Second Grade dbq – Core Knowledge – The Civil War

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Ulysses S. Grant was the commander of the Union Army. The only person who ranked higher than General Grant was President Lincoln. Grant took orders from Lincoln, and everyone else took orders from Grant. General Grant had served in the army for over twenty-five years, staring when he was just seventeen years old. He had already fought in another war. General Grant had spent the first three years of the Civil War fighting farther west, away from the action in Virginia. His most impressive victory came at Vicksburg. General Grant won the Battle of Vicksburg after two long, hard months. This victory gave the Union final control over the entire Mississippi River, which made it easier for the Union to take over the rest of the South. The Mississippi River was important because the Union could use it to send troops and supplies from the North to the South. Many generals in the Civil War made mistakes and were not forceful enough. But Grant was different. He won the long Battle of Vicksburg because he was stubborn and unafraid; he kept fighting and attacking until the enemy surrendered. He chased General Lee and his men all over Virginia and did not stop until the war was finished. Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Grant in a small farmhouse in the village of Appomattox Court House, Virginia. After the war, General Grant was a hero throughout the North. He went on to become president of the United States in 1869.

  1. What was Ulysses S. Grant’s job during the Civil War?

  1. Why was the Battle of Vicksburg important during the Civil War?

  1. What made Ulysses S. Grant a successful general?

  1. Look carefully at Document E.3. Based on what you know about this time period, who are the men in the picture? Describe what the men are doing in that picture.

  1. What heroic qualities did Ulysses S. Grant have? What details support this?

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