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Fracture Resistant Waterproof Membrane System

Miracote Liquid Membrane FR


  1. Work of this Section, as shown or specified, shall be in accordance with the requirements of the Contract Documents.


  1. Work of this Section includes all labor, materials, equipment and services necessary to complete the waterproof neoprene composition fracture resistant waterproof membrane system as scheduled on the drawings and/or specified herein.


  1. Concrete - Section 03300.

(Note to Specifier: Concrete slab should be either water cured or cured using sodium silicate curing compounds only. Other types of curing compounds are generally not acceptable. Concrete should be cured for a minimum of 28 days with a maximum moisture content of 7%. Lightweight concrete topping slabs should not contain lightweight aggregates such as gypsum or vermiculite. Structural concrete and concrete topping shall include expansion joints which shall be filled with Miracote Mirathane 500 or MC-5 joint filling compound or approved equal. Minimum pitch of 1/4 inch per foot. Covering on-grade floors is generally not recommended. If application is over an on-grade condition, the slab shall have a functioning vapor retarding membrane or sheet beneath slab, and slab should be properly vented. Consult Crossfield Products Corp.)

  1. Floor drains - Division 15.

(Note to Specifier: Floor drains, clean-outs, etc. should be of the "floor-flange" type as manufactured for use with composition floors by most major drain manufacturers. Drain flange shall be finished with substrate. Bi-Level drains shall be used with mortar bed installations)

  1. Insulation, vapor barrier and protective waterproofing

(Consult Crossfield Products Corp. for specific recommendation)

  1. Sheet metal flashing

(Note to Specifier: Sheet metal flashing shall be minimum 26 gauge galvanized. All joint or seams shall be overlapped approx. 3" and caulked with Miracote Mirathane 500 flashing paste or approved equal, installed in compliance with all building code requirements. )

  1. Plywood substrate including framing and blocking

(Note to Specifier: Plywood substrates which are to receive thin-set tile applications shall be a minimum 5/8 inch ( preferably 3/4 inch) exterior grade. Covered with 2.5 expanded metal lath filled with Miracote Repair Mortar. Plywood shall be supported 16" on center and properly blocked. Plywood shall be attached with either screws, screw type or ring shank nails. Plywood substrates which are to receive mortar bed applications shall have slip sheet cleavage membrane both below and above waterproof membrane application. Special care shall be taken to insure waterproof membrane extends up vertical surfaces a minimum of 3" above finish elevation of tile surface.

  1. Slope for drainage

(Note to Specifier: Allow minimum 1/4 inch per foot slope to drain. This can be provided for in the substrate or by application of Miracote Repair Mortar. Care must be taken to provide adequate elevation at thresholds to provide proper slope to drain.)


  1. General: Submit the following in accordance with Conditions of Contract and Division 1 Specification Sections.

  2. Product Data: Submit manufacturer's technical data, application instructions and general recommendations for the waterproof neoprene composition fracture Resistant waterproof membrane system specified herein.

  3. Samples for initial selection purposes in form of manufacturer's recommended installation procedures for specific application parameters.

  4. Material certificates signed by manufacturer certifying that the waterproof neoprene composition fracture Resistant waterproof membrane system complies with requirements specified herein.

  5. Maintenance Instructions: Submit manufacturer's written instructions for recommended maintenance practices.

  6. Provide a copy of Ceramic Tile Institute (C.T.I.) approval letter stating that the proposed neoprene composition fracture resistant membrane system manufacturer is approved and has met all C.T.I. criteria for waterproof membranes.


  1. Installer Qualifications: Engage an experienced Installer or applicator who has specialized in installing waterproof deck covering system types similar to that required for this Project and who is acceptable to manufacturer of primary materials.

  2. Single-Source Responsibility: Obtain waterproof neoprene composition fracture resistant waterproof membrane system materials, including primers, resins, hardening agents, and finish or sealing coats, from a single manufacturer.

  3. Pre-Qualified Materials: Submit any request for alternative products for review two weeks prior to bid date. Any request for alternate products received after this date will not be considered.


  1. Deliver materials in original packages and containers with seals unbroken and bearing manufacturer's labels containing brand name and directions for storage and mixing with other components.

  2. Comply with manufacturer's directions for materials storage to prevent deterioration from moisture, heat, cold, direct sunlight, or other detrimental effects.


  1. Environmental Conditions: Comply with waterproof neoprene composition fracture Resistant waterproof membrane system manufacturer's directions for maintenance of ambient and substrate temperature, moisture, humidity, ventilation, and other conditions required to execute and protect work.



  1. Troweled waterproof neoprene composition fracture resistant waterproof membrane system shall be Miracote Liquid Membrane FR below tile waterproof membrane as manufactured by Crossfield Products Corp.; Rancho Dominguez, California; Roselle Park, New Jersey; Hinsdale, Illinois; Moss Point, Mississippi; Tacoma, Washington; Marietta, Georgia.

  2. The trowel applied waterproof neoprene composition fracture resistant waterproof membrane system shall be composed of a (slip-sheet - for mortar bed applications over plywood or lightweight concrete), waterproof membrane, and protection surfacing (slip sheet - over protection coat for all mortar bed applications), and shall conform to the following standards:

1.) All resin binders and all rubber emulsions shall be compounded with neoprene or E. V. A. Polymer liquids and neoprene shall have a minimum polymer or neoprene solids content of 35% when tested by the dry cup method.

2.) Aggregate for protection coat surface coating shall be suitably graded, fine trap-rock passing a #20 mesh sieve and retained on a #40 mesh sieve.

3.) Slip-Sheet (where applicable) shall consist of an asphalt-saturated glass fiber matting weighing not less than 11 lbs. per 100 square feet and containing no rag or organic fibers.

4.) Fabric used as reinforcement for waterproof membrane or protection coat (as applicable) shall be 7-1/2 oz. woven polypropylene fabric, or when used to reinforce liquid membrane shall be ¾ oz loose woven fiberglass mat or as recommended by the material manufacturer.


  1. Colors: As indicated, or if not otherwise indicated, as selected by Architect from manufacturer's available colors.

  2. Physical Properties:

Provide a waterproof membrane system that meets or exceeds the listed minimum physical property requirements when tested according to the referenced standard test methods in parentheses.

Bond Shear Strength (ASTM C 482)

Dry 77 p.s.i.

Wet 62 p.s.i.

Tensile Strength (CTI SE S763)

Dry 46 p.s.i.

Wet 50 p.s.i.

Breaking Strength ( ASTM D 751)

265 p.s.i.

Elongation ( ASTM D 751)


Bacteria and Fungus ( ASTM G 22) Resistance

No Growth / No Water Penetration

Hydrostatic Pressure ( ASTM D 751) Resistance

240 p.s.i.

Ozone Resistance ( ASTM D 1149) (72 hrs @ 100ppm 90 Degrees F)

No cracking, orating, or water Penetration

Dimensional Stability( ASTM D 1204)


Indentation Resistance ( FMA 4900.1 )

No Water Penetration

Puncture Resistance ( FMA 4900.1 )

No Water Penetration

System Performance ( ASTM 627 )




  1. Fracture resistant membrane system shall be installed in strict accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations by a contractor trained and approved by the materials manufacturer and have a minimum five years experience in the application of similar materials.


  1. Examine the areas and conditions where the waterproof neoprene composition fracture resistant waterproof membrane system is to be installed and notify the Architect of conditions detrimental to the proper and timely completion of the work. Do not proceed with the work until unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected by the Contractor in a manner acceptable to the Architect.

  2. Evaluate level of moisture in the substrate to determine that moisture levels are acceptable for application of specified waterproof deck covering system.


  1. Substrate: Perform preparation and cleaning procedures according to waterproof membrane manufacturer's instructions for particular substrate conditions involved, and as specified. Provide clean, dry and neutral substrate for application of waterproof deck covering.

  2. Materials: Mix aqueous emulsions and aggregate when required as per manufacturer's instructions. Prepare materials according to waterproof membrane system manufacturer's instructions.


  1. Fracture resistant membrane system shall not be applied during either freezing or inclement weather, or when such weather can logically be expected.


  1. General: Apply each component of waterproof neoprene composition fracture resistant waterproof membrane system according to manufacturer's directions to produce a uniform monolithic surface of thickness indicated.

  2. Apply slip-sheet ( where applicable ) over properly prepared substrate. Overlap seams a minimum of 2 inches. Apply latex bonding coat when required.

  3. Apply reinforced membrane at all vertical junctures. Embed polypropylene fabric into neoprene membrane liquid.

  4. Apply aqueous neoprene rubber waterproof membrane solution to entire area to be coated. Overlap all seams a minimum of 2 inches.

Opt. Apply ¾ oz loose woven glass mat fabric reinforcement and laminate same into membrane solution if required.

  1. Trowel apply two coats of polymer (EVA) and fine aggregate composition with a single fabric reinforcement layer to achieve a smooth, protection coat.


  1. Cure waterproof neoprene composition fracture resistant waterproof membrane system materials according to manufacturer's directions, taking care to prevent contamination during application stages and before completing curing process. Close application area for a minimum of 24 hours.


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