Season of migration to the north done

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Season of migration to the north - DONE

Central Theme of SMN: Saeed's life as a tragic hero who suffers from alienation a er he went to london where he discovered the truth about himself, and who returned back to his
Sudanese village “Awlad hamid” his origin homeland – where he threw himself in the Nile a er he realizes the futility of his life and identity
-Salma Tedjini

★ Analysis of the title
From a geographical point of view the north is not the west. Tayb Salih is referring in his novel to the north to be Western Europe, and south to be east Africa.
So we can say that it is the Season of Migration to the West

this migration to the Northwest) started in the Nile River.
So the Nile River can be seen symbolically as the river of migration to the north (the west).

in SMN, the narrator said:
“and the river but for which there would have been no beginning and no endows northwards,
pays heed to nothing a mountain may stand in its way so it turns eastwards it may happen upon
a deep depression so it turns westwards, but sooner or later it settles down in its irrevocable
journey toward the sea in the north”

It seems that without the river there would be no beginning and no ending to the story of
Mustafa Saeed who is the first Sudanese to be sent to Europe and to marry a European woman.
In Heart of Darkness we had the Thames River and Congo River and now we have the Nile
River and how it’s described.
Talking about the Nile River means talking about fertility and agriculture. It is the source of the fertility of the people. It is a source of life not death. Nile river is like across of Thames
River and Congo River Mustafa Saeed’s childhood

MS was the first Sudanese to be sent to Europe, and the first one to marry an
English/European woman.

in SMN: Ina conversation of the nameless narrator he told him that someone had said:

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