Season of migration to the north done

in order for Mustafa Saeed to prove his virility at the cultural or sexual level he has

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Season of migration to the north - DONE

in order for Mustafa Saeed to prove his virility at the cultural or sexual level he has
to look for women who are associated with western culture. He picked his victims
from cultural scenes from which he tried to prove his virility. In his selection for
the intellectual women, he tries to convince himself of the equivalent rlshp
between culture and virility.
What helped him to do so was his sexual power which was oppressed by his
patriarchal society the image given to the oriental people that they’re sexually
powerful and more powerful than the white man.
The question remains open to debate Did MS prove his virility at the level of culture?

The virility of the Arab intellectual in relation with the West is not proved by culture but rather
by sex, therefore the femininity of the East could not be proven.

This is illustrated in MS statement:

in SMN:
“ I will liberate Africa with my penis ”

Instead of doing so with the pen ( symbol of culture ) he reversed the equation to:
virility = culture.
The main flaw of the Oriental intellectual resides in his belief that the rlshp between nations is like the rlshp
between MW, that of power and dominance.
Although it is true that the West represents colonialism, imperialism, exploitation, oppression who
imposed upon the colonized a rlshp of power and domination, in our response to that, we must not make
-Salma Tedjini

use of the same methods ( violence ) because it proves to be futile and of no benefits;
that’s illustrated
in MS tragic end in SMN. this is the msg that Tayib Salih tries to articulate.

What we need instead is to establish an interactive cultural rlshp between nations and to seek fora cooperative relationship between men & women in a society which strives for the erasure of any sign of colonialism and backwardness.
Thus, the sexualization of the conflict between civilizations contributes to the reinforcement of

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