Season of migration to the north done

because of this uncertainty Saeed can never be sure of his place in the world or his identity

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Season of migration to the north - DONE

because of this uncertainty Saeed can never be sure of his place in the world or his identity.
A German psychiatrist emphasizes that one's relationship with others throughout life is
profoundly influenced by the quality of the initial interaction between mother and her child and
that the child needs unconditional acceptance and affection in order to form an integrated and
balanced sense of self.
Mustafa’s mistreatment of females must be seen in the light of his lifelong urge toll that emotional void that derives from the fact that he has never known the intimacy of a nourishing relationship with his mother. (lack of rlshp) this early childhood experience has a faithful influence on all interaction with women throughout the rest of life.

Mustafa’s degradation of women can be seen as the result of that young infant’s denied
intimacy with a loving mother. This sends him on a lifelong quest fora mother substitute on
whom he can wreak revenge for the initial rejection.
That icy relationship between him and his mother shaped his life and affected his relationships with the other women. As a child he couldn’t express that anger, so what he suffered in his childhood was reflected in his life as an adult where he unleashed everything on other women who appeared to him as a mother figure.

We can see those feelings of rage through his relationship with Jane Morris. She repeats
that pattern. She entices him and repels him at the same time, offering then quickly
withdrawing her acceptance and affection. And no matter how cruelly Jane deserts him, he
is drawn back to that futile pattern of approval and acceptance seeking from the mother
figure she represents.

in SMN:
“That was our farewell no tears, no kisses, no fuss. Two human beings had walked along apart of
the road together, then each had gone his way. This was in fact the last thing she said tome, for I
-Salma Tedjini

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