Season of migration to the north done

“ Going up that river was like traveling back to the earliest beginnings of the world ”

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Season of migration to the north - DONE

“ Going up that river was like traveling back to the earliest beginnings of the world ”

The metaphors governing the colonial texts in that period were downgrading the
African landscape as prehistoric. Africans were denied their history and culture.

In this new situation, the black man seizes the opportunity to avenge his virility that was
damaged by the white man and the colonizer

( this is what we’ll find in SMN as the feeling of castration and inferiority will
push Mustafa Saeed to avenge what the British colonizer had done to his country
and people and try to regain his virility.
He assumes the position of a white colonizer despite being black. He believed he
could reverse history, which was a big mistake as he used the same means used by
the white male violence which was projected in his relationship with those
He was also the first African to migrate to the west, but soon enough he’ll realize
he’ll never be one of them as the “
Englishman “ always defined him)
In London he suffered from a double identity – he was a professor by day and a
colonizer at night, using his sexual power and lustfulness to attract women.
This double identity is also showcased in the fact that he had an Oriental space in
-Salma Tedjini

his house in London ( it had an exotic atmosphere that drew the women to him )
and when he went back to the village he had a room that looked like a Victorian

When she tore down his manuscripts ( Jane ) and broke his vase she denied his
culture, religion, and civilization.
In the postcolonial period, colonial subjects still suffer from the scars and a ermath of colonial injustice in colonized lands.

it is this suffering that awakens that urge to avenge their dehumanization and denigration- The PCP is characterized by the same colonial rlshp, but it takes anew form of imperialism through economic exploitation, political domination, and acculturation which sustains the same rlshp of power & domination between the colonized and colonizer- Within this process of acculturation, it must be noted that culture in its essence is a male culture which positions the colonizer as the originator or producer of this modern culture whereas the colonized is the one who receives that culture, and that position from which he receives it is similar to the subordinate female who suffers from an inferiority complex and intellectual castration.

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