Season of migration to the north done

able to write season of migration to the north”

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Season of migration to the north - DONE

able to write season of migration to the north”.

SMN locates TS among the most celebrated novelists in the world since the novel takes a position within the range of colonial narratives that have silenced and oppressed the natives from speaking and acting their subjectivities

Salih articulates a strategy through which he seeks to undercut thematically and formally discourses which support the claims of colonialism (the myth of power and superiority of the white man).
At the top of the pyramid is the white man, and the black is at the bottom like animals.
The civilizing mission was about civilizing the African man ( the colonized) but not to be on the same level as the white race.
(the primitive, savages…as was depicted in Heart of Darkness -
they were denied every aspect of their humanity)

So SMN offers subalterns who were victims of colonial violence, a platform from which they can speak and express their subjectivity and identity, thus correcting the false claims of colonial discourse that was characterized by its eurocentrism.
The colonized people were silenced in the colonial narratives (Like in Heart of Darkness)
But in “Season of Migration to the North we have Africans who are able to speak and tell their own stories ( this the postcolonial perspective)

This was solidified in Mustapha Saeed’s story.
Tayeb Salih undermines those colonial claims that were produced by the western upon the colonized people.

Who is the protagonist Mustapha Saeed or the nameless narrator In HOD is it Kurtz or
Marlow (frame narration. All postcolonial writings are trying to respond to the question of the crisis of identity.

Salih’s novel is a critique of imperialism and its practices a critique that strives to unveil the truth about imperialism and colonialism. It is a critique that attempts first to challenge and deconstruct the images given to the colonized by imperial and colonial discourse, and second to construct anew postcolonial identity of the colonial subject who had suffered and are still suffering from colonial humiliation and denigration.

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