Second Grade dbq – Core Knowledge – The Civil War

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Helpful Vocabulary:











civil war

Underground Railroad

Writing Task:

A hero is a person who is admired for courage and achievements that help others. Using evidence found in the following documents, your knowledge of our readings, and at least four of the vocabulary words from above, rank all of these people in order from least heroic to most heroic. Then, write about your top three most heroic choices. Make sure to use details to support your reasoning for why these people are heroic.

Teacher Notes:

  1. It may be a good idea to have the class brainstorm qualities of heroes. These qualities will assist them in producing reasoning based on evidence in their writing. It might also help them clarify this concept. For instance, does a hero have to sacrifice to help others? Is a hero always a leader?

  2. Students should be given the opportunity to discuss the documents with partners and/or small groups. Students should not be expected to work through the documents independently. The teacher should monitor their understanding of the documents through whole group discussion before moving on to the independent writing task.

  3. As a teacher, you know your students and where they are on the developmental spectrum in writing. After the students have a solid understanding of the documents, the students are expected to tackle the writing piece independently. However, please scaffold and support this writing as needed by your students. For example, you could provide additional support through shared writing beforehand as an example, or provide additional graphic organizers as needed.

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