Section b the Growth of Nationalism: Germany 1815 -1939

Prussian Economic Strength

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Prussian Economic Strength

- Refer to previous knowledge about Zollverein and industrialisation

Prussian Military Strength

3 wars of Unification

- war with Denmark

- war and isolation of Austria

- Franco-Prussian war (actions of Napoleon III)

Group Presentation Two.

Rule Criteria

  • Group of 6 people

  • You must meet your deadline: One week,

  • Prepare a revision sheet

Form Criteria

  • You must evaluate the reasons why Germany was unified in 1871.

  • You must mention the following points and their individual significance:

      • Prussian Military Strength

      • Prussian Economic Strength

      • The Wars of Unification

      • Other Key points contributing to Unification

    • You must have a KU section

    • You must have an argument and evaluation section.

    • You must have a historiography section.

    • Video Clip

Essay 2:
To what extent was Bismarck responsible for the unification of Germany in 1871?

Opportunist or Masterplan?

BISMARCK: Importance – influence

Statesmanship – foreign policy


Schleswig-Holstein – setting Austria up

Austro/Prussian: Secures KLEINDEUTSCH

Franco-Prussian 1871 INSTRUMENTAL

Bismarck engineered the war between Prussia and France but it must be noted that without the organisation of von Moltke it is possible that the victory over France may never have been secured. However, Bismarck took his opportunity to define the Western Border of ‘Germany’ and thus must be credited with the achievement of German unification.

EMS TELEGRAM: Hohenzollern candidate

VON MOLTKE: Organisational genius – army
ZOLLVEREIN: “The mighty lever of German Unification” (William Carr)

Brothers Grimm

The Weimar Republic

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