Second Grade dbq – Core Knowledge – The Civil War

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Second Grade DBQ – Core Knowledge – The Civil War

A Document Based Question (DBQ) is an authentic assessment whereby students interact with historical texts. A DBQ asks students to read and analyze historical records, gather information and fill in short scaffolding response questions, assimilate and synthesize information from several documents, and then respond (usually as a written essay) to an assigned task, by using information gleaned from the documents as well as their own outside information.

This DBQ is aligned with the Core Knowledge Listening and Learning domain, The Civil War. It is meant to follow the unit so that students have already been exposed to the knowledge and vocabulary gained from the read alouds.

With prompting, scaffolding, and support, the students will review the series of pictures and text to determine why certain leaders of the Civil War were heroes. After reviewing the documents with partners and whole group, students will write to the prompt independently.

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