Second Grade dbq – Core Knowledge – The Civil War

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Clara Barton was a schoolteacher from Massachusetts and had always been known as a loving, compassionate person, meaning that she cared for other people and wanted to make their lives better. She was in Washington D.C. after the First Battle of Manassas. Hundreds of Union soldiers were wounded, and the hospitals in the city were quickly overcrowded. Clara Barton immediately went around the city knocking on doors and collecting bandages and medicine from people’s homes. She recognized a problem that while the generals were figuring out how to build their armies and win battles, nobody had thought about taking care of the wounded. She began writing letters, visiting doctors, and collecting money and medical supplies for the wounded. She then began to follow the Union Army with her wagonloads full of supplies, making sure the doctors had everything they needed. She made food for the sick and wounded, brought them water, comforted them, and fixed their bandages. Women were not allowed to go onto the battlefields at this time, but Clara Barton kept asking and insisting, and finally she was given permission. She became known as the “Angel of the Battlefield” to soldiers and doctors who were always glad to see her calm face. Once a bullet tore right through her sleeve, but she did not let her fear stop her from doing what she needed to do. After the war, she traveled to Europe and worked as a nurse in wars over there. In 1881, she returned to America and founded the American Red Cross to provide medical supplies, food and other aid during natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes.

  1. What did Clara Barton do before the Civil War began?

  1. Describe what Clara Barton did after the First Battle of Manassas.

  1. Why was she known as the “Angel of the Battlefield”?

  1. Look carefully at Document D.2. What are the people doing in that picture? What does this document have to do with Clara Barton?

  1. What heroic qualities did Clara Barton have? What details support this?

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