Section Objectives

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Chapter 12, Section 2
Jackson’s Policy Toward Native Americans
Miss Bowman

Section Objectives
1. To explain the conflict between whites and Native Americans in the Southeast
2. To evaluate Jackson’s removal policy
3. To describe the hardships of the Trail of Tears
4. To explain how Native American groups in the East resisted removal

Key Terms and Names
Indian Removal Act
Indian Territory
Trail of Tears

Native Americans in the Southeast/The Cherokee Nation
1. What were the conflicts between whites and Native Americans in the Eastern states?

2. How had the Cherokee adapted to living among white settlers?

3. Why did whites pressure the government to force the Cherokee out of Georgia?

Jackson’s Removal Policy

4. Why did Jackson believe the government had the right to decide where Native Americans could live?

5. How did Jackson propose to solve the problem of Native American protests?

6. How did the Indian Removal Act affect Native Americans in the Southeast?

The Trail of Tears
7. How did the Cherokee fight the takeover of their lands in Georgia?

8. How did the Supreme Court rule on the Cherokee case, and why was Jackson able to ignore this ruling?

9. Why is the journey of the Cherokee to Indian Territory known as the Trail of Tears?

Native American Resistance
10. How did some Native American groups in the Southeast resist removal?

11. What were the causes and the outcome of the Second Seminole War, and what part did Osceola play in Seminole resistance?

12. Besides the Southeastern tribes, what other groups were forced to move to Indian Territory?
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