Season of migration to the north done

Conrad’s Heart of Darkness

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Season of migration to the north - DONE

Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. That is to say, Season of Migration to the North was a literary response to what has been represented by Conrad about Africa and Africans.
Thus, the gained universality of Season of Migration to the North is the result of the novel’s artistic value and its great articulation and demonstration of the question of the postcolonial identity.
Because after the encounter with the west we were forced to awaken and face the new reality that was forced by the presence and arrival of the white man in the Arab world or in Africa.
-Salma Tedjini

Main themes of the analysis of SMN:
1. Sexualization of the clash of civilizations ( conflict between west & east - man & women )
2. General intro to SMN
3. MS childhood. Colonialism and neocolonialism in SMN
5. Sex & Gender - how SMN articulates the new vision of S & G. Analysis of the clash provoked between traditionalism & modernism. Colonial Discourse Sexualization of the clash of civilizations
In patriarchal society the concept of masculinity and femininity does not only refer to the relationship between male & female, but also the rlshp between man and his world.
The negative effects of the relationship between men & women, which is the result of the ideological distinction between masculinity and femininity.

the same negative effect can be applied to the rlshp between man & his world. That rlshp has to be seen as an imposed not natural one.
For centuries the M&F rlshp has been one of domination and exploitation, which therefore supports and justifies men’s domination of the world.

these are the dichotomies that have been developed from centuries ago about the rlshp of MW man and his world, and man and his fellow men.

this rlshp has been analyzed from psychoanalysis perspectives which proved that it is constructed and engraved in our unconsciousness from our childhood ex male childs have tendencies towards guns, cars, violence - females childs: dolls, kitchen, knitting ) ⇒ there’s always that line that separates MW where each has his own characteristics.

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