Season of migration to the north done

the subordination of women and therefore in the backwardness of society itself, and finally in the

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Season of migration to the north - DONE

the subordination of women and therefore in the backwardness of society itself, and finally in the
reinforcement of the relationship between power and domination.
If Mustafa's seduction of white woman is motivated solely by his desire for revenge then we can ask the following question- Why does he remain so obsessed with Jane Morris despite easy access to other victims?
Mustafa mentions frequently that he felt helpless to resist the attraction and repulsion he experiences in his relationship with Jane morris. Yet no matter how much abuse and insults he receives from her,
Mustafa remains determined to possess her.
The question remains:
- Why does Mustafa submit easily if he is determined to avenge the injustice of imperialism How
is it that he allows himself to become so easily sidetracked or subdued?

The answer to this question can be found in the political context that accounts for what transpired between Saeed and all the English women.
His lovers, despite their idolization of him, are more powerful in the sense that they represent the politically, economically, and culturally dominant west.

Ann Hammond:
“ from your slave girl ” “ my master, my lord ”
Isabella Seymour:
“ you black god you are my god”

Mustafa plays a masculine role through his sexual conquest, but culturally and politically speaking he was still in the feminized undermined position.
He tried to reverse the virility=culture equation but that was a mistake that he made in his experience in London. He didn’t feminize the west as a whole, he only subordinated the women
Saeed, in many passages, stated that he is the colonizer but only at the level of sex, but when it
comes to culture and politics it’s another question. The west is still the powerful masculine west,
while the east is still the weak female.
-Salma Tedjini

★ General into to SMN

Tayeb Salih wrote against colonial literature, especially Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.
In one of Tayeb Salih’s dialogues, he said that “without Heart of Darkness, I wouldn’t have been

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