Section E. Claims Based on Service in Southwest Asia

d. Verifying Southwest Asia Service Using DD Form 214

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d. Verifying Southwest Asia Service Using DD Form 214

Use the table below when reviewing the Veteran’s DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty for verification of Southwest Asia service.

If the DD Form 214 shows …

Then consider …

  • service in Southwest Asia with exact dates listed in remarks section

  • Iraq Campaign Medal, or

  • Kuwait Liberation Medal

service in Southwest Asia verified.

Southwest Asia Service Medal

service in Southwest Asia potentially verified.
Important: Review the DD Form 214 and/or personnel records to ensure that this medal was not awarded solely for service in Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, or Jordan (including the airspace above and the territorial waters) from January 17, 1991, through November 30, 1995.

Global War on Terrorism Service/Expeditionary Medal

  • service in Southwest Asia not verified, and

Reference: For more information on procedures for locating and obtaining personnel records see,

Afghanistan Campaign Medal

  • service in Afghanistan verified for the sole purpose of a claim for presumptive SC for infectious diseases listed under 38 CFR 3.317(c), and

  • Southwest Asia service not verified for the purpose of compensation for undiagnosed illness or medically unexplained chronic multi-symptom illnesses.

Reference: For more information on locations considered as Southwest Asia theater of operations, see

  • 38 CFR 3.317(e)(2), and

  • M21-1, Part IV, Subpart ii, 2.D.1.f.

e. Requesting Service Department Records in a Southwest Asia Claim

In addition to service treatment records (STRs), request

  • clinical records, if the Veteran furnishes information on the application about specific inpatient treatment, and

  • service personnel records, if the dates of service in Southwest Asia during the Gulf War period that began on August 2, 1990, are not already of record.

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