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CEU screening programme: Overview of common errors & good practice in Cochrane intervention reviews

Since September 2013, the CEU has been responsible for pre-publication screening of new intervention reviews. Based on these experiences this resource has been compiled to draw attention to the most prominent challenges faced by authors and editors in the production of Cochrane Reviews. Where possible it also identifies how they might be addressed.

Toby Lasserson, Senior Editor

Section of the review

Common error

Good practice


Unclear or misleading title.

Clear link between the review title and review question.

In empty reviews, too much prominence can be given to findings from ineligible studies, or extrapolation of positive results from other reviews.

Emphasis on the lack of evidence to address the review question and acknowledgement of any ongoing studies.

Inconsistent messages across conclusions, PLS, Discussion & implications for practice & research.

Using GRADE ratings to inform the review abstract, Summary of Findings (SoF) tables, PLS, Effects of interventions, Discussion (especially quality of evidence) and conclusions.

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