Globalization: Challenges and opportunities for science and technology / UNESCO; UN University.-- Paris, 2007. 269 p.
MEETING: International Conference. Yokohama, 2006.

Globalisation, the "idea of a university" and its ethical regimes ( La mondialisation, "l'idée d'une université" et ses codes d'éthique ). / Marginson, Simon / OECD IMHE Programme.-- IN: Higher Education Management and Policy; Politiques et gestion de l'enseignement supérieur, vol. 19, no. 1, pp. 31-46, 2007 - ISSN: 1682-3451

CONTENTS: This paper sketches the impact of globalisation and internationalisation on the terrain of values and ethics in higher education. The first part of the paper discusses values and ethics in higher education in relation to the "Idea of a University", and identifies the ethical regimes essential to the functioning of HEIs as knowledge-forming organisations. The second part draws out implications of globalisation. Globalisation together with the strengthening of executive steering are associated with the partial "disembedding" of higher education institutions from their national governments, along with a pluralisation both of their spheres of operation and the range of private goods and public goods they produce and of the public they serve. This raises new questions about the governance and management of the values and ethical regimes associated with global goods, e.g. the obligations of communicability, mutuality, academic freedom, the protection of persons in higher education suggested by cross-border relationships, and the modes whereby these values and ethics are promoted.

Globalisation and higher education/ Marginson, Simon; Van der Wende, Marijk / OECD.-- ·Paris, 2007. 85 p. (Education Working Paper. 8)
CONTENTS: This working paper explores the issues for national policy and for individual institutions. Part I provides an overview of globalisation and higher education and the global responses of national systems and individual institutions of higher education. Part II is focused on certain areas of policy with a strong multilateral dimension: Europeanisation, institutional rankings and typologies and cross-border mobility.

How to measure internationality and internationalisation of higher education institutions! Indicators and key figures / Brandenburg, Uwe; Federkeil, Gero / Centre for Higher Education Development [CHE][Germany].-- 2007. 39 p. (Working Paper ) - ISBN: 978-3-939589-54-9
Implementing Internationalisation at Home / Beelen, Jos; Ed. / European Association for International Education [EAIE].-- Amsterdam, 2007. 96 p. (EAIE Professional Development Series for International Educators. 2) - ISBN: 978-90-74721-27-1
Internationalizing Canadian campuses / Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada [AUCC].-- Ottawa, 2007. 24 p. - ISBN: 978-0-88876-258-5

MEETING: Scotiabank-AUCC workshop on "Excellence in Internationalization at Canadian Universities". Ottawa, 2007.

International dimension in engineering education / Borri, C.; Guberti, E.; Melsa, J. / European Society for Engineering Education [SEFI].-- IN: European Journal of Engineering Education, vol. 32, no. 6, pp. 627-637, 2007 - ISSN: 0304-3797

CONTENTS: Engineers of the 21st century will spend appreciable portions of their careers in environments rich with global connections. Therefore, engineering colleges and universities must develop strategies that provide the global perspectives and international experiences that will help their graduates excel in this new world order. The current paper presents some European and American approaches to creating multi-organizational, international partnerships of academic and industrial organizations that emphasize collaborative educational programmes and research efforts that meet the globalization needs of faculty members, students, and industry.

International activity or internationalisation strategy? : insights from an institutional pilot study in the UK / Middlehurst, Robin; Woodfield, Steve / European Higher Education Society [EAIR].-- IN: Tertiary Education and Management, vol. 13, no. 3, pp. 263-279, 2007 - ISSN: 1358-3883

CONTENTS: Set in a context of increasing competition and changing dimensions of internationalisation, the paper offers an analysis of one institution's approach to changing its strategy and practice in the light of both the external context and internal drivers to internationalise. The reseach methodology was based on OECD/IMHE's Internationalisation Quality Review tool (1999). The findings provide insights into strategy development and internationalisation and how both are experienced by students and staff. While the detail is drawn from one UK institution, comparison at a more general level are made with institutional approaches to internationalisation in other UK institutions.

International student mobility: pattern and trends / Verbik, Line; Lasanowski, Veronica / . 2007. 48 p.

CONTENTS: The international student market is changing. An increasing number of higher education opportunities for study at home and abroad is contributing to rising competition in the international student market. In an attempt to attract the growing number of prospective students seeking higher education, individual institutions and national governments are looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors. In an attempt to do so, they are developing and implementing targeted recruitment strategies to grow new markets or expand in already established ones. Motivational factors in the decision-making process for student application to an overseas destination include employment and residency opportunities, the quality of the `student experience', including accommodation and social activities, and the costs associated with an international education. Through an analysis of national data produced by official government sources, this report provides a comprehensive overview of recent patterns in international student mobility, assesses current factors influencing government policy towards strategic recruitment and identifies future trends likely to affect mobility in coming years.

International university ranking systems and the idea of university excellence / Taylor, Paul; Braddock, Richard / Association for Tertiary Education Management [Australia].-- IN: Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, vol. 29, no. 3, pp. 245-260, 2007 - ISSN: 1360-080X

CONTENTS: We look at some of the theoretical and methodological issues underlying international university ranking systems and, in particular, their conceptual connection with the idea of excellence. We then turn to a critical examination of the two best-known international university ranking systems - the Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) World University Rankings and the Shanghai Jiao Tong Academic Ranking of World Universities. We assess the various criteria used by the two systems and argue that the Jiao Tong system, although far from perfect, is a better indicator of university excellence. Based on our assessments of these two systems, we suggest how an ideal international university ranking system might look, concluding with some comments on the uses of ranking systems.

Internationalising Higher Education/ Jones, Elspeth; Ed.; Brown, Sally; Ed..-- Routledge, 2007. 264 p. ISBN: 978-0-415-41989-5
Internationalizing Higher Education: A Financial or moral imperative? / Council for Industry and Higher Education [CIHE][UK].-- London, 2007. ISBN: 1-874223-61-0
Internationalisierungsstrategien der Fachhochschulen / Hochschulrektorenkonferenz [HRK][Germany].-- Bonn, 2007. 154 p. (Beiträge zur Hochschulpolitik) - ISBN: 3-938738-41-3
Internationalization as a response to globalization: radical shifts in university environments / Stromquist, Nelly P..-- IN: Higher Education, vol. 53, no. 1, pp. 81-105, 2007 - ISSN: 0018-1560
Internationalisation at Home: Ideas and ideals / Teekens, Hanneke; Ed. / European Association for International Education [EAIE][Netherlands].-- Amsterdam, 2007. 74 p. (EAIE Occasional Paper. 20) - ISSN: 0927-3514 - ISBN: 978-90-74721-26-4

CONTENTS: Internationalisation at home: an introduction (H.Teekens); Internationalisation at home: a brilliant idea awaiting implementation idea awaiting implementation (J.Mestenhauser); Institutional development for IaH: a case study from Mexico (C.Teissier); Diversity on campus - an institutional approach: a case study from Australia (B.Leask); Transforming individual experience: editing, teaching and learning in China and Canada (J.Silvey); An intercultural learning experience: service learning in an impoverished rural community in South Africa (V.van Rensburg); A nightingale sang in Malmö Square: the story of the Nightingale programme at Malmö University, Sweden (B.Nilsson and C.Sild Lönroth); Metro international: creating local connections with the New York City community (A.Garfinkle).

Internationalisation of higher education in the era of globalisation: what have been its implications in China and Japan? (L'internationalisation de l'enseignement supérieur à l'ère de la mondialisation: ses répercussion en Chine et au Japon). / Huang, Futao / OECD IMHE Programme.-- IN: Higher Education Management and Policy; Politiques et gestion de l'enseignement supérieur, vol. 19, no. 1, pp. 47-62, 2007 - ISSN: 1682-3451CONTENTS: This article describes the internationalisation of higher education in the era of globalisation in China and Japan. It presents the following issues: the relationship between internationalisation and globalisation; major characteristics of the internationalisation of higher education; a comparison between China and Japan; and the results of globalisation based on case studies from the two countries. The article concludes that globalisation has led to changes in the internationalisation of higher education in China and Japan, but not changed the most essential part of internationalisation of higher education in either country.La internacionalización de la educación superior. Paradigma para la ciudadania global/ Gacel-Avila, Jocelyne / Universidad de Guadalajara [Mexico].-- Guadalajara, 2007. 390 p. ISBN: 970-27-0319-0
Measuring the international standing of universities with an application to Australian universities / Williams, Ross; Van Dyke, Nina.-- IN: Higher Education, vol. 53, no. 6, pp. 819-841, 2007 - ISSN: 0018-1560

Meeting America's global education challenge: current trends in U.S. study abroad and the impact of strategic diversity initiatives/ Obst, Daniel; Bhandari, Rajika; Witherell, Sharon / Institute of International Education [IIE][USA].-- New York,NY, 2007. 24 p. (White Papers on Expanding Capacity and Diversity in Study Abroad)

Multicultural and international education: never the twain shall meet?/ Hill, Jan / UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning [Germany].-- In: International Review of Education//Internationale Zeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaft//Revue Internationale l'Education, vol. 53, no. 3, pp. 265-281, 2007. ISSN: 0020-8566
CONTENTS: The paper commences with an attempt to define multicultural education (also referred to as intercultural education) with reference to its historical development and current uses of the term. The rise of international schools is then addressed as a necessary preamble to a definition of international education from an historical perspective; a comparison with multicultural education sharpens the definition. The author goes on to propose that intercultural understanding is a principal, common objective of multicultural and international education and should serve to bring together scholars and practitioners in both fields whereas the literature and practice shows them, by and large, operating independently with little reference, one to the other. Greater collaboration can only be of mutual benefit in achieving common objectives and improving practice. The paper concludes with some suggestions for collaborative research across both fields.

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