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November 2014

Abedian, Edward Arash.

British policy in Egypt c. 1973-1981.


Classmark: 9.5.352 [M. Phil Thesis]
Aberth, John.

Environmental history of the Middle Ages: the crucible of nature .

London: Routledge, 2013.

Classmark: GF540 .A24 2013
Adas, Michael.

Essays on twentieth-century history.

Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2010.

Classmark: D421 .E77 2010
Alderman, Geoffrey.

British Jewry since emancipation.

Buckingham: The University of Buckingham Press, 2014.

Classmark: DS135.E5 A53 2014
Ando, Clifford.

Imperial Rome AD 193 to 284: the critical century.

Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2012.

Classmark: DG298 .A53 2012
Appleby, John C.

Women and English piracy, 1540-1720: partners and victims of crime.

Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK: Boydell Press, 2013.

Classmark: G535 .A67 2013
Arnold-Forster, Tom.

Gore Vidal and Washington, DC.


Classmark: 9.5.353 [M. Phil Thesis]
Arsan, Andrew.

Interlopers of empire: the Lebanese diaspora in colonial French West Africa.

London: Hurst & Company, 2014.

Classmark: DT474.6.L35 A77 2014
Ashcroft, Loraine.

Vital statistics: the Westmorland 'census' of 1787.

[Kendal]: Curwen Archive Texts, 1992.

Classmark: DA670.W5 V58 1992
Barnard, Rita.

Cambridge companion to Nelson Mandela.

New York, NY, USA: Cambridge University Press, 2014.

Classmark: DT1974 .C36 2014
Bartlett, Robert.

Why can the dead do such great things?: saints and worshippers from the martyrs to the Reformation. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, c 2013.

Classmark: BR162.3 .B37 2013

Bashkin, Orit.

Other Iraq: pluralism and culture in Hashemite Iraq.

Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press, 2009.

Classmark: DS79.65 .B37 2009
Batsaki, Yota, Mukherji, Subha & Schramm, Jan-Melissa.

Fictions of knowledge: fact, evidence, doubt.

New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.

Classmark: PR149.S64 F53 2012
Bayat, Asef.

Post-Islamism: the changing faces of political Islam.

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013.

Classmark: BP173.7 .P67 2013
Bentham, Jeremy.

Works, volume 4....

Charleston, SC: Nabu Press, 2012.

Classmark: B1574 .B3 2012
Blom, Hans, W.

Property, piracy and punishment: Hugo Grotius on war and booty in De iure praedae: concepts and contexts.

Leiden: Brill, 2009.

Classmark: KZ6600 .P76 2009
Borschberg, Peter.

Hugo Grotius, the Portuguese and free trade in the East Indies.

Singapore: NUS Press, 2011.

Classmark: KZ2093 .B67 2011
Bose, Sugata & Jalal, Ayesha.

Nationalism, democracy, and development: state and politics in India.

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1997.

Classmark: DS480.45 .N329 1997
Bourke, Joanna.

Husbandry to housewifery: women, economic change, and housework in Ireland, 1890-1914.

Oxford [England]: Clarendon Press, 1993.

Classmark: HQ1600.3 .B68 1993
Boyer, Christopher R.

Land between waters: environmental histories of modern Mexico.

Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2012.

Classmark: GE160.M58 L36 2012
Bradford, Ernle Dusgate Selby.

Sultan's admiral: Barbarossa, pirate and empire-builder.

London: Tauris Parke Paperbacks, 2009.

Classmark: DR509.B22 B7 2009
Brown, Kate (Kathryn L.)

Plutopia: nuclear families, atomic cities, and the great Soviet and American plutonium disasters.

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013.

Classmark: HD9539.P583 S62 2013
Bsumek, Erika Marie, Kinkela David & Lawrence Mark Atwood.

Nation-states and the global environment: new approaches to international environmental history.

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013

Classmark: GE170 .N34 2013

Burgess, Douglas R.

Pirates' pact: the secret alliances between history's most notorious buccaneers and colonial America.

Chicago: McGraw-Hill, 2008.

Classmark: F106 .B94 2008
Cuadernos hispanoamericanos.

Madrid: Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional, 1948.

Classmark: LIT. 575
Cartledge, Paul & Fiona Rose, Greenlan.

Responses to Oliver Stone’s Alexander: film, history, and cultural studies.

Madison, Wis.: University of Wisconsin Press, 2010.

Classmark: PN1997.2.A425 R47 2010
Chalcraft, John T.

Invisible cage: Syrian migrant workers in Lebanon.

Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press, 2009.

Classmark: HD8659 .C48 2009
Chetai, Vincent, Haggenmacher, Peter.

Vattel’s international law in a XXIst century perspective = Le droit international de Vattel vu du XXIe siècle.

Boston: M. Nijhoff, 2011.

Classmark: KZ2414 .V38 2011
Christie, Neil.

Fall of the Western Roman Empire: an archaeological and historical perspective.

London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2011.

Classmark: DG319 .C49 2011
Collins, Roger.

Early medieval Europe, 300-1000.

Houndmills, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.

Classmark: D121 .C65 2010
Cornwall, J.C.K.

Wealth and society in early sixteenth century England.

London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1988.

Classmark: HN385 .C76 1988
Cowans, Jon.

Early modern Spain: a documentary history.

Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2003.

Classmark: DP161.5 .E27 2003
Crowther, Joshua.

Britain and the evolution of Australian diplomacy: 1920-1923.


Classmark: 9.9.87 [M Phil thesis]
Cuadernos hispanoamericanos.

Madrid: Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional.

Classmark: LIT. 575
Dal Santo, Matthew.

Debating the saints' cult in the age of Gregory the Great.

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012.

Classmark: BX2333 .D35 2012
Davies, Jack.

A historical analysis of the UK's response to insider trading since 1945.

Classmark: 9.7.54 [M. Phil thesis]

Donoughue, Bernard.

Downing Street diary: with Harold Wilson in No. 10.

London: Jonathan Cape, 2005.

Classmark: DA591.W5 D66 2005
Dorsett, Shaunnagh & Hunter, Ian.

Law and politics in British colonial thought: transpositions of empire.

New York, N.Y.: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.

Classmark: KZ1269 .L39 2010
Earenfight, Theresa.

Queenship in medieval Europe.

Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.

Classmark: D107.3 .E27 2013
Evans, Richard J.

Comrades and sisters: feminism, socialism, and pacifism in Europe, 1870-1945.

Brighton, Sussex: St. Martin's Press, 1987.

Classmark: HQ1236.5.E85 E82 1987
Fear, Andrew, Marcos, Mar & Fernández Ubiña, José.

Role of the bishop in late antiquity: conflict and compromise.

New York: Bloomsbury, 2013.

Classmark: BX1905 .R65 2013
Fiege, Mark.

Republic of nature: an environmental history of the United States.

Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2012.

Classmark: GF503 F54 2012
Fitzmaurice, Sophie Jean.

Expansion and resource exploitation in the Arctic regions, circa 1850-1900.


Classmark: 9.5.354 [M. phil thesis]
Floud, Roderick, Humphries, Jane & Johnson, Paul.

Cambridge economic history of modern Britain. (Vol.1)

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014

Classmark: HC253 .C36 2014
Fraser, Steve & Gerstle, Gary.

Ruling America: a history of wealth and power in a democracy.

Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2005.

Classmark: HN90.E4 R85 2005
Frawley, Jodi &McCalman, Iain.

Rethinking invasion ecologies from the environmental humanities.

London: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2014.

Classmark: QH353 .R48 2014
Fear, Andrew, Marcos, Mar & Fernández Ubiña, José.

Role of the bishop in late antiquity: conflict and compromise.

New York: Bloomsbury, 2013.

Classmark: BX1905 .R65 2013
Gardner, Lloyd C.

Approaching Vietnam: from World War II through Dienbienphu, 1941-1954.

New York: W.W. Norton & Co., 1988.

Classmark: E183.8.V5 G36 1988
Garretón Merino, Manuel A.

Incomplete democracy: political democratization in Chile and Latin America.

Chapel Hill, N.C.: University of North Carolina Press, 2003.

Classmark: PS.791.1

Geschiere, Peter.

Perils of belonging: autochthony, citizenship, and exclusion in Africa and Europe.

Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2009.

Classmark: HM753 .G47 2009
Gettleman, Marvin & Schaar, Stuart.

Middle East and Islamic world reader.

New York: Grove Press, 2003.

Classmark: DS44 .M523 2003
Gibbs, Joseph.

On the account in the golden age: piracy & the Americas, 1670-1726.

Brighton: Sussex Academic Press, 2014.

Classmark: E18.75 .G53 2014
Gillespie, Tarleton.

Wired shut: copyright and the shape of digital culture.

Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2007.

Classmark: K1447.15 .G55 2007
Girvin, Brian.

Emergency: neutral Ireland 1939-45.

London: Macmillan, 2006.

Classmark: D754.I5 G18 2006
Gissibl, Bernhard, Hohler, Sabine & Kupper, Patrick.

Civilizing nature: national parks in global historical perspective.

New York: Berghahn Books, 2012.

Classmark: SB481 .C57 2012
Goddard, Richard, Langdon, John & Müller, Miriam.

Survival and discord in medieval society: essays in honour of Christopher Dyer.

Turnhout: Brepols, 2010.

Classmark: DA175 .S937 2010
Goldie, Mark.

John Locke and the Mashams at Oates.

Cambridge [U.K.]: Churchill College, University of Cambridge, 2004.

Classmark: Pam.6552
Göttler, Christine.

Last things: art and the religious imagination in the age of reform.

Turnhout: Brepols, 2010.

Classmark: N7860 .G68 2010
Gray, Raphael William.

Critique of Whig Society in John Shebbeare's letters on the English nation (1755).


Classmark: 9.5.355 [M. Phil thesis]

Guaman Poma de Ayala, Felipe.

First new chronicle and good government, abridged.

Indianapolis: Hackett Pub. Co., 2006.

Classmark: F3429.G8 G82513 2006
Harding, Robert Graham.

British market for champagne, 1800-1914.


Classmark: 9.5.356 [M. Phil Thesis]
Hathaway, Michael J.

Environmental winds: making the global in Southwest China.

Berkeley: University of California Press, 2013.

Classmark: GE199.C6 H38 2013
Hitchcock, Alexander John.

Parliamentary democracy and socialist revisionism in the political thought of Reginald Bassett: 1924-39.


Classmark: 9.9.89 [M. Phil Thesis]
Hoerder, Dirk & Page Moch, Leslie.

European migrants: global and local perspectives.

Boston: Northeastern University Press, 1996.

Classmark: JV7590 .E953 1996
Hollowood, Ella.

Punch, laughter, and the social order, 1880-1932.


Classmark: 9.5.357 [M. Phil Thesis]
Hopkirk, Peter.

Great game: on secret service in high Asia.

London: John Murray, 2006.

Classmark: DS329.4 .H67 2006
Hopkirk, Peter.

Great game: the struggle for empire in central Asia.

New York: Kodansha International, 1992.

Classmark: DS329.4 .H67 1992
Horcasitas, Fernando.

Teatro náhuatl: épocas novohispana y moderna.

México: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Instituto de Investigaciones Históricas, 1974.

Classmark: COLMEX.166/A
Horne, Gerald.

Cold War in a hot zone: the United States confronts labor and independence struggles in the British West Indies.

Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2007.

Classmark: HD8242 .H67 2007

Hutchinson, Alasdair.

Dwight Eisenhower and the Republican Party's approach to the South, 1952-56.


Classmark: 9.5.359 [M. Phil Thesis]
Hydrick, Thomas.

Careers of South Carolina congressmen John McMillan, L. Mendel Rivers and William Jennings Bryan Dorn.


Classmark: 9.5.358 [M Phil. Thesis]
James, Leslie.

George Padmore and decolonization from below: pan-Africanism, the Cold War, and the end of empire.

Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.

Classmark: DT30 .J35 2015
Johnson, Scott Fitzgerald.

Oxford handbook of late antiquity.

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012.

Classmark: DE80 .O84 2012

Josephson, Paul R.

Environmental history of Russia.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013.

Classmark: GF602.7 .J67 2013
Jowitt, Claire.

Culture of piracy, 1580-1630: English literature and seaborne crime.

Farnham: Ashgate, 2010.

Classmark: PR428.C74 J69 2010
Kaiser, Thomas & Van Kley, Dale K.

From deficit to deluge: the origins of the French Revolution.

Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press, 2011.

Classmark: DC138 .F65 2011
Kander, Astrid.

Power to the people: energy in Europe over the last five centuries.

Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 2013.

Classmark: HD9502.E82 K36 2013
Katajala-Peltomaa, Sari.

Gender, miracles, and daily life: the evidence of fourteenth-century canonization processes.

Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols, 2009.

Classmark: BX2330 .K38 2009
Kernfeld, Barry Dean.

Pop song piracy: disobedient music distribution since 1929.

Chicago; University of Chicago Press, 2011.

Classmark: ML3790 .K448 2011
Kippen, Kim & Woods, Lori.

Worth and repute: valuing gender in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe: essays in honour of Barbara Todd.

Toronto: Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, 2011.

Classmark: HQ1075.5.E85 W67 2011
Kraska, James.

Contemporary maritime piracy: international law, strategy, and diplomacy at sea.

Santa Barbara, Calif.: Praeger, 2011.

Classmark: KZ7212 .K73 2011
Ledwell, Hilary.

Enthusiasts, evangelicals, and the contest for revival, circa 1730-1750.


Classmark: 9.5.360 [M. Phil Thesis]
Leeson, Peter T.

Invisible hook: the hidden economics of pirates.

Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 2009.

Classmark: G535 .L44 2009
Logevall, Fredrik.

Choosing war: the lost chance for peace and the escalation of war in Vietnam.

Berkeley: University of California Press, 2001.

Classmark: DS558 .L6 2001

Lupatkin, Jason Samuel.

Violence and politics in northern California, 1850-1895.


Classmark: 9.5.361 [M. Phil Thesis]
MacKenzie, David Clark.

World beyond borders: an introduction to the history of international organizations.

[Toronto]: University of Toronto Press, 2010.

Classmark: JZ4839 .M33 2010
Maeve Devitt Tremblay, Mary Lucie.

Polish nobility on the Grand Tour: 1754-1798.


Classmark: 9.9.88 [M. Phil Thesis]
McGregor, Steven.

Egyptian intervention in the western hemisphere as a problem in US foreign policy, 1863-1867.


Classmark: 9.5.362 [M. Phil Thesis]
Mlambo, A.S.

History of Zimbabwe.

New York, NY: Cambridge University Press, 2014.

Classmark: DT2925 .M55 2014
Montesquieu, Charles de Secondat, baron de.

Considerations on the causes of the greatness of the Romans and their decline.

Indianapolis; Cambridge: Hackett Pub., 1999.

Classmark: DG210 .M778 1999
Moore, George.

Amnesty International and the political detainees of Indonesia's new order, 1965-1979.


Classmark: 9.5.363 [M. Phil Thesis]
Morris, Christopher.

Big Muddy: an environmental history of the Mississippi and its peoples, from Hernando de Soto to Hurricane Katrina.

New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2012.

Classmark: GE155.M57 M67 2012
Morris, Marc.

Great and terrible king: Edward I and the forging of Britain.

London: Windmill, 2009.

Classmark: DA229 .M67 2009
Morris, Peter J.T.

Science for the nation: perspectives on the history of the Science Museum.

Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan,2013.

Classmark: Q105.G7 S36 2013
Mouat, Melissa.

Emergence of the Tongwen Guan and the politics of translation in late Qing China.


Classmark: 9.5.364 [M. Phil Thesis]
Murphy, Martin N.

Small boats, weak states, dirty money: piracy & maritime terrorism in the modern world.

London: Hurst & Company, 2010.

Classmark: HV6431 .M8746 2010

Murray, Williamson.

Change in the European balance of power, 1938-1939: the path to ruin.

Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1984.

Classmark: D727 .M87 1984
Musson, Anthony & Ormrod, W.M.

Evolution of English justice: law, politics, and society in the fourteenth century.

Houndmills, Basingstoke: Macmillan Press, 1999.

Classmark: KD610 .M87 1999
Nathaniel, Roland James Piers.

Anglo-Austrian relations, 1813-15.


Classmark: 9.9.92 [M Phil thesis]
Neu, Charles.

After Vietnam: legacies of a lost war.

Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2000.

Classmark: DS558 .A37 2000
O'Morchoe, Frances.

Imagining the Yunnan Plateau, c. 1850-1900.


Classmark: 9.5.365 [M Phil thesis]
Piglia, Ricardo.

Respiración artificial.

Barcelona: Editorial Anagrama, 2001.

Classmark: LIT.551.(1-3)
Postigo, Hector.

Digital rights movement: the role of technology in subverting digital copyright.

Cambridge, Mass.: The MIT Press, 2012.

Classmark: K1447.95 .P67 2012
Prochaska, F.K.

Republic of Britain, 1760-2000.

London: Penguin Books, 2001.

Classmark: DA470 .P76 2001
Raponi, Danilo.

Religion and politics in the Risorgimento: Britain and the new Italy, 1861-1875.

Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.

Classmark: BR759 .R28 2014
Raymond, Joad.

Oxford history of popular print culture: volume 1: cheap print in Britain and Ireland to 1660.

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011.

Classmark: PR408.P67 O94 2011
Rebillard, Éric.

Christians and their many identities in late antiquity, North Africa, 200-450 CE.

Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2012.

Classmark: BR190 .R43 2012
Rio, Alice.

Byzantine Colloquium (2008: London, England)

Law, custom, and justice in late antiquity and the Early Middle Ages: proceedings of the 2008 Byzantine

Colloquium /

London: Centre for Hellenic Studies, 2011.

Classmark: KJ135 .B9 2008

Rocha, Carolina & Seminet, Georgia.

Screening minors in Latin American cinema.

Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2014.

Classmark: PN1993.5.L3 S37 2014
Rodgers, Daniel T., Raman, Bhavani & Reimitz, Helmut.

Cultures in motion.

Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2014.

Classmark: GN345.7 .C85 2014
Roque, Ricardo & Wagner, Kim A.

Engaging colonial knowledge: reading European archives in world history.

Houndmills, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.

Classmark: JV105 .E64 2011

Rubinstein, W.D.

Shadow pasts: history's mysteries.

Harlow, England: Pearson/Longman, 2008.

Classmark: D13 .R8638 2008
Saltmarsh Little, Tess Mary.

Contextualising the punishment of les femmes tondues: Cherbourg, 1944-1946.


Classmark: 9.9.91 [MPhil Thesis]
Sapire, Hilary & Saunders, Chris.

Southern african liberation struggles: new local, regional and global perspectives.

[Cape Town]: UCT Press, 2013.

Classmark: DT1177 .S68 2013
Savery, Annabel.


Mankato, Minn.: Smart Apple Media, 2013.

Classmark: Pam.6551
Schieder, Theodor.

Documents on the expulsion of the Germans from Eastern-Central Europe.

Bonn: Federal Ministry for Expellees, Refugees, and War Victims, 1960.

Classmark: D820.P72 G573 1960
Schroeder, Susan.

Conquest all over again: Nahuas and Zapotecs thinking, writing, and painting Spanish colonialism.

Eastbourne: Sussex Academic Press, 2010.

Classmark: F1219.3.H56 C66 2010
Sigurðsson, Jón Viðar & Bolton, Timothy.

Celtic-Norse relationships in the Irish Sea in the Middle Ages 800-1200.

Leiden: Brill, 2014.

Classmark: DA990.I77 C45 2014
Skues, Keith.

Pop went the pirates II.

Horning: Lamb's Meadow Publication, 2009.

Classmark: HE8697.65.G7 S58 2009
Storm, Erica.

Circulation of patent medicines in British consumer society, 1815-1841.


Classmark: 9.5.366 [MPhil thesis]
Sundaram, Ravi.

Pirate modernity: Delhi's media urbanism.

London: Routledge, 2009.

Classmark: P94.65.I4 S86 2010
Tell, Tariq,

Social and economic origins of monarchy in Jordon.

New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.

Classmark: JC375 .T4 2013
Thomas, Keith.

Oxford book of work.

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999.

Classmark: HD4901 .O93 1999
Torrance, David.

Salmond: against the odds.

Edinburgh: Birlinn, 2010.

Classmark: DA822.S35 T68 2010
Tutino, Stefania.

Empire of souls: Robert Bellarmine (1542-1621) and the Christian commonwealth.

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010.

Classmark: BX1810 .T88 2010
Wallace, Marion.

History of Namibia: from the beginning to 1990.

New York: Columbia University Press, 2011.

Classmark: DT1575 .W35 2011
Ward, Fred.

Class, religion and gender roles in inter-war public schools.


Classmark: 9.5.367 [M Phil thesis]
Watenpaugh, Keith David.

Being modern in the Middle East: revolution, nationalism, colonialism, and the Arab middle class.

Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 2006.

Classmark: DS63.6 .W38 2006
Watkins, C.S.

Undiscovered country: journeys among the dead.

London: Bodley Head, 2013.

Classmark: HQ1073.5.G7 W38 2013
Weidenmüller, Sarah.

Henry Martyn and the circulation of Christian scriptures in the Persianate world, c. 1810-1914.


Classmark: 9.5.368 [MPhil thesis]
Weiss, Gillian Lee.

Captives and corsairs: France and slavery in the early modern Mediterranean.

Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press, 2011.

Classmark: HT1345 .W45 2011
Wills, John.

US environmental history: inviting doomsday.

Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2013.

Classmark: GE180 .W56 2013
Woker, Madeline.

Politics of taxation in the French Empire: the case of Indochina 1897-1939.


Classmark: 9.9.93 [M. Phil thesis]

Wolff, Larry.

Idea of Galicia: history and fantasy in Habsburg political culture.

Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press, 2010.

Classmark: DK4600.G344 W65 2010
Zelinsky, Nathaniel A.G.

Reassessing the v for victory campaign and the global "victory" culture of the Second World War.


Classmark: 9.5.369 [M. Phil thesis]

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