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Summary of Findings tables

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Summary of Findings tables

No information included in the methods as to how GRADE has been used.

Summarising methods used to rate the quality of evidence under ‘Data collection & analysis’.

Very little information given on outcomes selected and prioritised for SoF table.

Including the subset of outcomes prioritised for GRADE assessment and SoF table as a list in the review (either given under Types of outcomes or alongside methods for rating the quality of the evidence under ‘Data collection & analysis’).

Quality of evidence ratings unexplained, or appear to be limited to risk of bias in the presence of clear inconsistency or imprecision.

Clear explanation for downgrading decisions, with a reference to the consideration (e.g. risk of bias or imprecision) and the number of levels downgraded.

Citing lack of statistical significance as reason for downgrading imprecision.

Consideration of sample size, number of events and confidence intervals around absolute effect.

Wording that associates the quality of evidence with statistical significance e.g. "moderate quality evidence of no statistical significance"

Emphasis on quality of evidence and estimate of effect: ‘effect of the intervention was uncertain due to imprecision (moderate quality evidence).’

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