Security Council

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Modelo de Naciones Unidas del Santiago Christian School

(SCSMUN 2016)

Santiago de los Caballeros, República Dominicana

11 y 12 de marzo del 2016

Security Council

On behalf of the Santiago Christian School and the Secretariat of this second edition of the Santiago Christian School Model United Nations (SCSMUN), we welcome you the United Nations Security Council. We want to congratulate you for choosing one of the toughest committees of the United Nations and becoming a high-level ambassador of the United Nations. By joining the Security Council, you will have the opportunity to debate some of the most delicate, controversial, and dangerous situations that could affect our daily lives and the well-being of the International Community
Your Dais will be comprised of Daniel Pappaterra, who will serve as President, and Nathan Cheung, who will serve as Vice-President.

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