Season of migration to the north done

To escape this feeling of femininity and castration, the colonized intellectual intentionally

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Season of migration to the north - DONE

To escape this feeling of femininity and castration, the colonized intellectual intentionally
draws on his past civilization and tradition so as to gain a sense of virility against the domination
of Western culture.
In several African narratives, heroes are intellectuals who are inquest for education, art,
science, literature. They are implicitly self-narratives since the authors do not want to be embarrassed by identifying themselves with their central character who are symbols of castration both intellectually and culturally
The heroes are also always males implies the absence of female heroines. They’re never
involved in this clash of civilizations despite their presence in the metropolis.

since the sexualization of this clash does not concern her at all because she does not suffer from this sort of castration that was caused by colonialism towards the colonized male.
How does the PC intellectual react to the acculturation in the metropolis?
1. Adoption of European culture with its ideas and values as the only means for progress and prosperity ⇒ forgetting about our history and identity. Rejection of European culture since its adoption will lead us to our alienation of our identity,
culture, values and religion.
We are not ready to forget about our religion for the sake of progress. ( separating religion from politics )
-Salma Tedjini

3. Study of Western & Eastern culture, productions and goals to understand Europe. Based on ab critical perspective
, we would take what would serve our progress without affecting our cultural and religious identity- The postcolonial intellectual is aware of the sexual dimension of the acculturation process, as the colonizer is the originator of the culture, whereas the colonized is just the receiver who
finds himself in a position of subordination and inferiority.
What he does is reversing the equation of culture => virility into virility => culture.
His feeling of intellectual castration urges him to prove his virility either through cultural or sexual mediums.
On the cultural level, the hero will look for women in universities, cinemas, theaters,

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