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Implications for research

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Implications for research

Stating that more research is needed without any description of the nature or scope of such research using the PICO framework.

Using key limitations described from Quality of evidence/Completeness & applicability to into priorities for research

Going beyond simple study design labels (i.e. more RCTs) to include consideration of what aspects of study are important, for example standardised definition of outcomes, better information about the nature of the interventions delivered.

Drawing on any information already known about ongoing studies.

Differences between protocol and review

Under-reporting of changes to review methods from the protocol including eligibility criteria, changes to the definition of outcomes, promotion or demotion of primary and secondary outcomes or measures of treatment effect.

Acknowledgement of departures from protocol. The comparison of review versions function in Archie can be used to detect any changes between the published protocols and the draft review.

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