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Season of migration to the north - DONE

Season of Migration to the North
Development of African Literature- Phase 1: Characterized by the tendency of African writers to write back against what has been written by the west and prove themselves and that they have their own culture, history,
civilization before the arrival of the white men- Phase 2: Critique of colonization and its effect on African people. Criticizing the white man the colonizing mission by unmasking the truth behind it, as its main goal was to enslave and exploit Africans- Phase 3: African literature started exploring new issues and questions related to the postcolonial identity. The question of colonial identity became the center of all African literature as it seeked to present its own vision of the postcolonial African people- SMN gives anew perspective to the clash between the West and the East as it sexualizes it- This novel was a response to what had been represented in HOD by Joseph Conrad about Africans.
Salih tries to undercut discourses supporting claims of colonization and scrutinize the claims and
myths of colonialism, those of power and superiority.
● On Season of Migration to the North
One of the best books written in the 20
th century as stated by Edward Said in his book Culture and
Published in 1966 and immediately censored and banned from the Arab world, and accused Tayeb
Salih of going beyond the limits of the Arab and African culture when he tackles the question of sexuality in his novel. In fact, most of the critiques of that time on Tayeb Salih’s novel gave it asexual dimension which tackles the clash of the west and the east, and so it was banned by the Arab-African
Culture at that time.
Despite its ban in the Arabic world, Season of Migration to the North was translated to more than languages, and was given its literary merit as a great novel that comes within the range of writing against colonialism by exploring the question of the crisis of the postcolonial identity through the nameless narrator about the journey of Mustapha Saeed to the west.
Tayeb Saleh claimed that his work would have never seen light without the existence of Joseph

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